10 Reasons To Care About Kiwi Racing

Why should you start taking an interest in racing across the ditch?

Spring racing tips

There are plenty of reasons to get excited by New Zealand racing and the return this Saturday of Kiwi professional punter Chris Robinson.

Here are just a few of them:

(1) Early Action
Plenty of the Kiwi bets are in the 10am to lunchtime period when there’s no racing here in Australia. Nothing beats backing an early winner across the ditch to get your punting day off to a flying start.

(2) Bookie Mistakes
The prices tend to get smacked into shape quite early in Australia, especially for Sydney and Melbourne racing. But there are very few price assessors in NZ, which means there tends to be a lot of mistakes. Consistently getting over the odds is essential to winning long-term, and there are plenty of opportunities to do that in New Zealand.

(3) Limited Competition
This one is related to point (2) and that is there are very, very few professional punters in NZ. The less smarties betting into any market, the more value there is to be found.

(4) NZ To Aussie Migration
Many of New Zealand’s best horses, trainers and jockeys end up in Australia. Think Chris Waller, James McDonald, Jimmy Cassidy and Sunline to name just a few. Chances are you could be watching some future top-liners before they head over to Oz.

(5) Small Pool Of Horses

The form is relatively easy to follow as the number of horses racing is quite small, relative to Australia.

(6) Quirky Kiwis

They use the top portion of their race broadcast coverage to show a full field shot for the entire race, so you can track your horse throughout. Then if you’re lucky enough to be involved in a photo-finish, you can sweat the result for a good two or three minutes. A bit like Australian racing circa 1995.

(7) Tough Mudders

The Aussie track rating system just wasn’t enough for them, so the Kiwis will race on anything up to a Heavy 11.

(8) Track Bias

The wet tracks can cause some serious bias which can be profitable in two ways. Firstly, the fastest punters to recognise the pattern of the day can adjust their bets accordingly. And secondly, expert analysts like Chris make large bonus or penalty adjustments to the form coming out of heavily biased tracks. Winners may have been flattered, or unplaced runners may have never had a chance.

(9) Bet With Locals

Aussie corporates take fixed odds bets and offer tote derivative products. You probably won’t be able to get on for massive amounts, but if you spread your bets you should be fine to get set.

(10) Money To Be Made

Kiwi Chris has never had a losing year. In 5 years with Champion Bets he was won $55,000 at the massive margin of 18% Profit on Turnover. It’s a great feeling to be able to bet with confidence and make the same bets as a professional.

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