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Best of the Best: don’t miss out on the best price

Competition is generally a good thing. As you’ll have worked out from the huge volume of advertising you see every day, competition among bookmakers in Australia is fierce.

There’s a number of ways the bookies will attempt to differentiate themselves from their opposition, and that can usually lead to some wins for you if you’re smart about where you place each of your bets. Getting the best odds is one of the most important factors in successful punting – there’s nothing worse than getting a winner but taking a poor price!

Best Tote / SP

When online bookmakers first came to Australia, off-course punters largely bet on the tote. There weren’t many other options! So bookies wanted a way to attract tote punters to their sites so they could sell them their fixed odds products. Some bright spark came up with the notion of ‘Best Tote’.

Australia of course has three separate totes, each paying their own dividend. Paying out at the best of the three is an attractive offer for the tote punter: they get the same payout as their home tote anyway, except if one of the other two has a higher dividend, in which case they do better. No brainer.

(As an aside, if you’re still one of those punters still betting on the tote, stop immediately! You’re doing yourself out of cash. Place your tote bets with an online bookmaker, almost all of them offer best tote).

The Best Tote offer evolved, and bookies now offer Best Tote / SP on metro racing: the best of the three totes or the official starting price, whichever is higher. The Official Price is the fixed price promoted by the relevant racing body. It’s calculated as the average price of a range of corporate bookmakers. You’ll hear it referred to based on which state you’re looking at… the VOP (Victorian Official Price), NOP (New South Wales Official Price), QOP (Queensland Official Price), etc. You can read about more about it here.

Top Fluc

Top Fluctuation pays at the highest fluctuation of the official price during immediate pre-race betting. It’s good deal, the only catch being you have to place the bet before on-course betting traditionally opens. That’s usually around 30 minutes before the race.

Nearly all bookies offer top fluc on metro racing.

Best Of The Best

As the name implies, Best of the Best (BOB) is the ultimate dividend type. It pays at the higher of Best Tote / SP and Top Fluc.

This highest dividend product is obviously a very low-margin proposition for bookies. So unlike other ‘Best Tote’ offers, not all bookies offer it given the potential losses they could incur.

best of the best

If you’re a follower of any Champion Bets racing services, you’ll definitely want to have access to Best of the Best. It’s widely used by many of our analysts, including Gareth Phillips, Trevor Lawson and Cameron O’Brien. As professional punters, they know how important price is… that’s why they recommend Best of the Best so often.

Where to get Best of the Best?

VicBet has the widest Best of the Best offer. They offer it on every Australian race, every day!

Best of the Best is also available with TopSport and BetDeluxe, so as a punter you have multiple options to access this great dividend type.

Best of the Best multis!?

TopSport have a very unique addition to their Best of the Best offer… you can have it on racing multis!

Each leg of the multi will be calculated and paid at Best of the Best, rather than the fixed price you get with other bookies.

So every leg of your multi will be at the best price. You can’t beat that.

And like all TopSport offers, it’s available to every punter. They won’t cut you off if you have a good win.

Pro-punter Cameron O'Brien knows how to find value winners at big prices. He's done it time and time again for his Key Bets members. They get all of Cameron's tips from right across Australia, including stake, recommended price and runner comments.

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