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Focusing your form analysis on one state

Unless you are super-human or own a super-computer, most serious punters understand that it’s best to concentrate their form analysis on one or two states. The volume and grind of seven-day-a-week racing makes it almost impossible for a solo operator to bet with an edge across many different regions.

So if you are looking to take your form study to the next level, which states should you consider and what are the pros and cons of betting in each region?

I spoke to our Champion Bets analysts on why they chose their field of speciality:

Nathan Snow – Champion Bets NSW Analyst

“Being born and bred in this state, Sydney racing chose me. When I was learning the craft of punting and being able to see these Horses/Jockeys/Trainers that I have spent hours of form on in flesh only cemented this attraction. NSW racing is regarded as the best quality horse and lots of top jockeys and trainers. So I think punters can have confidence betting on the product available, plus with minimum bet laws introduced into NSW we can all get on to at least win something!

The negatives I guess would be you are playing in one of the hardest areas to bet in, with all major betting syndicates focusing on NSW/VIC racing. However I think that also adds to part of the attraction as you are putting your skills against them to see if you can actually make this work.”

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Trevor Lawson – Champion Bets VIC Analyst

“Being from Melbourne it’s where I lived and would attend race meetings, so following the form from this area was a natural progression. I have built a significant database in that time focusing on Victorian racing. I try to concentrate primarily on Metro meetings to cut down the amount of work as we race 7 days a week here. This is a real positive I believe as there is a higher class of horse which therefore should be more consistent and they are racing on the best prepared racetracks in the state, with the best jockeys on top.

I find the only real negativity is the amount of meetings to analyse which can range from anything to 8-10 per week.”

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Mark Van Triet – Champion Bets WA Analyst

“Simply I chose WA because they have a smaller pool of horses unlike the eastern states. With on average two meetings per week I can comfortably stay on top of the form. Outside of carnival time there are no interstate visitors, which means I am able to line up the form and have more confidence in my betting than I may if I’m lining horses coming from all parts of the state.

Another positive is the weather from spring to autumn – I’m basically betting on good tracks every week”

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Aaron Barby – Champion Bets SA Analyst

“I chose South Australia because I wanted to specialise in one state and no-one I was close to in gambling circles had any connection to SA racing. So I felt I could do the form without being influenced by the opinions of others. The main positives for me are the fewer horses and meetings to cover. With SA racing only twice per week I can get a better handle on all the runners in the state. Plus it means I have a better work/life balance compared to operators in the eastern states. Another advantage I find is with fewer tracks in the metro circuit (only two currently) I can more accurately predict how a track may play”

Same same but different

So as you can see across the four states they all offer their different positives and negatives. The eastern states offer higher action with more meetings and more betting opportunities. However that can mean more work and more difficulty staying on top of all the form. WA and SA have fewer meetings which enables most analysts to go deeper with the form.

No matter which area you chose, you will still require a higher level of work, patience and discipline to make it successful.

Good luck!

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