The High Lows made $6753.77 profit in January over 770 bets at 17.2% Profit on Turnover. It was our best month since the membership began, passing our previous best in April 2016 ($6278.70).

High Low

We had some cracking days including our best-ever single day ($1845.70 profit on Jan 20, 1 out of 799) and a second $1000+ day on January 13 ($1382.40 profit, 7 out of 799). That makes it 12 months in a row we’ve made a profit. We also crossed over the $60,000 profit mark all-time.

The ABCs

A selections were in line with expectation making $3149.23 profit at 19.2% PoT.

B selections had a nice month exceeding their expectation making $3604.54 profit at 15.7% PoT.

We made a nice PoT overall (17.2% PoT) but it was not unusual relative to previous months. The key this month was volume. We had a huge number of bets (the most we’ve ever had in a single month) and the second most turnover we’ve had in a month. Profit = Turnover x PoT and it was Turnover that made our profit in January, which is encouraging for the months ahead.

Interestingly, the highest turnover month we’ve ever had was 2 years ago in January 2016, so it’s clearly a busier month than you would expect.

Turnover was much higher on B selections this month, which is an indicator I keep an eye on (the ratio of A:B turnover can reveal trends in value over time). However, 92.5% of our turnover on Pointsbet was on B selections. Given how I record turnover with them, that explains why B selections outweighed A selections.

Bet Types

We had an excellent month on Fixed Odds making $4196.50 profit at 26.9% P.O.T. Results like Willi Willi and Snicki Minaj on January 20 ($775 and $655 profit respectively) really boosted that figure. I don’t talk about luck much because it has nothing to do with successful punting but they were fantastic results.

Our bread-and-butters performed well in January and contributed the bulk of the remaining profit. Head to Heads made $664.33 profit at 9.3% PoT. Multis had a nice month with $726.43 profit at 25.9% PoT and Price had an excellent month given its low volume making $655 profit at 82.4% PoT.

Our worst result was a $60 loss on Place, which was a good worst result (if that makes sense).

Profit vs Cost

Sometimes members drop out (or never join) due to personal bookie restrictions. It doesn’t take many accounts to make a profit from the High Lows.

Most long-term members would have restrictions at some accounts by now and may not be making the full amount quoted in the results. However, that’s not really the point. I have several memberships that I follow personally where I cannot place all the bets I receive, either because I’m restricted at a particular bookie, or the timing does not work well with my personal life.

The main point is how much you pay for a subscription and how much profit you make from it. It’s personal preference but I think five times the cost of the package is a good ball park figure. For example, if you pay $200 per month for a subscription and make $1000 bet profit per month, then that package is worth your time.

As this month showed, it doesn’t take many accounts to make five times the subscription cost on the High Lows.

Historical data on which bookies provide the most profit can be useful (with this membership in particular) when assessing whether a membership is worth continuing or signing up to based on your personal restrictions.

I’m happy for anyone (member or non-member) to send an email with the bookies they have access to and I will let them know the percentage of profits they can expect and whether it is worth joining or continuing with the subscription. Naturally, I want people to join/continue (!) but I’m also honest and have told members in the past when I think the membership is no longer viable for them.

That is the exception, however. There tends to be more a lot more value in people’s accounts than they realise.


Horse Racing was our best sport this month with $3675.16 profit at 25.2% PoT. There were some nice promotions across several states and bookies appeared to be in wars with one another, which is always a good thing for punters.

The Australian Open finished for another year and it was a nice tournament for us. We made $722.58 profit over 59 bets at 35.5% PoT. We managed to snag the correct set score on the Men’s and Women’s Singles Finals (Federer 3-2, Wozniacki 2-1), which was a nice finish to the tournament.

Big Bash 7 is now complete for another year as well. It’s also been a nice tournament making $2447.13 profit over 242 bets at 10.7% PoT from December 19 to January 27.


All states performed well this month and closely in line with expectation. It’s always worth a reminder to try out a bookie even when state restrictions are listed for your state. Sometimes the bookies do not apply the restrictions they have listed.


January was our best month since the High Lows began and made it 12 months in a row we’ve made a profit.

February is a relatively quiet month with the Big Bash Finals, Super Bowl and Melbourne Autumn Racing Carnival now the focus. AFL/NRL is not far away with the AFLW started up on Friday 2 February.

While it may be relatively quiet this month, as we’ve seen the past couple of months, the word “quiet” doesn’t mean a lot on the High Lows and I’m sure there’ll be plenty to keep us interested as we work towards more profits in the month ahead.

Good luck in February,


Rod’s High Low membership has been on fire over the past year, profiting for 12 months straight and making that 26 out of 28 overall since launch.

January saw the biggest month ever for High Low, with a whopping $6,200 profit being made by members.

Get involved with the membership known as the ‘ATM’ now and start making money.

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