A Review of PointsBet Bookmaker

PointsBet is one of the newest bookmakers to hit Australia and they offer their customers spread betting. It is very important to read more about spread betting before you sign up as you can win and lose more than your initial stake when you place a bet.

https://www.championbets.com.au/nrl-betting-tips/Some punters really enjoy the excitement and thrill of placing a spread bet and if that is you, PointsBet will cater for your needs as they offer betting on 24 different sports including AFL, NBA, NFL and NRL on their desktop site.

PointsBet offer so much more than the usual win markets in each sport. For example, in basketball, you can bet on what you think a player’s shooting percentage will be, the time of the first basket scored, the longest field goal scored in the game and the total points accumulated by a team. When you a place a bet on any market you will choose to either buy or sell. PointsBet will set a mark in each market and if you believe the total will be higher, you will opt to buy, while on the flip side, if you think it will be lower than their mark, you should sell.

The PointsBet desktop site has been well put together. When you log onto their site you will see the highlights on the centre of the home page. A list of sports in alphabetical order can be opened up on the left side of the page, while in the footer, there is the usual information such as terms and conditions, a help section and details about their mobile app which can be downloaded on Android phones.

PointsBet don’t currently offer horse racing on their site, however, they are advertising that it is coming soon therefore that will be a huge boost once they add it to the 24 sports they have on offer at the moment.

Odds & Promotions

The promotions which PointsBet offer their customers change from week to week. They have a promotions page which you can find on the left tab just before the A-Z of sports. There isn’t currently a sign-up offer, however, there is plenty on there for new and existing customers.

One of the most popular offers PointsBet give their customers is “money back specials”. This is usually up to $500 so it is a generous amount. It is also returned to your account in cash, not in free bets like some bookmakers offer today. An example of this offer in the NRL is that if a certain player scores a try, they will give out cashback on losing bets up to their maximum advertised limit.

When you sign up to an account with PointsBet, make sure you agree to receive promotional emails and text messages from the company. From time to time, they send out deposit bonuses through their communication channels. These include a 20% boost on your deposit so do keep an eye out for these promotions.

Unlike some spread betting sites, PointsBet don’t also offer fixed odds betting. They do though have plans to add to this to site so their customers will then have a choice as to how they want to bet.

Player Security & Safety

When you sign up to an account with PointsBet, the bookmaker assigns an account manager to assist you. Once you have finished registering, your account manager will call you to run through an official induction. They will explain the market types they offer and answer any questions you may have about how spread betting works. You will be unable to use your account until you have this induction so it is very important that you schedule this in as soon as possible. Your account manager will also be available to assist you after your induction so don’t be afraid to get in touch with them over the phone or by e-mail if you have any queries.

PointsBet are licenced and regulated by Australia’s Northern Territory Government and secured using Secure Sockets Layer with 2048-bit encryption therefore you are fully protected when you bet on their site.

Unfortunately, the site only lets customers use two forms of deposits into their account. You can either use a Visa card or Mastercard. It is important to remember that when checking your account balance, there will be two different figures. ‘Balance’ is the current balance of your account which does not take into account the pending bets you have. ‘Available balance’ will be your balance minus the withheld amount/pending bets.

To help limit the risk on your account, you can set up a ‘stop loss.’ This is where you choose the maximum amount you are willing to lose in one bet. You will not be able to place a bet on a market if there is a possibility the loss could be more than the maximum amount you set.

Each market you bet on will have its own rules which can be found by clicking on the ‘I’ next to the event name. You should always read through this before placing a bet to make sure you are happy with how the market is settled.

Conclusion & Overall Rating

Before opening an account with a spreads firm, you should always ask yourself if you are comfortable betting where you can win and lose more than your initial stake. If the answer is yes, then PointsBet should excite you as they offer betting on 24 different sports therefore there are so many markets to choose from.

Unlike traditional bookmakers where the most common way to bet is on the result of a match, PointsBet specialise in individual performances. If you have a strong opinion on how a particular player in a team will perform, you can make it pay by looking at markets which are specific to them.

Although the firm does not offer a sign-up promotion, their “money back specials”, which run every week, are very generous. You can get up to $500 paid back into your account from a losing bet in cash. PointsBet also regularly send deposit bonuses to their customers so they look after their existing customer base.

Unfortunately there are only two ways to deposit funds so if you do not like using your Visa card or Mastercard to add money to your account, you are unlikely going to want to play with PointsBet. They do though ensure the highest level of security and safety therefore all your details will be safe and protected.

Having a personal account manager will ensure the service PointsBet offers you is tailored to exactly what you want it to be. There will always be support if you need it and you will be given a full induction when you sign up, which is very handy if you are new to spread betting.

In order to prevent some big losses, it is advised that you set up a reasonable stop loss limit. No matter how good you think you are at betting, it only takes one bad result on spread betting to lose a lot of money. If the limit is in place, you will always be betting at levels you are comfortable with.

Overall rating: 8/10