Ever had a new year’s resolution that you’ve actually kept?  Congratulations, because you’re in the minority.

Eating healthier, drinking less, working harder… whatever it is, most are out the window by the time the new year is a week old.

But what if there was a financial reward at the end of it?  Changing the way you punt can deliver that.

If you manage to properly implement some or all of the resolutions below, then you’ll be in a much better position at the end of the year.

Separate the fun punt from the serious punt

Most people get into the punt is for a bit of fun, with a few bets at the track or the pub.

There’s nothing wrong with that.  There’s a few better ways to spend a Saturday afternoon.  But with beer in hand, betting on something after looking at the form guide for ten seconds… you’re obviously not going to make money.

So if you want to take your punting seriously, then do so.  If you’re also having a crack for a bit of fun sometimes, that’s fine.  Just keep it separate, keep it small, and recognise it for what it is: an entertainment expense.

Have a bank.  Stick to it.

We see and deal with thousands of punters, right across the spectrum.  Almost to a man (or woman!), the unsuccessful ones have one thing in common: they don’t come prepared with a dedicated, 100-unit punting bank.

Work out how much you can afford to invest in the punt.  That’s your bank.  Divide it by 100, and that’s your unit size.  Stick to it.  If you want to be ahead at the end of the year, you’ll often need it.

Commit to the long term

Hot on the heals of (and probably closely related related to) not having a bank, the biggest problem we see is punters who just can’t see past the short term.

There’s simply no point subscribing to a professional’s package, or coming up with your own approach, and then abandoning it after a losing day, week, or month.

Losing streaks happen to the most successful of punters.  It’s just variance in action.   Whilst every situation is different, three months is generally a good rule-of-thumb in terms of the minimum period you should give something if you’re serious about it.

Open accounts, compare the odds

A very simple one: there’s a large number of bookies in the Australian market, and (in case you hadn’t noticed) all are desperate for your business.

It’s ridiculously easy to open an account these days, so there’s really no excuse for not having as many as possible.  It doesn’t mean you punt any more; it just means you can easily grab the best odds on the bet you want to have.  The number of odds comparison tools around only make this easier.

Same bet, different odds: if you’re not taking advantage of that, you’re just leaving free money on the table.  Check our guide to bookies in Australia.

Don’t waste your bonus bets!

If you’re opening new accounts with a bookie, many of you will be able to claim some sort of bonus for doing so – look around the page and you’ll see a few.

Don’t waste them on garbage bets: turn them into cold, hard cash.  We’ve shown you how.

Keep records

You’ll never, ever learn where you’re going right and wrong unless you record your bets and review them.  It’ll easily show you where and when you’re performing best and worst, and allow you to make the required changes to optimise your overall performance.

Make sure you record all of your bets and results.

Learn the maths

All gambling is just probability.  Get the probabilities in your favour and you win.

If you start to get an idea of the mathematics of probability, you’ll look at the punt differently and be well ahead of the vast majority of punters.

Happy new year… and happy punting!