Golf betting tips

As someone attempting the big jump from recreational punter to full-time professional, earlier this year we invited Phil on to the Betting 360 Podcast. He’s now back on the blog after our request for a ‘warts and all’ look at what you get as a member of the Golf Syndicate:

I have always been of the belief that if you find a sport boring, then you need to have a bet on it.

It was with this view that I had a crack at the Champion Bets Golf Syndicate package.

What do you get?

The brains behind the service are a syndicate with skills in golf analysis (obviously), but they also have on course scouts, sports modelers and traders. The result is a pretty impressive golf betting tips package that delivers to the subscriber a comprehensive weekly preview of all upcoming international golf events. There is typically a dozen or so bets provided each week with recommended staking and suggested bookies.

The first and most important betting update comes to the subscriber each Wednesday at around 7.00pm.

Preview and Early Bets

The Preview outlines the tournaments the team will be covering from the PGA, European, Champions and LPGA tours along with analysis of the expected weather conditions and course peculiarities. Commentary is provided on individual players with respect to current form and their suitability to the current course and conditions. The top 8-10 players for the main tournaments are given a rating alongside their current Betfair price for value comparison. Several individual players are also singled out with predictions as to why they will outperform or underperform the market expectations, along with reasons why.

All this leads to the recommended bets. Typically 7-8 bets are recommended in the initial update. These include bet types such as: Win Outright (E/W), Top 10, Top 20 and Top Player by Country. Suggested stake size (in units based on your own bank) is included along with recommended odds and individual bookmakers where the bet is available.

Availability of odds

My personal experience was that all the recommended prices were available at the time of release but prices did move reasonably quickly. I did manage to get the majority of bets on at the recommended prices. Useful accounts to have for the package bets are an unrestricted Bet365 (good luck!), Sportsbet, Centrebet, Crownbet and TAB Touch.

The Golf Syndicate then regroups after each round of play and provides updates and additional bets (1-2 per day) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at around 1.00pm. A review of the weekend`s bets is provided on Mondays.

How were the results?

Over the 3 weeks of the trial, I placed 29 bets for a turnover of 30 units and a loss of 8 units. There were 5 collects at odds of $21, $4.50, $10.65 (place), $2.75 (place), $3.80 (place).

There were the usual near misses that could have made the score line a lot more favorable. I did also manage to claw back a few units with some Betfair lays of Rory McIlroy who the boys were hard against each week, so there is opportunity to use the syndicate`s intelligence to come up with your own plays.

Now, obviously, three weeks of results is an insignificant time to judge the long term prospects of a service. Because golf markets are typically playing at the big price end, occasional big wins can provide the bulk of the year`s profits and variance can be brutal.

What I can say, though, is my results matched up well with the official recommended and recorded prices. This gives you confidence that you can match the recorded results for the service, as long as you’re quick enough off the mark when the bets are released. Check the website for these results, but over the 12 months or so since the service began, they have done pretty well.

Is golf still boring?

Despite having skin in the game I must admit that I still could not bring myself to actually watch the action. A few half-hearted late night and early morning attempts to cheer my players on Fox were abandoned pretty quickly and substituted with checking the leader board online the next morning. I do have a new (and first) favorite golf player, though, after Kenny Perry won the US Senior Open for me at $21 e/w.

So, if you love the golf and want to kick up the adrenaline levels with some well-informed wagers, then this golf betting tips service is right up your alley.

If like me, golf isn’t your thing but you`re looking for a bit of diversification to your punting activities, turnover increase and some extra profits then the Champion Bets Golf Syndicate package is worth some thought.