Bookmaker Review: William Hill

Our bookmaker reviews are written with the intention of giving you a summary of the good points and the bad points of a bookie, so you can make informed decisions about where you sign up.

Of course, our recommendation as always is that you sign up to as many different bookmakers as possible. It’s always free and easy to set up accounts. This will give you the strongest chance at scooping up the most attractive offers and finding the best value. 

Introduction - William Hill

William Hill is a bookmaker with a rich history, and their services today show that they have honed their craft well over several decades. This bookmaker certainly sounds more personable than most, with a name like William Hill sounding more like one of your mates than a betting service (especially if your mates are Englishmen from the 1930s). Founded in an era where gambling was prohibited in Britain, the company has grown into one of the most recognisable online betting brands. 

Whilst operating in several different countries doesn’t necessarily mean much, it does hint that a bookmaker knows what it’s doing sufficiently to branch out. William Hill can still be found everywhere in the United Kingdom, but also offers services to countries such as the Italy, Spain and, of course, Australia. The William Hill brand is synonymous with reliable and trustworthy service, making it a real heavyweight in the betting world. 

Odds & Promotions

Often the first thing you think about when signing up for a new bookmaker is what sort of offer you’ll get on arrival, and frankly, so it should be. William Hill are offering to match your first deposit with a bonus bet of value up to $200. Sadly, this bonus comes with state-based restrictions and the usual terms and conditions. But fortunately, William Hill have an array of other features to keep things sweet. 

As you’d expect from a bookmaker with the prestige of William Hill, the website has a slick and logical interface that is easy to navigate. Some newer bookmakers clutter up their odds and hide them in mysterious ways, but William Hill have clear menus and a smooth design. Their mobile app is similarly intuitive, minimising stress for players on the go. With odds on pretty much all the sports you could want, from the AFL to surfing and from soccer to eSports, you’re well stocked for whatever your interest is. They also offer markets in entertainment, and punters are able to bet on who will die first in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. So that’s nice.

The force may be with them in that regard, but what else can William Hill offer? So far we’ve only mentioned a restricted sign-up offer and the fact that they offer odds, which is kind of expected a bookmaker. Fortunately, this wily old bookmaker has a couple of tricks up his sleeve to come crashing into the 21st century. For those more creatively inclined, the BuildABet option allows punters to devise their own bets on markets not currently offered. William will price them up for you, giving the players the scope to dictate their betting experience. 

They also offer a William Hill card to slot into your wallet. Players can collect winnings using the card at participating ATMs, or deploy it as a debit card with merchants. Their fast resulting of greyhound races is another feather in their cap. The toolbar at the top of their website lets players keep track of the upcoming races from horses to greyhounds, so bettors will be able to stay on top of all the value before the race begins. All of these are reasons to take your custom to William Hill, but they are keen for you to remain there. That’s why they offer their William Hill Rewards programme, where players can earn points from their bets to redeem in bonus form. The prospect of free bets, even long after signing up? That’s definitely an incentive to stick with Mr Hill.  

Player Security & Safety

With a long-running company like William Hill, players can almost assume that they (and their money) are in safe hands. Of course, you should never assume such a thing, but William Hill’s experience does alleviate many worries. There is no doubt that this is a reputable company that you can trust. Even though their time in Australia has been relatively short, they are one of the most trusted bookmakers in the United Kingdom. 

There is a wide range of ways to deposit money safely. There are the usual methods, from credit & debit card deposits to cheques and bank transfers. William Hill also offer the alternative methods that have swelled in popularity in recent years. Players can deposit via Skrill and POLi if they desire, as they are certainly easy ways to shift your money around. But beware, as depositing with one of these two methods will prohibit you from accessing any sign-up offers. PayPal is also a viable method for depositing money to William Hill. More and more people are depending on PayPal for transferring money online, so it is a real fillip for William Hill to offer such a service. As with most bookmakers, deposits and withdrawals will usually be processed within 48 hours.  

William Hill have not compromised in any aspect of security, ensuring that your money and your personal details remain safe with them. Especially for players who have signed up with multiple bookmakers, it is important to know that you can move funds swiftly and securely if necessary. With encryptions surrounding your deposits and withdrawals, William Hill employ the kind of technology befitting of a company of their global stature. This is why this bookmaker is one where worries about security and safety are as small as possible. If players do have any concerns then William Hill’s online support team is on hand 24/7 to respond to any queries or complaints. This type of support is almost commonplace these days, but it is still worth celebrating. 

Conclusion & Overall Rating

Overall, it seems like William Hill have got most, if not all, of the bases covered. Their website screams simplicity, enabling punters to access with ease and find value in a straightforward fashion. Their sign-up offer is an appealing one, and they offer bonuses for those who stick around. There is a wide range of sporting markets available, and non-sporting markets if that is what takes your fancy. With an experienced and established bookmaker, players know their money is in safe hands. 

It is difficult to find anything to criticise. Even delving into the markets on offer to find a lack of options does not prove to be fruitful. Soccer fans can bet on the Irish First Division, and tennis fans can bet on the smallest professional competitions around. There is a staggering range of markets, and they are all easy to navigate to on the website and on the app. The existence of the BuildABet option and the William Hill card is icing on top of a particularly delicious cake. Therefore it is incredibly difficult to give William Hill anything less than a perfect score. For new bettors or experienced punters, William Hill is definitely worth having an account with. 

Overall rating: 5/5