Unibet Review - $80 Sign-Up Bonus from the Most Socially Responsible Operator of 2016

We’ve written our bookmaker reviews to scout out all of the various bookies around so you don’t have to. We’ll tell you what’s good about them and what might be missing. This will help you decide where to create an account next.

As always, we recommend that you create an account with as many bookmakers as possible in the long term. Creating accounts requires no cost but can have massive rewards, plus being a customer at more bookies means more bonuses and better value for you, the punter.

Introduction - Unibet

Unibet was founded in 1997 by Andres Strom. Strom had the aspiration of sharing his sporting knowledge to help punters make more informed bets. Unibet’s ethos is that players should be at the forefront of the development of bookmakers, and every action should be taken with the best interests of bettors in mind. Unibet endeavour to do this through an easy platform for betting, consistently helpful and amiable customer service and a desire to collaborate with players to ensure that they are delivering what the people want. 

Of course, no bookmaker is going to come out and call their clientele worthless pieces of garbage. But still, it is refreshing that Unibet have placed the interests of punters as their top priority not only in terms of their publicity strategy but also in terms of their work. Unibet claim to offer a straightforward interface, a multitude of sporting markets unparalleled in their depth and only the best promotions. Let’s see how the intentions match up to the actions. 

Odds & Promotions

Unibet’s bonus for signing up is medium in terms of its generosity. Their pithy way of summarising it is ‘deposit $20, play with $100!’, which in normal person speak equates to a bonus of $80. Whilst this falls short of some of the competition’s offers, this is still not a sign-up bonus to be sniffed at. Also, once you’re in then Unibet will go to great lengths to ensure that you have an enjoyable betting experience with them. This could manifest in the form of loyalty bonuses for regular players, while their promotions are frequently updating but consistently appealing. The particularly exciting element to these loyalty bonuses is the form that they take; free bets from Unibet return your stake in your winnings, and also allow you to split up your bonus into individual bets. This is not something that most bookmakers offer, so that’s a feather in Unibet’s cap.

Unibet’s homepage feels a bit too cluttered and busy, and the problem endures deeper into the website. For example, selecting soccer takes you to an unnecessarily large (in terms of actual size, not in terms of scope) list of in-play markets, while below there is a list of all the available competitions as part of their ‘Live and Upcoming’ tab. However, moving onto the ‘Browse Soccer’ tab provides a much cleaner and straightforward way to navigate to your desired competition. Also, there is a search function, which will be the friend of any punter seeking obscure markets. Unibet are true to their word about providing depth, with a range of competitions spanning multiple continents on offer.

Unibet cover all of the biggest sports as you would expect, but offer alternative options such as volleyball and UFC/MMA. They also provide markets for the constantly growing world of eSports, showing that Unibet will not be left behind by other bookmakers in getting ahead in a sport that will continue to become more popular and prominent. Unibet have a dedicated section for racing on their website, with odds available in races everywhere from Ripon to Roscommon and Hyderabad to Hawthorne. With options such as Best Tote and Top Fluc, there is plenty to savour for both the casual punter and the serious bettor. 

Another exciting feature that Unibet offers is the ability to stream sporting events. Being able to watch the action unfold gives the bettor an advantage, especially when betting in play. With tennis matches, NBA games and soccer just some of the sports on offer, players can truly immerse themselves in the betting experience by seeing for themselves whether their punts prevail or not. Either on the app or online, the streaming capability at Unibet is another reason to elect for them as one of your bookmakers. 

Player Security & Safety

Unibet is a global brand that reaches nations including the United Kingdom, Italy and France as well as Australia. Therefore you can feel reassured that Unibet have honed their security system effectively, otherwise they would never be able to span so many countries. Plus, a bookmaker so focused on the fortunes of players are unlikely to compromise security. Unibet claimed the award of Socially Responsible Operator in 2016 at both the IGA Awards and the EGR Awards, in addition to claiming Sportsbook Operator of the Year in the 2014 iteration of the former. 

An impressive range of payment methods are on offer here, a range befitting of their global status. The ever-present VISA and Mastercard are of course options, whilst punters can also move their money via POLi or Bpay. The most notable method is PayPal, a means of transferring money that is not always readily available at bookmakers but is a persistently growing service in other services. For those who are accustomed to using PayPal in daily life, Unibet’s cooperation with the service will be a massive benefit. 

Unibet are an approved betting partner of numerous huge competitions, from the AFL to the NRL. They also are members of many trusts that seek to make gambling as safe as possible, with an emphasis on knowing one’s limits. Unibet will not take advantage of you, once again demonstrative of their overall ethos about prioritising the welfare of players.

Conclusion & Overall Rating

Unibet offer a very efficient service through which players can access a wide range of markets. Their approach to free bets is an interesting and laudable one. The removal of pressure to deploy all bonus funds in one lump is indicative of a bookmaker considering the motivations and welfare of their players, while the return of the bonus stake as part of winnings makes it even sweeter. The existence of a mobile app will please those who like to bet on the move, with an Apple app available at the App Store and an Android app available through direct download from the bookmaker. Being able to stream things on the go while placing your bets gives Unibet a clear advantage over some of their competitors, and again shows an understanding of what players want. 

Their service is award-winning, so punters know that they are in good hands with Unibet. The only criticisms are fairly minor. The signing up offer is smaller than some of those available, although Unibet offers more reasons to stick around in the long term than some of those competitors that draw you in with massive bonus and then leave you to your own devices. The homepage is slightly messy, although consistent usage will ensure that players become accustomed to the most efficacious ways to navigate the website. With criticisms extremely minor and compensated by a novel approach to free bets, it is difficult to give Unibet anything less than a perfect score.

Overall rating: 10/10