If a pro punter has a proven edge, why would they sell their tips?

That's a fair question which we are asked quite frequently. So we went straight to the horse's mouth and asked some of our analysts why they've made their packages available through Champion Bets.

Trevor Lawson: Melbourne Ratings & Trev's Bets

The market is so big and vast, and there are so many opinions in the marketplace, that the selling of my ratings doesn't affect my own profit to any significant degree.

People probably have a bit of a misconception about the betting of some pro punters.  The reality is you don't need to bet huge stakes to make a decent living over a year.  I'm still able to get my own bets on as well as supply my ratings to others.  If it got to the point where it was affecting my own betting, then you'd have to think about whether you can do it.  At the moment, that's certainly not the case.

Daniel: AFL Betting Tips

Given the depth in AFL markets on game day, it is possible to do both without destroying the market with personal betting. If it got to the point where personal betting and tipping were not able to be done whilst giving customers value for money (getting the same or very similar odds to what is attainable betting professionally), then we would not offer the service anymore. Similarly, if our tip release was moving the market obscene amounts, and clients were not able to go close to matching quoted odds, that would be another sign that it was time to stop selling the picks.

In terms of income, of course it is nice to have a supplementary income to the betting, however there are other benefits to running a tipping service. You develop other skills such as client management, accounting, and all the other tips and tricks you pick up along the way with running a small business. Furthermore, if I did want to re-enter the finance world, it looks better on a resume that you've been running your own small business, rather than only betting professionally, in my opinion.

It's also satisfying to help other punters out there take money off the bookies at the end of the day.

The Golf Syndicate: Golf & UK Racing

There's multiple points for us:

  • We actually only provide a subset of our overall bets and trades publicly; it's not our whole business.
  • We're doing all the prices and work anyway, so it's no extra effort for us.
  • We get decent interaction with other analysts and staff at Champion Bets, which provides some alternative thoughts and value ideas.
  • We think the service may grow into something bigger or open new opportunities.
  • We only suggest bets in the markets or areas where it does not affect our own liquidity levels.  Particularly by concentrating mostly on the UK and elsewhere.
  • For professional punters, having some form of regular income via a business is not a bad thing for general tax office / mortgage activities.

Brett: NBA Bets

We’ve had lengthy experiences with the Australian corporate bookmaker over the years, and that experience tells us it’s very difficult to find a bookmaker that will maintain an account that keeps winning.

So if our beastly abilities at pricing are being mitigated by this cat and mouse game of account restriction after account restriction by the corporate bookmaker, we can maintain monetization of our capability by forcing the bookmaker to play cat and mouse with many more people, not just a few.

Hopefully that gives an insight into how and why professional punters are also able to offer their skills as analysts through Champion Bets.

It's also important to note that all-out distribution of some of our packages would result in a severe impact on the market, with paying members unable to realise the benefits.   For that reason, all of our packages have a ceiling on the number of members that are admitted.  Once a package reaches that ceiling it's closed to new members, and only re-opened occasionally to replace those that have left.

Check out our available Tips and Ratings packages, or contact us now to join the waiting list for any closed packages.