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What Is The Neds Toolbox?

Neds have put a bunch of new promo tools together for what they’re calling the Neds Toolbox. Let’s have a quick look, and try to work out if they’ll be of any use to us.

These sort of tools are interesting. Ultimately, as a more serious punter, you’ll have more than a few different accounts and go where the best price is, using Odds Comparison.

But these days, most of the bookies are just copying each other’s prices. Promo tools can certainly extract a bit more value by getting you a better price or some other benefit.

Neds Toolbox: Jump Off

This looks to be largely the same as The Fold, which Sportsbet launched.

Basically, you just have the race field open, and you can cancel a fixed-odds bet in the run… so if your horse misses the jump or is travelling poorly, you can hit the button. The bet is then cancelled and your stake returned.

The max bet size for Jump Off is $500.

Neds Toolbox: Backup

Haven’t seen one like this before… it gives you a ‘backup’ runner. If you have a fixed-odds bet, you can select another horse in the race as your ‘backup’.

If your original bet runs second to your backup runner, you get your stake back up to $500.

It looks like not a bad tool – a lot of punters take savers anyway, and this is a form of saver. But you have to remember, it’s only if your bet finishes second to the backup runner – not if it runs further back in the field.

Neds Toolbox: Fluc Up

This one is just a bit of insurance if you back something that immediately drifts.

Once you have a fixed-odds bet, if the fixed price drifts in the next five minutes (so it’s good for late punters), you can hit the button and your bet odds are updated to the next highest quote.

That’s a good tool that has the potential to land you some extra cash.

Neds Toolbox: Price Boost

This is a familiar one that most bookies now offer under some name – have a fixed-odds bet and you’ll have the option to hit the Price Boost button, and get a higher dividend.

These boosts are always welcome and if you have access to plenty of bookies, you can use them all across lot of races and really get a good kick along for the day.

The Neds Price Boost works up to stakes of $1000, which is a really good limit. How much your Price Boost is always remains a mystery – it’ll depend on a lot of things like your stake, your price and how good a punter you are!

You have to hit the button to find out… but it’s a free whack, which you can’t complain about!


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