Superbowl LII Betting Preview

We take a look at the betting markets and movements ahead of Superbowl 52


The most watched sporting event every year will kick off on Monday morning Australian time, with the city of Minneapolis to host Super Bowl 52 between the defending champion New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Whilst there are all the traditional bet types to be had such as head-to-head, line and totals, what makes the Superbowl so unique is the huge amount of prop bets that go with the game and quite often have nothing to do with the football!

Head to Head:

New England $1.50, Philadephia $2.70

The Patriots will start favourites there is no doubt about that, but they have been very easy in the betting since the two sides won through from their respective divisions a fortnight ago. They opened up as low as $1.40 at most places and have continued to ease.


New England -4.5

With the continued support for the Eagles to win, the line, which did open up at +6 at some places for the Eagles, has firmed right in with a uniform +4.5 across the board now. It is not as a significant move as it may seem as the five point margin is less likely than margins either side. This is a little bit like a +3 market would be in rugby league where the 3 point margin is far less likely than 1,2 or 4.


Over/Under 48

The total opened around 47 at most bookies, climbed to as high as 48.5 but seems to be on the way back down again, with most at a flat 48 now having the ‘over’ at an inflated price.


After the heroics of last years come from behind win, and with the Patriots the red-hot faves to take this one out, it is no surprise to see QB Tom Brady as the favourite for the MVP. He is the ultimate big-game player and is well into the red with quotes around the $1.65 mark for him to get his 5th Superbowl MVP. Yes, quite unbelievably he already has four!

The second favourite is the Eagles’ QB Nick Foles at around $5 and it is upwards of $21 for the next best.

Prop Bets:

The growing trend over the years has been the prop bets surrounding the game. Of course, there are a stack of bets that are football related, but we will have a quick look at some of the ones that are being thrown around that have nothing to do with actually throwing the pigskin:

  • Will President Donald Trump attend the game?
  • Will any player take a knee during the national anthem?
  • What colour will the Gatorade bath over the winning coach be?
  • Will Patriots head coach Bill Belichick wear a hoodie?
  • How long will Pink take to sing the national anthem?
  • What song will Justin Timberlake sing first in the half time show?

Sportsbet even have a market for whether a South Sydney fan will be shown in the stadium during the coverage!

Expect more and more of these prop bets to appear throughout the bookies as we get closer to the kick-off. Whether it be a traditional spread/line bet or one of these quirky prop bets you invest in, there is no shortage of markets to bet into in the biggest sporting event on Earth!

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