2013 Ashes Preview

Please note this is a guest post by Steve Turner and is not connected in any way with Champion Profits.

The Australian Cricket team has been selected and contains six Batsmen (I use the term loosely), 2 keepers, 6 pace bowlers, 1 spinner and 1 all rounder who hates to bowl.

Whilst our pace bowling looks like it may cause a few problems for the Poms, our batting and keeping are of such poor standards that I can see nothing but a commanding English victory. And it hurts to say that.

Warner will finally be exposed for what he is. A slogger with poor shot selection and even worse footwork. If England employ a 3rd man, ive no idea where he will score runs. I expect this will be his final tour.

Cowan is solid, but dour, and he instills zero confidence that he will ever get “on top of” an attack

Now Chris Rogers, 35 and a 1 Test veteran. This guy can bat, if only he was given the same amount of chances as some of these hacks, he would have been an integral part of this team by now. He must open, but wont, so his value is lessened no end. If they dont play him’and he watches from the dressing room, we wont last past 3 days.

Clarke, The Dip. Best bat in the team. However, coming it a 3/20 tends to get a bit annoying. He is not the best at genuine pace and swing. I can see him struggling, so imagine the rest.

Watson. Must open, and replace Warner. Wont happen, so he will be as useful as me in this team.

Khawaja, the only 12th man batsman in history for more than 1 Test. I started watching this great game in the late 70’s, when no matter what the 12th man was always a bowler. Same with every other nation. When did we change? Bizarre!

This guy must play, we don’t have many batsman so he must be in the first Test at 6. I remember as clear as day in any grade you care to name, new batsman always came in at 6. Why they have decided that this time honored tradition should change is beyond me. We all saw how they crucified Quiney last year. I mean, if you want to destroy a career, just pick a debutant at 3 and play him against the best pace attack in world cricket.

Hughes, wouldnt make my 3rd team. If they have a 3rd man, he cant score. If they introduce spin (and they will) he will get out before you finish your next drink. Sad but true, and what’s worse, he WILL play.

So there are our batsman with an all rounder. Now if they try to play either Wade or Haddin in the top 6, well lets just say we will get our money faster. They are both poor glovemen and get worse over the stumps. I admit they can bat a little, but they are both very much hit or miss and after they drop 3 catches and miss 2 stumpings even a double hundred wont help.

Simply put, we dont have enough batsmen and the ones we do have aren’t up to this English team.

I dont feel like its a repeat of the 1989 Ashes squad. I remember that tour, in my time, we had never beaten the ‘old Dart” It was to be a dream fulfilled to watch us win 4-0. The thing to remember from that tour, is although a young team, and a team written off we were lead by a great, Alan Border. Another great was there also Steve Waugh. Our best keeper since since Grout in Ian Healy. Mcdermott and Alderman to terrorize and a handful of some above average cricketers in Mark Taylor, Dean Jones, and Geoff Marsh. There is not the same class in our current squad. We may bowl well at times and dismiss England cheaply in the right conditions. But they will dismiss us for less, our batsman will not cope with the swinging ball.

Suggested bets
3 Units at $8.00 on 3-0 result
2 Units at $11 on 4-0 result
1 Unit at $15 on a 5-0 whitewash