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Betting on golf: stay the course, enjoy the profits

We wanted to have a chat today about betting on golf. And more importantly, what’s required to make money – which is perfectly illustrated by the Golf Insider’s betting.

A couple of weeks back, the Golf Insider landed one of his big winners. Marc Warren won the Austrian Open after we backed him at $101 (with better odds available at a couple of bookies, and also on Betfair).

This was a fantastic result and typical of the Golf Insider’s tournament winner bets – when he hits one, they pay big!

We didn’t enjoy another $101 winner last week, but we still came away in front thanks to a good range of action across the markets.

We wanted to talk about those big winners today, because they’re a great illustration of how the Golf Insider does things.

Why betting on golf is different to other sports

The Golf Insider has proven over a long period that betting on golf is a genuine source of long-term profits, and provides winners the size of which you simply won’t find in any other sport. Our members who have been with the service for many months or years also know this to be true.

To illustrate this point, here’s a brief overview of the Golf Insider’s service since he start providing sections to members in the UK, back in May 2014.

Since then, the service has advised 2,058 Tournament Winner bets at average odds of $80.

Mathematically, you’d expect an $80 chance to win one in every 80 tournaments. So for the Golf Insider’s bets, you’d expect to see 25 to 26 winners.

The actual number of winners advised by the Golf Insider? 53.

Over twice as many outright winners as the mathematics says you should see in a sample group of this size.

We flag this for a very good reason: it proves that this service has a definite edge. A clear advantage.

Betting on golf: stay the course

If you stick with the Golf Insider service long enough, it will deliver you winners, and a profit.

We say this now because after a recent big winner, everybody tends to get a bit carried away, thinking winners are going to come “on demand” every week.

They’re not, unfortunately..

We could tell you they are, but we wouldn’t be being truthful.

But – and this is the point of quoting the figures – they will come if you persevere. The numbers show it.

So we might win big this weekend… and if so, that’s great.

Chances are we won’t. Because betting at average odds of 80/1 means your strike rate will be low. And we understand this.

But if you’re serious about your betting and see the big picture, and are patient, then that’s more than half the battle when it comes to beating the bookies.

Stake sensibly. Be realistic. Stay the course.

These are the key ingredients to betting success, and especially with the Golf Insider.

If you want the ‘Inside’ word on every field in the PGA and Euro tours, look no further.

The Golf Insider is the only way to bet on all the big golf tournaments, covering markets such as Outright Winners, Top 20 Finish, 1st Round Leaders and 1st Round 3-Balls.

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