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Free racing tips November 19: Andrew (DataBase Bets) at Beaudesert.

A highly-trained data scientist, Andrew is the brains behind our very popular DataBase Ratings – the free resource which is used on a daily basis by hundreds of punters and form analysts looking for an extra edge.

Andrew’s experience with both bookmakers and professional punters has given him a wide view of all angles of racing and betting. His data science skills have allowed him to build a model that has proven profitable over the long-term.

DataBase Bets are the highest-value selections produced by Andrew’s DataBase Ratings,

Data covering forty individual horse, trainer, jockey, track and race variables is crunched by 25 separate data models. The results from these models are then blended to create a single final probability. From here, a rated price is produced for each horse.

DataBase Bets consist of only those selections which meet strict high-probability and high-value hurdles.

Importantly, the system utilises machine learning. Every day new results are fed in, and the models re-train themselves based on the latest data. So while things are always changing – and we know the betting market is constantly evolving – machine learning ensures the model stays on top of that.

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Free Racing Tips November 19: DataBase Bets

Today’s free tip from Andrew is at Beaudesert

Beaudesert Race 5 (4:55pm)

#8 Enchantingly: currently $5 with TopSport


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