Ladbrokes Review - $500 Matched Bet Offer for Aussies

Ladbrokes are a global brand. With betting shops across the globe and an online reach from Australia to the United Kingdom, Ladbrokes are a true giant in the bookmaker industry. With so many offers and promotions available, they are able to cater for bettors on all sports. Whether you are a soccer fan or prefer Aussie Rules football, Ladbrokes have you covered.

As per usual, our recommendation is to have as many betting accounts open as possible in order to give yourself the best possible chance of maximising profit. But for now, here is our look at Ladbrokes and their Australian brand.

The company was started up in Great Britain well over 100 years ago, and their longevity is testament to how popular and trusted the Ladbrokes brand is. In 2015, they acquired Coral and in doing so, strengthened their position as the largest bookmaker in Britain.

From there, they have continued to grow and they are now widely regarded as one of the most lucrative businesses on British soil. Australian bettors have been able to bet with Ladbrokes since 2013 and the betting giant have had a significant impact since starting up Down Under.

With lots of increased brand promotion and high volume advertising, Ladbrokes have flourished in Australia – going on to acquire two other Aussie bookmakers in recent years. Ladbrokes now own the local Betstar and, although both run under their own name as separate brands.

Odds & Promotions

At the time of writing, Ladbrokes have various offers and promotions to entice both new and existing customers to bet with them. Australian bettors who fancy a wager on almost any sport can take advantage of these lucrative enhancements and one of the most popular offers around is Ladbrokes’ matched bet of up to $500.

With the code “MAXIMUMBONUS”, Ladbrokes will match your bet of up to $500 – giving you an incredible $1000 to play with. This is a sign-up offer based on how much you deposit – there are four options depending on your budget. For big spenders and small bettors, this is fantastic as you can control your own stake and you don’t feel like you are missing out on some of the offer.

Certain bookmakers offer similar promotions but they do a matched offer where they offer “up to” a certain figure but allow you to deposit a smaller amount. This way, you can end up missing out on the maximum offer – with Ladbrokes, that won’t happen.

There are plenty of codes available for new customers to take full advantage of this particular promotion; you don’t have to use the “MAXIMUMBONUS” code. For example, you can use “MAGIC5” to get $150 in free bets if you deposit and stake $50 – it really is that straightforward.

But perhaps the most popular offer of all is Ladbrokes’ ODDS BOOST promotion. With the opportunity to choose your own enhancement, max one per day, you really are in total control of your wager – AND you can maximise your winnings in the process. It is hardly a huge surprise to see Ladbrokes at the top of the Australian betting game with offers such as these available to all customers.

Keeping existing customers happy is key to success in this game. New accounts are huge for attracting punters in but there’s nothing quite like giving your loyal fans an added boost every now and then. Prices won’t boost drastically but extra value is certainly appreciated – even if it is only a minor adjustment.

Player Security & Safety

According to a few seasoned veterans in the betting game, Ladbrokes are hot on limiting accounts and closing intelligent punters down but that shouldn’t put you off just yet. With so many useful promotions available all year round, there really is plenty of scope to take full advantage before worrying too much about having your account limited.

Some bettors state that Ladbrokes are almost too quick to clock onto those punters who are succeeding and critics claim that the bookmaker giants should hold off before jumping onto these.

After all, you want to keep your best customers happy; whether they are winning big sums of money or not. In time, the house usually wins anyway and the Ladbrokes brand can cope with a few relatively minor losses compared to worldwide revenue.

At the other end of the scale, Ladbrokes also offer punters a cooling-off period if they want to stake less money during a certain timeframe – a very popular concept with hardcore bettors in the industry. By the same token, you can limit a maximum deposit for each day, week or even month and that can help people to budget their bets carefully. In all fairness, most major bookmakers also offer this to their customers, whether new or long term.

Ladbrokes are a genuine great in the bookmaker community and Australian punters will be keen to make the most of various offers and promotions but security has to come first. With so many ways to keep track of your account details and limits, punters may be disheartened at first but at least you know that nobody is able to infiltrate your account easily and money won’t come flying out of the account without prior notice.

Conclusion & Overall Rating

On the whole, it is hard to criticise Ladbrokes too much. Client security and protecting their own personal brand is the number one priority – especially in a game where there is now so much scope for attracting new customers.

As we mentioned earlier, we recommend most bettors to have as many accounts with different bookmakers as possible – odds fluctuate in the industry so you may find better numbers with one company than another.

Ladbrokes tend to perform well in providing value for money for their customers, though, and the Odds Boost promotion has cemented their spot as one of the best bookmakers based in Australia for taking care of existing users.

Yes, the enhancement may be small on the whole but every little helps – even a boost from EVS to 21/20 is welcomed. Some brands don’t care as much about their customers, only about the money so it is nice to see a global giant like Ladbrokes stepping their game up.

So many companies are now offering similar deposit offers but Ladbrokes remain one of the best for offering big promotions. For most punters, these bigger sums of money may not be relevant but for VIP punters and heavy spenders, it is perfect. Everybody wants as much value as possible and Ladbrokes really do offer some of the best bonuses in the business – they are second to none on that front.

In time, Ladbrokes will continue to grow and they could enhance their position further as one of the biggest and strongest bookmakers in Australia. Dominating the industry isn’t necessarily their primary objective but keeping punters happy and on side is key, and offering these promotions and new offers is key to that.

Who knows, in time they may even think of another niche concept to offer their users; they certainly appear way ahead of the smaller betting corporations. They aren’t a perfect five stars but they are pretty close and that is good enough for most punters. A reliable organisation that you can trust is exactly what most want and on the whole, Ladbrokes are trustworthy. The British-based giants may place a limit on your account if you perform well but that is nothing new – for the most part, they are up there with the best of them.