PalmerBet Review - Matched Deposit Bonus Up to $250

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Introduction - PalmerBet

Bettors in Sydney will be familiar with the Palmer name that has been at the forefront of the markets for 30 years. However, their operation has grown and has offered an online service since 2013. PalmerBet is run by the Palmer family, where bookmaking runs in the blood. With such a wealth of experience at their disposal, perhaps it is easier to let the Palmer family themselves tell you about what services they aspire to offer: “more youthful, interactive and fairer betting experience for all punters, with a commitment to offer better odds and bigger limits”.

Taken directly from their sleek and accessible website, that all sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Let’s dive further into the website and see if their mission statement holds up.

Odds & Promotions

New players at PalmerBet are eligible for a 100% matched first deposit bonus of up to $250, eligible across all sports. The usual terms and conditions are there, so punters should be aware of the need to enter the promo code FBBONUS upon signing up, as well as being familiar with any geographical restrictions or turnover requirements. Once you get past the essential terms, however, then the offer itself is obviously a very attractive one. This bonus is one of the largest on offer from Australian bookmakers, so that alone makes PalmerBet an interesting proposition for punters. 

A bonus suitable for all sports is only as good as the range of sports that are available. The usual suspects are all there, with the likes of baseball, basketball and boxing available for bettors that thrive on sports beginning with the letter ‘B’. The availability of EPL specials shows PalmerBet’s awareness of global markets and of the lure of the English Premier League, although their soccer markets encompass a diverse collection of national leagues from Indonesia to Israel. There are also special offers on huge tournaments such as the US Open Tennis Championships, so you’ll be looked after when the biggest competitions come around.

However, it is in the racing markets where PalmerBet truly prove their worth. With a countdown to the next races about to commence, bettors can stay ahead of the action. The page displaying all of the day’s races is logical and intuitive, whilst their mid-week Lucky Last and their Saturday Lucky Last spice up the action. PalmerBet offer a Top Fluc option, where they pay out on the best price available from the on-course bookmakers for that particular race. Their range of options for betting on racing ensures that PalmerBet are extremely competitive relative to other bookmakers; starting place guarantees, pre-post markets and quinellas are just scratching the surface for betting options, so make sure you take some time to familiarise yourself with everything on offer. They also offer a mystery bet function for those looking to leave their fate truly up to chance. 

The impressive bonus for signing up is not the extent of PalmerBet’s generosity. The website has a page dedicated to promotions that players will want to check up on with regularity. PalmerBet offer a selection of enhanced odds for punters seeking to sniff out a bit more value, whilst their bonus for players who refer a friend to PalmerBet is incentive for you to get everyone you know to also sign up with this generous bookmaker. With the prospect of loyalty bonuses for players who reciprocate the level of generosity, PalmerBet certainly subscribe to the ‘if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ way of life. Itchy back or not, there are multiple reasons to add PalmerBet to your roster of regular bookmakers. 

Player Security & Safety

Especially when depositing large sums of money into new bookmakers, the concern of security and safety must be at the forefront of a bettor’s mind. A quick look at PalmerBet’s affiliates shows the bookmaker’s impressive reputation in Australia. Approved betting operators include the Australian Football League, Tennis Australia and the Australian Rugby Union. Knowing that PalmerBet has some famous and reputable friends goes some way to alleviating any worries about security and safety. 

There is a range of options for depositing and withdrawing funds from PalmerBet. From the standard VISA and Mastercard to alternative methods such as Bpay and POLi, players will have no problems with the secure system for transferring funds. The lack of availability for those who favour Skrill or PayPal may cause displeasure for some, but ultimately if punters want to access a range of accounts across bookmakers then it is important to have a range of depositing methods to cater for the different services offered by different bookies.

Before withdrawing any funds, players will have to complete a verification process. Now, at the time, this may seem like a burden and an unnecessary hoop to jump through to get your money back, but ultimately it is safeguarding your identity and PalmerBet’s commitment to security. A precaution such as this is further evidence that PalmerBet is a bookmaker you can trust. Unlike the biggest bookmakers, companies of the size of PalmerBet are understandably unable to offer 24/7 customer support. However, there is a free phone number and an email address for players to direct any queries or complaints towards, with customer support available between 8am and 6pm. 

Conclusion & Overall Rating

There is a lot to like about PalmerBet. A hefty bonus upon signing up is sufficient to entice players in, but there are many reasons to stick around. Everything feels very straightforward with PalmerBet, and a straightforward betting experience is something to celebrate. The website is slick and easy to navigate, while placing a bet could not be easier. There are a range of sporting markets for players to explore, with their options for various forms of racing particularly impressive and a source of value. Meanwhile, the promise of regular promotions and loyalty bonuses are worth sticking around for. 

Therefore, it certainly seems like PalmerBet have upheld their commitment to providing to a youthful, interactive and fair betting experience. A large criticism in the past was the absence of a mobile app for bettors on the go, but this has been remedied with new apps for both Android and Apple users. While there could be a few murmurs of discontent at the slightly shallow range of payment methods, this is just a minor quibble. Also, if we are to be brutal, the lack of a 24/7 online customer support is an option that PalmerBet cannot compete with the biggest bookmakers in providing. However, it is likely that you’ll be able to hold on to any pressing concerns until the fairly sizeable window of 8am-6pm in which customer support is available. The deposit bonus and the racing markets are as good as even the biggest bookmakers, which makes PalmerBet undeniably worth your time and funds. 

Overall rating: 4/5