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Betting Specials

The High Low selections made $3,963.45 profit over 363 bets at 26.2% P.O.T. in July 2017.

It was an excellent month at any time of the year let alone during what is usually a quiet period. Competition between the bookies is alive and well, which resulted in some nice promotions. That combined with a great run meant we smashed it out of the park.

It’s good to recognise when you have a great run to adjust the bar on your expectations. It’s easy to think that’s the norm after a great month when chances are next month will be a lot tougher.

The specials crossed over the $40,000 profit mark (all-time) since we began in November 2015.


The A selections were back near their historical norm in July with 26.4% P.O.T.

High Low ABCs

The record of the A selections is probably the record I’m most proud of. There are not many services around that have over 2800 bets at 24.6% P.O.T. (all-time record of the A selections).

The B selections had a great July. 25.9% P.O.T. is double the expectation on them so that was a great result. It goes to show the sort of variation you can have even with sample sizes in the hundreds.

Bet Types

All the major bet types performed well in July.

High Low bet types

The most impressive bet type was Price again with 77.6% P.O.T. over 32 bets. Our best breadwinner was Fixed Odds with $1,464.50 profit at 21.7% P.O.T. over 168 bets. Head to Head, Jockey Challenge, Multi and Tote all performed well with 18.6%, 35.0%, 36.5% and 39.9% P.O.T. respectively.

The one bet type that did let us down was Line. We bombed out there with 4 losses and 1 money back in 5 matches. -12.9% is actually a decent result given those results.


Profits were reasonably well spread across the bookies given the profits we accumulated.

Different bookies as we know have different levels of “touchiness” but it is still good to provide normal bets to them all.

If you’re a member of other tips or ratings packages, thinking about where you back those bets is a helpful mindset. If you receive a tip that’s the same price at 3 different bookies, then the best place to back it is the touchiest bookie because they’re the ones that need the most normal bets. In that way, you can kill two birds with the one stone and get more value out of your tips by prolonging your run on the promos. Splitting your bets when you can is a good idea to create more normal bets. 2 x $50 bets on 2 bookies is always better than 1 x $100 bet on 1 bookie.


All states had a nice month in July. Nothing to add here.

High Low states


July was a stellar month and continues the excellent run we’ve been on the past two months. That makes it $5408.15 profit the past 2 months, which is incredible for this time of year. Spring Carnival and Footy Finals are just around the corner now, which is traditionally the best time of the year, so we have plenty to look forward to with the High Lows in the months ahead.

Good luck in August 2017,


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