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The Golf Insider has compiled (and continues to grow!) an impressive list of big-dollar winners – check out the list here. He penned some thoughts on golf betting, how he wins, and why it’s important to play the ‘long game’.

Why golf betting is different to other sports

Punters should realise betting on golf isn’t like betting on any other sports.

It involves a bigger number of players, a wider range of prices, and a greater amount of variables.

In other words, it’s much harder to find the winner of a golf tournament than it is to pick the winner of pretty much any other sporting event.

Each week in the outright markets you see prices for players right up to $81, $101, $151… even $501. You just don’t see this in other sports.

What punters must remember is that if predicting the result was easy, the layers would simply squeeze the market around the top names and under-bet all the most likely winners. And backers would never win.

Golf tournaments, where sometimes upwards of 100 players in a field of 150-plus could potentially win, doesn’t allow this practice to happen. Otherwise the books wouldn’t add up. So in all these events there have to be players going off at very long odds.

But to find them, you need to look further down the lists. And when you go deeper into the markets, the odds get bigger and the strike rate naturally drops.

Look for value at the bottom of the market

This is the basis of my own personal betting. Generally ignoring the top of the market, where the margins are smallest, and hunting out guys further down the lists who offer real value.

This is how I have consistently beaten the book. Yes, I take a hit on strike rate, but I accept this, and budget for it, knowing that winners in the higher double figures – or triple figures – will happen.

Now because this is how I bet myself, this is the method which underpins the Golf Insider.

And on looking back through all the bets advised on the service, the figures back this up strategy. Every week we have bets at $41, $51, $81, $101 and beyond. But the service is profitable.

So if you get the reasoning behind my approach, and can see why I follow it, then you’ll understand a little better how the service works. And more importantly why it works.

What you need to do is stake sensibly, find the best odds, make sure you stay in the game, and keep patient.

The importance of shopping for odds

This is an incredibly important aspect of betting on golf successfully. In fact, there are few sports where it’s more important to absolutely maximise the odds you’re getting. With golfers (and winners) often so long in the market, the variance between prices at different bookmakers (and especially the Exchange) can be significant. When those winners do come up, you’ll be kicking yourself if you took $101 rather than $121. Those price differences are common place. Taking five minutes to check a few different betting companies is really worth it.

And remember, when betting on golf… ALWAYS check the Betfair Exchange. The prices are routinely much, much better than bookmakers.

Staking and discipline

Possibly the hardest part of golf betting is the need to have discipline and stick to your guns. When you’re betting on these prices, winners simple aren’t going to come along every week. If they did, they wouldn’t be that price! You’re going to have to deal with runs of outs in between the winners, yet still have the courage to stick with what you’re doing. Most people have to learn this the hard way – they up their stakes in the hope of landing one massive win, and destroy their betting bank. Or they lose patience and stop betting after a number of losses… only for their player to win immediately after.

The good news for you is that you can simply piggyback off the Golf Insider, somebody who’s done the years of hard work for you. What he does has worked, and he knows that from experience. You can use that to your advantage.

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