New Zealand racing tips

New Zealand racing used to be something I barely looked at. I’ve never paid much attention other than the odd Group One race they have, or replays of Kiwi runners coming over for our carnivals.

As a Champion Bets member I was obviously intrigued by the mythical bloke across the ditch and the amazing profit numbers that just kept being reported. So at the last intake I thought I’d better jump on board and give it a bash.

Am I glad I did…

What You Get

This is a fairly basic tipping service. Though that’s the only time I’d describe anything to do with this package as ‘basic’!

By basic I mean Chris sends through the tips each morning and that’s all you get (and all you need!). A tip, and a minimum price to take. The latter is actually very important, as prices can move and with many services it’s hard to know if you should still bet if the price is a roll or two lower. This makes it simple: just take the best fixed price available, down to the minimum price. Bet and forget, if that’s your thing.

Betting is almost every day of the week where there is racing in New Zealand. The first update arrives at 9:30am Australian Eastern time, and with each update Chris will tell you (a) if there’s another coming and (b) when that will be.

It’s here that I should mention Chris’ absolutely flawless reliability. Through following tipping services I’ve learnt that there’s more to them than just results, and this is one of those things. Like everybody else I have a life and a job outside of the punt, and I can’t just put it on hold waiting for a betting update to arrive. If I know when it’s coming, I can plan for it. If I don’t, it can make things hard.

Chris clearly believes in customer service, because he never lets you down, and is never late. If everybody else in your life was this reliable, things would be a lot easier! The first update arrives at 9:30am. On the dot. Not 9:25. Not 9:35. 9:30am. Every time.

9:30am is a good time too if you bet in Australia, as 9am is generally rush hour when Australian Minimum Bet Limits kick in and you’re madly getting bets on. You can get all that out of the way, and then the Kiwi arrives half an hour later.

As I said, sometimes there are updates a day with more bets, or the first update is just to tell you he wants to observe track conditions before advising bets later. Again he tells you when the next update is, and again that’s exactly when it arrives. You could set your watch to it. I can only speak for the period I’ve been a member, but he’s never not delivered as promised.

I’m on the east coast and I’ve now come to really enjoy New Zealand racing due to the timing! The 2 or 3 hour time difference means things ramp up around 10am our time, which means you have something to do before the first local race!


There’s not much I can say about the results that aren’t immediately clear in the numbers themselves. They’re phenomenal. He’s over 550 units profit across over 2,700 bets since it all kicked off in 2013. PoT hovers around 18%. If you’re a punter you’ll know what an amazing effort it is to maintain that edge over many years.

The results are also very consistent. He does have the odd flat spot like all punters, but overall the growth in profits is very linear and nowhere near as volatile as most punters are used to.

The Kiwi market is obviously a smaller one, and Chris takes advantage of that. He was on the Champion Bets podcast a while back, and I think he mentioned that he doesn’t really know of other pro punters in New Zealand. If there are any, they’re very few in number. This clearly helps him get a great edge on the bookies. If their prices are anything to go by, they often have little idea.

Are the results achievable? Absolutely, as long as you’re prepared to commit to betting. The top prices do move quickly, as there’s not many people other than Chris impacting the market. You’ll want odds comparison to get the best price, and you’ll want to be ready to bet the second the update drops. As I said, Chris upholds his end of the bargain by telling you exactly when they’re coming and sticking to that.

If you do miss the absolute top price then there’s plenty of fat in the profits, so you’ll still be ahead with slightly lower returns. But it’s best to take full advantage!

Is It For Me?

Do you like winning money? Lots of money? Consistently?

Then yep, this is for you.

Seriously though, as long as you can spare a minute or two to bet each time an update drops, I really can’t think of a good reason why you wouldn’t get involved in this.

Bet and forget it, or watch the races if you prefer.

I wish I’d started sooner, but this is still a great package to be part of!

NZ Tips is now open but only for a very limited time and with a strict number of spots available – you don’t want to miss out on this one!

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