The market for tipping services seems to have grown a fair bit over the past few years. Plenty come and go, but there’s probably no more than a few that have stood the test of time and are still delivering. Coming into its fifth year, the Trial Spy service is definitely one of them.

Dean’s service was somewhat revolutionary when it started back in 2013. Few punters or analysts paid much attention to trials. There were a few trial watchers around, but Dean took it to a new level on a national basis. The coverage of trials now is still far from perfect, but it’s better than it was back then.

Dean saw a gap in the analysis of most punters and bookies, and took advantage of it by seeking out the trials and concentrating on those performances. The results were ridiculously good and members have been benefiting ever since.

Of course, trials and jump-outs are now an important tool for many other form analysts, and even some new trial tipping services that have popped up over time. As far as I’m concerned, they all owe Dean a debt of gratitude – he was the first to really expose this area of form analysis on a grand scale.

So five years on, is it still worth getting involved? Very much so. The profits keep coming; it shows in the detailed results, which break down every single bet the service has ever had. This is a necessity for any tipping service you might be thinking of joining; if they can’t show you their results by bet, walk away.

The key, of course, lies in value. While more people might be watching the trials and doing form on them, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still value opportunities – and they’re the ones Dean targets.

What You Get

One of the standout things about this package is the amount of action you get; as Dean analyses trials from all over the country, we’re betting in all the different states, and on most days of the week. There’s always something to follow which means it’s great value for money… you don’t go many days without a bet.

The updates tell you exactly which horse to back, at which price, and gives you a nice summary of why we’re backing it. So it’s very easy to follow.

The bets can be backed straight away, or if you have time to monitor prices until race time, there’s plenty of additional value to be had. Sometimes the runners will blow out in price late as the money comes for other horses. Keep an eye on Betfair late and you can sometimes get a much better price than you might have got earlier… some of them really go off at stupid prices.

Additionally, when there’s a real standout trial performance from a horse that is clearly going places, we get the odd early pre-post bet for a big race. There’s nothing better than backing something early at the huge price and watching the price tumble in the weeks leading up to a major race, knowing you’re already on for a huge collect.

We had a fantastic example of this just on the weekend. Sunlight won the Magic Millions 2YO Classic, doing what was expected as a $4 favourite. Well thanks to Dean, we backed it… back in December after a super trial performance… at $34! That’s the sort of analysis you’re paying for. The market missed it, but a close look at the trials showed what Sunlight was capable of. Thankfully, Dean does that analysis for us, and we reap the rewards.

If you’re a punter who is ready to take the step to great daily action and profitable punting (who isn’t??), I’d really encourage you to get involved with the Trial Spy. It’s a ripper.

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