Caulfield Review – April 30th 2016

Hippodrome racetrack

Race 1: Ern Jensen Funerals Plate (1600m)

1st Antelucan – Craig Williams
2nd Lahqa – Dylan Dunn
3rd She’s Got Speed – Glen Boss

Lahqa broke best but didn’t want the front and Valentine’s Reward obliged to take it up. Antelucan went forward with her andShe’s Got Speed was sooled up to get into a good spot one-one. Fife settled three back on the fence from Miss Cooper. Valentine’s Reward refused to settled in the lead while Antelucan was trucking along easily on her outside. Lahqa and She’s Got Speed were on their respective backs and they established a bit of a break on the rest of the field coming to the home turn. As they cornered the only horse not under some pressure was Antelucan and she cruised to the front 300m out. Lahqa found clear running to chase her and She’s Got Speed boxed on but Antelucan had a couple of lengths break and while Lahqa closed the margin a bit late she was never going to pick the winner up. She’s Got Speed stayed on okay for third. A few lengths back Lady Provocateur made some good late ground to sneak into fourth, though was beaten some six lengths.

Follow: none in particular.

Race 2: Next Payments Handicap (2000m)

1st Tarquin – Craig Williams
2nd Gabella – Linda Meech
3rd Zahspeed – Glen Boss

Zahspeed made a beeline for the lead and crossed the field. Sabkhat wasn’t as quickly away but improved to be second aroundTarquin and Tristram’s Sun getting into the box seat. Beau Brommell was outside Firehouse Rock in midfield. Zahspeed wasn’t overly pressured as he rolled along with Sabkhat about a length or so away. Tarquin had his stablemate’s back while Tristram’s Sun was being niggled at. Tarquin came out three wide just before the turn as Sabkhat started to battle. Zahspeed was still travelling okay and found a length or two but passing the 200m that margin had been gathered up and Tarquin hit the lead.Gabella, who was slowly out, came out of the pack to make a late bit a couple of lengths back. Tarquin got the better of Zahspeed late and safely held the fast-finishing Gabella. They were well clear of Firehouse Rock. Doumaran stayed in the gates and took no part in the race.

Follow: Gabella looks close to a win.

Race 3: Changing Places Real Estate (1100m)

1st Olivier – Ben Allen
2nd Coram – Nick Hall
3rd My Poppette – Mark Zahra

Toothless had plenty of early speed and crossed easily. A wall of them were looking for spots with Orujo widest aroundSqueaky SquirrelBaby Don’t CrySir Mask and MagnagemWindjammer and Olivier were the next pair with plenty of cover. Sang Choi Bao was just off midfield and Coram was a length from him. Baby Don’t Cry served it up to Toothless before the turn with Orujo stalking and moving three deep. Olivier peeled wider. Behind them Sir Mask and Magnagem were under a bit of pressure and Sang Choi Bao was looking for rails runs. Olivier sprinted quickly at the 200m to head Baby Don’t Cry. Toothless dropped off quickly, Sang Choi Bao got up on his inside while Coram was finishing nicely wider out with My Poppette from last picking them up as well. Olivier managed to cling on though Coram wins in another stride or two and My Poppette would claim them both in a few more. Baby Don’t Cry battled on pretty well behind them with Sang Choi Bao doing what he does best.

Follow: My Poppette was first-up and giving weight to older horses so her effort was super.

Race 4: No Fuss Event Hire (1100m)

1st Kayjay’sJoy – Damian Lane
2nd Pink Perfection – Michael Dee
3rd Gold Heist – James Winks

Japhils bounded out looking for the lead but was held off the fence by Pretty Possum with Pink Perfection three out and easing. A couple to She’s Miss Devine getting up inside Andrassy and Hotel Sierra while Kayjay’s Joy had some nice cover behind them midfield. Next, Zakayla was improving on the inside of Winspot. Japhils was travelling better than Pretty Possum on the turn, Pink Perfection came out three wide again while She’s Miss Devine was on one rein looking for runs. Kayjay’s Joy started to join in down the outside. Japhils didn’t find much and Pink Perfection ran past her by the 200m but Kayjay’s Joy was closing in fast with Hotel Sierra boxing on. Gold Heist was out late and making ground wider out but She’s Miss Devine couldn’t go on. Kayjay’s Joy had a bit of a struggle to put Pink Perfection away but edged clear late. Gold Heist ran on for third ahead of Andrassy and right down the outside was the eye-catching finish of Forgeress from near last. Japhils was a bit plain while She’s Miss Devine wasn’t happy so her run might be best forgiven.

Follow: Forgeress is handy and looks in for a good preparation.

Race 5: Thoroughbred Club Cup (1200m)

1st Oregon’s Day – Jake Noonan
2nd Highland Beat – Damian Lane
3rd Fromparis Withlove – Stephen Baster

Lionhearted was one of the best out from a wide alley with Epic Moment, though he wanted to ease but wound up improving again to sit outside the lead. Dissolute  drove into the box seat with Curvature while Oregon’s Day was three out. Highland Beat had a three wide trail around Fromparis Withlove and Wangaala. Epic Moment was pulling and over racing outside Lionhearted before the turn and Oregon’s Day strode up three wide. Dissolute was bailed away on the fence as Highland Beat took off around Curvature. Epic Moment had run his race by the 200m and brought Lionhearted undone while Highland Beat chimed in to hit the lead with Oregon’s Day on his inside. A couple back Fromparis Withlove was running on and Dissolute was still strung up. Highland Beat had about a head advantage at the 100m but Oregon’s Day refused to surrender despite a tough run and came back to worry him out of the win. Game effort.  Fromparis Withlove kept running on for a solid third and Lionhearted certainly wasn’t disgraced. Dissolute missed the boat but question mark on how well he was going once he was in the clear.

Follow: be forgiving of Lionhearted.

Race 6: Australian Seating Systems (1200m)

1st Divine Mr Artie – Michael Dee
2nd Nat’s The Boss –  Beau Mertens
3rd Ragazzo Del Corsa – James Winks

Punt Club was able to cross easily and led a bunched field early from Amadeus three out around Kentucky Flyer andManhattan BluesMurphy’s Reward was in that group and Bassett stranded right off the track pushed forward in the middle stages. Divine Mr Artie and Nat’s The Boss were back in the ruck while Ragazzo Del Corsa and Tan Tat Charger trailed but only about four lengths covered them at the 600m. Bassett moved up to join Punt Club nearing the turn and Kentucky Flyer let that happen. Amadeus lost his spot while Tan Tat Charger swept around them. Ragazzo Del Corsa was shuffled out of a run and had to pull wide. Punt Club gave a kick early in the straight but Bassett picked him up at the 200m. Divine Mr Artie gained a dream split and was challenging soon after while down the outside Tan Tat Charger, Ragazzo Del Corsa and Nat’s The Boss were closing fast. Divine Mr Artie hit the lead in the closing stages but those out wide got very close. He just held off Nat’s The Boss with a luckless Ragazzo Del Corsa a head away and Tan Tat Charger between them. Bassett had a torrid run and was entitled to weaken while Amadeus did little.

Follow: none, messy race.

Race 7: Sky High Mt Dandenong Handicap (1800m)

1st Unbreakable – Craig Williams
2nd Lightning Bell – Ben Allen
3rd Loyalty Man – Jake Bayliss

They spent about 300m working out who was going to lead and eventually Unbreakable worked across to head El GrecoLe Boss was on its outside and Loyalty Man found the fence. Zandarral had some nice cover and Lightning Bell hooked onto his back. Angel Eight and Red Alto were the next pair. Unbreakable seemed to get a couple of easy sections as Le Boss stayed about a length back. Zandarral strode up three wide around El Greco while Loyalty Man had to work away from the fence as Lightning Bell got going and Let’s Twist was widest. Unbreakable went into another gear around the turn and opened up a big lead on El Greco, one paced, while Loyalty Man and Lightning Bell started to make some ground out wider. Unbreakable held about three lengths all the way to the line and was far too good. Lightning Bell got the better of Loyalty Man to grab second while Red Alto was finishing off nicely to just miss the place. Couldn’t make an excuse for any others, the winner had a bit on them.

Follow: you’d like to be on Red Alto in a maiden somewhere.

Race 8: Charter Keck Kramer Plate (1400m)

1st Charmed Harmony – Dylan Dunn
2nd Lord Durante – Darren Gauci
3rd Refulgent – Michael Dee

Hi World was on the back foot as they jumped and missed by almost a length. He darted forward but his chances were cruelled.Sistine Demon bounced out and was able to get into a rhythm before Charmed Harmony could get going into second.Longeron had the box seat from Lord Durante and Hi World getting going wider out. Rhythm To Spare was midfield on the fence from Refulgent and Enquare. Sistine Demon rolled along with Charmed Harmony right on his hammer, they were a couple clear of Hi World and Longeron and the field strung right out behind that quartet. Lord Durante and Rhythm To Spare had to do the chasing. The leading pair had the rest of the field off the bit before the turn and Charmed Harmony put it to Sistine Demon, taking over near the 200m. Four lengths back Hi World was paddling while Lord Durante and Refulgent with Guest Of Honour were running on. Charmed Harmony didn’t want it any further and he did enough to hold off Lord Durante and Refulgent for a typically game win. Sistine Demon wasn’t disgraced just missing a place while Guest Of Honour’s run was short lived. Forget Hi World went around but at the same time you’d like to see something positive second-up.

Follow: Refulgent generally holds his form when he finds it.

Race 9: LU Simon Builders (1600m)

1st Hard Call – Beau Mertens
2nd Hollywood Bound – Craig Williams
3rd Tips And Beers – Damian Lane

Zlatan was ridden up to try to hold the lead but eventually had to hand up as Mr Pago and Leveraction pressed on wide out.Mihany and Hard Call were just off the pace. Tips And Beers enjoyed a nice run ahead of Entre Nous with Monteux andPacific Heights about midfield. Leveraction and Mr Pago duelled in the middle stages and Mihany eased across their heels to be in the clear, forcing Hard Call wider. Zlatan was still behind the leaders and Tips And Beers and Entre Nous were waiting.Hollywood Bound made a lightning move from the back to stride up five deep on the turn with the lead. Hard Call and Hollywood Bound swept to the lead in the straight with Entre Nous outside trying to match them. Mihany battled away while Tips And Beers got a run inside Hard Call. Monteux ran up behind them and Bajour was getting home well late. Anyone’s race at the 100m but Hard Call kept fighting after a wide run and held Hollywood Bound safely. Tips And Beers kicked back to claim third from Entre Nous while running on nicely were Trendsetter and Plot The Course and Bajour was close up behind them. Have to say the winner was too strong and they had their chance.

Follow: stayers Trendsetter and Bajour ran nice races early in their preps.

Specials from the meeting: Gabella, My Poppette, Forgeress, Red Alto.