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Free horse racing tips: recent winners

Sat 10 Jul: Red Santa $3.90
Wed 23 Jun: East Asia $3.60
Sat 12 Jun: Mr Mooj $7.60
Fri 11 Jun: Sir Piccolo $6.20
Wed 12 May: Bragwell $5
Sat 1 May: Grand Promenade $2.45
Fri 20 Apr: Olympic Class $3.10
Thu 22 Apr: Brookspire $3.10
Fri 16 Apr: Contemptuous $1.65
Sat 27 Mar: Fanciful Toff $2.20
Wed 24 Mar: Johandough $2.60
Wed 24 Feb: Cirrina $9
Sat 20 Feb: Oxley Road $3.80
Sat 6 Feb: Regards Maree $2.15
Wed 3 Feb: Parure $11.40
Sat 23 Jan: Milton Park $4.40
Wed 20 Jan: Prism $4.20
Wed 13 Jan: Diamonds inthe Sky $7.50
Fri 1 Jan: Riding The Wave $3.20
Wed 30 Dec: Degas $4
Sat 19 Dec: Written Miss $2.90
Sat 5 Dec: Written Miss $2.80
Sat 28 Nov: Ocean’s Thirteen $3.40
Wed 25 Nov: Tralee Rose $2.90
Sat 14 Nov: Through The Cracks $3.60
Sat 7 Nov: Arcadia Queen $2.90
Sat 31 Oct: Archanna $5.50
Wed 28 Oct: Princess Jenni $12
Sat 24 Oct: Cherry Tortoni $5.50
Sat 17 Oct: Purple Sector $6
Thu 8 Oct: Pride Of Jenni $2.80
Sat 19 Sep: Probabeel $3.30
Wed 16 Sep: Reckless Choice $2.90
Sat 5 Sep: Night Raid $4.80
Thu 3 Sep: Coco Fashion $2.80
Thu 13 Aug: Rifles $3.20
Wed 12 Aug: Protection Money $3.30
Sat 8 Aug: Anders $3.50

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Free Horse Racing Tips: Our Racing Analysts

Trevor Lawson

Trevor Lawson is a full-time professional punter who has been betting on Victorian racing for over 15 years. A former professional golfer, Trevor took up betting part-time before moving into it full-time in the early 2000s. Since then, Trevor has survived and thrived in one of Australia’s most competitive betting markets, and continues to operate as a winning professional punter.

Dean Evans

Since commencing with Champion Bets back in 2013, Dean has shown an amazing ability to find winners at value prices. He has developed and fine-tuned a revolutionary approach to an area of form assessment that many continue to either ignore or undervalue. Many have tried to copy this approach, but none have come close to Dean's results.

Cameron O'Brien

Bred to be a champion, Cameron O’Brien has been producing weight ratings since the age of 15: first learning the Don Scott method and then continually refining his own approach to doing the form over time. Cameron trained as a form analyst under legendary bookmaker Mark Read and has now been a professional punter for more than 10 years.

The Professor

The Professor holds a senior position within the racing industry, so we're not able to disclose his full identity. A long-time student of the form, he's is a very successful punter with a long winning track record. Within the vast state of Queensland, The Professor focuses on the south-east. Members get full coverage of the vibrant Brisbane racing scene as well as plenty of quality racing at the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and other tracks.

Gareth Phillips

With over three decades of experience in the betting industry, Gareth Phillips has seen it all. Having spent his entire career working with bookmakers and professional betting syndicates, Gareth knows the punting game inside out and has constantly been at the forefront of new trends in form analysis and betting. This continues as Gareth brings his selections to Champion Bets members.