NBA Specials: The Season So Far

Brett and the boys' approach may not be typical, but it has certainly been profitable to date


Each of our analysts operates in their own individual way, but there really is nobody else quite like Brett. He heads up a small but successful local betting syndicate placing literally thousands of cash and online bets each week. In fact his group have produced a higher volume of selections (and total profits) than any approach we have ever seen.

Put simply, their model is undoubtedly better than the bookies.

So it is worth noting the success of the NBA Specials this season:

nba specials

57% strike-rate for more than 71 units profit (on our standard 100u bank) is an excellent start to the season.

Those results are no fluke though, especially when you understand that the privately operating NBA Platinum package is at 8% ROI from more than 2500 bets this season. Yes, that is more than 2500 bets in just one month.

Back to the NBA Specials though, and in the screenshot below you can see a typical day’s spreadsheet with the suggested bets. You can see that all bets are available at a number of different bookies. So it’s a daily membership that is easy to follow and to get your bets on.

nba specials

What you get:

• Email, website update and app notification between 8:50am and 9am AEDT.
• All tips are clearly stated and are available at multiple bookies.
• Powered by the betting syndicate behind our AFL, NFL and NBA 2016-17 specials
• Extra focus on big TV games and the top teams in each Conference

NBA Specials

Team-based and player performance bets available with at least four bookies, with a 17% Profit on Turnover since the start of the 2017/18 season