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Highly Profitable Trial Spy Membership Now Open

The Trial Spy has been one of our most consistently profitable memberships over a sustained period of time. Dean, a.k.a. the Trial Spy, uses barrier trial and jump out form to find value in races across Australia – a method that has proven to be of great success.

The Numbers

The Trial Spy service has been nothing short of sensational by the numbers, making 597.2 units at 9.8% profit on turnover in just under five years since launch. In that time, there have been 8,260 individual bets across a range of markets, including win, place, exotics and futures, with a number of huge collects along the way. More details about some of the Trial Spy’s remarkable results will be discussed in tonight’s Webinar (more details below).

Customer Satisfaction

Understandably, the Trial Spy membership has been one of our most popular and sought after. ‘Profitable’, ‘excellent’, ‘lucrative’, ‘professional’, ‘fun’ and ‘reliable’ are just a few words that have been used by current members to describe the experience. Members have been able to do plenty with their Trial Spy profits as a result, including helping to pay off mortgages, going on holidays, buying cars and even buying a race horse!

Join Now For Webinar

To coincide with Trial Spy re-opening to new members, Dean will be hosting a Webinar outlining the key aspects about the membership, including results and how the bets are delivered. The Webinar is due to commence at 7.30pm tonight, Thursday January 11th 2018, and you can access it by clicking here. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to join a consistent and extremely profitable membership for the first and only time in 2018.Join the Trial Spy Webinar right now to learn how Dean has made members 597 units profit in just under 5 years, as well as plenty of other tips to help you improve your punting.

Click here to join the Webinar

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