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Rod’s High Low package is all about promo betting, which is different to anything else we offer at Champion Bets.

It’s focused on playing bookmaker offers, but it’s not ‘arbing’ or “matched betting”, as many people like to do.

Rod assesses, in detail, the expected profit from every bookmaker offer available. He then recommends only those that only are worth your while from a PoT point-of-view.

The results have been stunning… and for the right person, a membership can be extremely lucrative. SInce starting with Champion Bets, Rod has advised members of over $140,000 in profits.

Of course, with top results on offer, there is work involved. You need to have bookie accounts open and ready to use. You need to place a number of bets each week – sometimes dozens – as recommended by Rod. And you need to manage your accounts by being prepared to place other bets in order to keep your account active.

All up? There’s probably an hour or so of work per week. But it can be a fast and very effective way to build your punting bank.

Rod joined us on the Betting 360 Podcast to talk about what he does. You can listen to the full chat here or read on for some highlights.

How did it all start with Promo Betting?

“I had an interest in betting when I was younger, but I actually hadn’t been betting much for a number of years. Then around 2013 I backed the winner of the Melbourne Cup, and thanks to a bookie promo I got double odds. I’ve always been maths-inclined, so it made me think there might be something to promo betting.

“I analysed it, but also spent some time learning about proper punting – what value meant, and where I could find it.

“I wasn’t really enjoying my work at the time, so I figured this could be a way to earn an income.”

How does it work?

“Every weekend I trawl through all the corporate bookmaker sites and look at the promos available and work out the value available of each of those promotions.

“Nothing I do has anything to do with laying off those promotions on Betfair, or betting a promo then backing the other side as well.

“It’s purely on the value that the individual promo provides. I crunch the numbers on the models I have set up to identify the offers that we should be playing to make a solid profit.”

Do you play all promos available?

“Definitely not. Some offer fantastic value – and these are the ones I recommend to members – and the others I leave alone. It really varies in terms of value available, from great value to terrible value.

“We probably play about 25% of the promos that are offered in the market each week.

“You can’t play them all in Promo Betting, so I pick out the best ones. The top tier – the A-grade bets, as I call them – offer PoT of 15% or more in the long run, while B-grade bets are calculated as 10% – 15% PoT. They’re our focus.

“I grade bets right down to F-grade, which offer very poor expected value.

Are promo opportunities dropping off over the years?

“Not really. I thought they’d work it out and at least start to cull those that offer too much value, but it hasn’t really been the case.

“It’s been the opposite if anything – they’re providing more and newer promotions that offer just as good a value.”

Rod’s High Low is a staggeringly profitable, specialist service that suits a certain type of punter.

With an average bet size of less than $50, you won't be breaking the bank.

To see if you might be able to take advantage of the unmatched profits it offers, get in touch with us for a chat.

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