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The High Lows made $4054.65 profit in November 2017, over 394 bets and at 27.5% Profit on Turnover. It was an excellent month highlighted by $1759.25 profit on November 4th (2nd best day in two years) and a nice run from November 13th to 20th where we made a profit for eight days straight.


The Spring Carnival is now finished and we had a very profitable carnival. We made $7329.45 profit from September to November, over 1341 bets at 11.6% Profit on Turnover.


The ABCs

‘A’ selections had a cracking month in November, making $3317.05 profit over 268 bets at 36.8% Profit on Turnover.


‘B’ selections also performed well, making $737.60 profit over 126 bets at 12.9% Profit on Turnover.

As I advise new members, the package is great value even if you just follow the ‘A’ selections, and that showed in the results again this month. The ratio of A:B selections increased in November, which was again a pleasing sign the value is alive and well.

Bet Types

The vast majority of our volume and profit was on Fixed Odds (Horse Racing) with the Spring Carnival peaking at the Big Four Flemington meetings (Derby Day, Melbourne Cup, Oaks Day, Stakes Day).


We did very nicely over the Flemington Carnival, making, $1701.75 profit on the four days over 78 bets at 40.1% Profit on Turnover. There was some nice value on offer and we managed to hit the winner in three out of four of the feature races, including getting Rekindling in the Melbourne Cup.


All states had an excellent month in November 2017. NSW in particular had a cracking month, making $3600.40 profit over 231 bets at 43.6% Profit on Turnover. All the states earned excellent value, but for the $119 per month that was, in particular, an exceptional return.

Two Years

It’s been a full two years on the High Lows now, so I thought it was a nice time to take a look back.

We’ve made $50,902.18 profit over 8457 bets since the package opened, at 12.3% Profit on Turnover. When you consider most of our bets are $50, I’m pretty happy with that result!

‘C’ selections were more marginal than I had hoped but the ‘A’ and ‘B’ selections (which is all we’ve bet for a while now) have been consistent performers.

The ‘A’ and ‘B’ selection record is $53,969.45 profit over 6755 bets at 17.0% Profit on Turnover. I’d love to be able to quote that figure as our PoT!


Interestingly, when you compare the turnover on ‘A’ and ‘B’ selections from Year 1 to Year 2, the turnover has increased, indicating there is still a lot of value around.

The ‘A’ selections have continued to perform with $40,259.27 profit over 3857 bets at 23.3% Profit on Turnover.

The ‘B’ selections have certainly been worthwhile with $13,710.18 profit over 2898 bets at 9.5% Profit on Turnover.

The restricted states have all done well over the two years with similar profit on turnover figures across all regions. I tend to under quote state restrictions (and results full stop) so everyone does better than the record and most original members quote better figures than these, which is pleasing.


There’s always something happening in the world of racing and sports, which means we’ve always had plenty to bet on. When one season or carnival is coming to an end, another one is starting up. The variety of sports and racing we bet on (24 different sports in total over the 2 years) has been an enjoyable aspect of these bets.

The more enjoyable aspect though has been the size and consistency of the profit. We’ve recorded a profit in 23 out of 25 months now and made a profit 10 months in a row. The variance is very low and with four-figure profits in 19 out of 25 months, we couldn’t ask for much more than that.


As members are aware, everything I do is maths-based and zero to do with form. It could be a game of marbles we’re betting on – it wouldn’t matter. If there’s a market and a promotion, I can work out the value. The beauty of this approach is not only the objectivity, but that it will be clear when the value disappears. The turnover figure (how much we bet in total per month), Profit on Turnover (how profitable our bets are) and the proportion of A:B selections are the three indicators that tell us the state of play.

Personally, I thought the value in the High Lows would have dropped off by now as the competition between Australian bookmakers mellowed and the bookies worked out which offers provided the best value and eliminated them. The competition is alive and well, however, and while bookies have modified some promotions over time, their understanding of which promotions provide good value is still very poor, and when new bookies come along there’s even more value on offer!

In a nutshell, we’re still going strong and the future looks profitable.


November 2017 was an excellent month to finish what was a lovely Spring Carnival for us. It was a nice milestone to cross over the $50,000 profit mark after 2 years on the package. It quietens down now a tad (although it never really seems to quieten down!) before it picks up again for the Big Bash in December and Magic Millions in January. Then the AFL/NRL will be back again before we know it!

The package is going better than ever and after a cracking start to the month on December 2, I’m looking forward to more profits in the month ahead.

Good luck in December,


Rod is the brain behind our simply brilliant High Low membership.

As you can see, consistent profits are the norm for the High Low, with very little risk accompanied by big rewards.

So if you enjoy punting on sports and racing, and winning while you’re at it, then join the High Low now.

Join High Low $199/1 month (Vic, Tas, Qld, WA, NT)

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