Sportsbet Review - $501 Matched Free Bet Offer for Australian Users

With over two decades of experience, Sportsbet has helped punters across Australia up their win rate when it comes to betting on horses and key sports events.

Introduction – SportsBet

Sportsbet’s main selling point is its community of punters, which continues to expand, and ensures that nobody misses out on the latest prices. Sportsbet began life in 1993, with its operations initially restricted to the Northern Territory. As recently as 2005, Sportsbet was in dire risk of going bankrupt. Matthew Tripp bought the company for just $250,000 AUD and its fortunes turned around. Today it employs hundreds of staff.

The site itself is well-known for its simplicity and ease of use. The landing page contains three columns. In the centre column are the main markets and live odds, which users can interact with and add to the betting slip in the right-hand column. The right column also shows the most popular, trending bets being placed on the site at that moment. On the left, users can find the exhaustive list of sports available. Of course, no site of this ilk would be competitive and so highly esteemed without being available as an app on Android and iOS, and users on mobile devices benefit from an equally easy-to-navigate layout.

For fixture odds, users will see head-to-head, total score and winning margin markets. Users can also see if the event is being televised in Australia. The number of additional markets is shown next to each fixture. With full integration of the sport and racing sections, just about every type of combination is a possibility. ‘Exotic’ bets can also be placed, including the ever-popular fixtures of horse racing such as Trifectas and Quaddies, ensuring that the most seasoned and successful punters have every chance of raking it in.

Odds & Promotions

Sportsbet is well known for its frequent advertising campaigns, which can include reference to promotions. The company has also engaged in a number of publicity stunts, paying out for a Federer victory in the 2009 edition of Wimbledon and then paying out for an England victory in the following year’s Ashes Series. Sportsbet has an array of promotions available to users, both new and existing, all year round. There are also a number of competitions which are free to enter and enable users to win extraordinary, life-changing sums of money. There are also no transaction fees, except a $15.00 admin charge for overseas transfers.

As of August 2017, Sportsbet boasts a welcome bonus that has sent shockwaves throughout the country. People who sign up can get an instant free bet (maximum value AUD $501) and once the first bet is placed, an instant reward in the form of a matched free bet (of up to $501) is made available. Although this has proven popular, it is not available in every state, although this could change in time. Queensland, Northern Territory, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory are currently the only states in which this free bet is available. In addition to its flagship $501 matched free bet for new registrants, any punter can get their money back on horse racing, with the company also offering an insurance scheme. Occasionally, money back offers are made available for key events in other sports.

Player Security & Safety

Security is provided for punters in both active and passive senses. Sportsbet actively seeks to protect anyone using their trusted service from fraud and other forms of online crime. Naturally, like any decent site displaying the latest odds from trusted bookmakers, Sportsbet also protects customers in a passive way by giving users the opportunity to maintain self-control. The deposit and online bet minimums are admirably low. The minimum deposit per time is $5.00, but users can bet as little as $0.01. In the context of responsible gambling, these figures show that Sportsbet firmly values customer safety and responsibility over profits.

The betting slip in the right column also adds an extra degree of safety where the promotion of self-restraint is concerned. Users can opt to hide the betting slip, which naturally reduces the urge of a more passionate punter to continually submit individual bets, and realise only too late just how much has been spent. By hiding the slip and making their individual selections as normal, the punter will be able to see the total expenditure they are set to indulge in once they unhide it and check it. With estimated returns included, users can see clearly if their bet is realistically worth placing, thereby encouraging responsible gambling.

Depositing and (for those that win) withdrawing is also a very safe procedure with Sportsbet. Paypal and POLi can be used to deposit and withdraw, while those with winnings in their account can access them via an EFTPOS card. The entire process is an electronic one, with full encryption for the punter’s security. Punters can also apply for up to $5,000 of credit, representing a further opportunity for them to control their expenditure. Any punters using a credit card can also make up to three deposits, all of which can be a maximum of $2,000, instantly. After that limit is reached, the card must be registered in writing for full activation.

Conclusion & Overall Rating

It is clear to see that Sportsbet boasts a service that is ‘the bar’ in many aspects. The site also provokes a real sense of community and ownership for anyone who uses it. The learning curve that takes punters from mixed fortunes to consistent gains is a surprisingly gentle one. What often drives people to place bets is the sense of empowerment that they feel when taking the decision to do so. With regular updates and an easy-to-use app version, the site ensures that subscribing punters can retain this sense of empowerment over a long period of time.

The site is best described as ‘near-perfect’ but there are some areas for improvement. Although Sportsbet are bound by Australian law, residents without Australian citizenship are unable to use the online betting service. The lack of a dynamic navigation menu is also a potential issue for those that seek a perfectly streamlined betting experienced. Clicking through to sub markets causes the page to refresh, but it is anticipated that this will be addressed in the future, and those attracted to the Sportsbet page should not be deterred by the lack of a dynamic function. Additionally, there are rare reports of successful punters having their accounts limited, meaning that the company’s terms and conditions must be read thoroughly. The maximum amount a punter can win on Sportsbet per day is AUD $500,000, and bookmaker margins are also higher than average at present, but this too can change.

Ultimately, Sportsbet may have its faults, but there are in fact very few compared to its competitors. With an impressive range of markets and selections, there is a good culture for multi betting. The site’s key strengths extend to the mobile betting service via the app, which is available on Android and iOS. As an established betting brand, Sportsbet will always give punters peace of mind when using the services available, and in frequently offering new promotions and competitions, punters cannot resist coming back time and against to place bets.