Young man using smart phone on bike

You may not have tried Tinder, but you’ve probably heard about how it works.

The online dating app took browsing for a partner to a new level of speed.  Your prospective match appears on screen: if you like what you see, swipe right to ‘like’.  If not, swipe left to ‘pass’ and see the next user.

If two users both hit ‘like’, a match is created and they can chat to each other.

The same format has now been adopted in a number of areas, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before it came to the world of the punt.  And now it has.

Bookee has launched in the UK, providing a Tinder-style app which allows punters to place bets with the same speed and ease-of-use as many non-gambling apps.

Basically, you just select your sport and desired stake, and you’re presented with a stack of random bets.  You swipe to either place the bet (after confirming), or disregard it and move onto the next one.

There’s other functions which allow multi-bets, as well as connecting with friends through the app and sharing your bets.

You can check it out and see a sample here.

Bookee are up-and-running in the UK, and are “in early stage discussions to license the software out as a B2B (business-to-business deal) in Australia”, according to a spokesman.  This could potentially lead to one or more of our major bookmakers offering the format to Aussie punters.

Of course, at Champion Bets we’re all about making considered betting decisions and finding opportunities for value, and we strongly suggest you approach your punting in the same way.  A pile of random bets to be instantly approved or declined doesn’t sound like it will fit with that.  Nonetheless, it’s an interesting view at some of the new technology and innovation being adopted globally to attract new betting participants.

Keep an eye out, it won’t be far away here.

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