Sports betting syndicate

Brett heads up a team of data scientists, programmers, and traders identifying value in the sports betting world. They are using cutting edge data modelling techniques to identify bookie mistakes on an industrial scale.

In the video below you get a great look behind the scenes of their betting operation.

You can also learn more about the brand-new NFL Prime Time package which focuses on the best games and at the best time of the day for Aussie punters.

nfl prime time

Webinar replay

NFL Prime Time Tips

  • Focusing on prime time NFL games: Thurs/Sun/Mon nights US time
  • Every recommended bet will be available with at least 4 bookies
  • Mix of player performance and team-based recommended bets
  • Powered by the betting syndicate behind our NBA and AFL specials
  • Forecasting 7% Profit on Turnover on 15-20 bets per week

nfl prime time