Caulfield Review – August 13th 2016

By: Ray Hickson

Race 1: ANZAC Commemoration (2000m)

1st O’Lonera – Nick Hall
2nd Electric Fusion – Stephen Baster
3rd Hursley – Craig Williams

Nobody wanted to take it up so O’Lonera was gifted the lead as Hursley eased after jumping with him. Electric Fusion wasn’t the best away but moved up into second with Bondeiger in the box seat. Name The Day settled back ahead of Four By Four. Electric Fusion had to do a bit of work up the hill to get outside O’Lonera but once he was there they put the breaks on and there was no change to the 600m. Nobody made any moves at all and O’Lonera was able to dictate.Electric Fusion sat a length away and a couple to Hursley and Bondeiger. Nearing the turn O’Lonera stole a couple of lengths and put them under pressure with Bondeiger the first to struggle. Hursley moved out three wide to try to make ground but couldn’t sprint and Electric Fusion was sticking on. O’Lonera didn’t look like being beaten at any stage down the straight and he held a length on Electric Fusion, who was game, and Hursley picked up again to close off well. Four By Four stole fourth from a disappointing Bondeiger. It seems even Darren Weir can’t get the best out of him.

Follow: none in particular.

Race 2: Legacy 2016 Badge Appeal (1600m)

1st Kaniana – Michael Dee
2nd Niminypiminy – Damian Lane
3rd Takeover – Cory Parish

A charge for the lead early as Takeover held the inside with Savannah Moon working hard and Gigi Girl wider out easing andChoice taking a spot behind the lead. Rustic Melody settled three back on the fence and Kaniana landed outside her.Niminypiminy was on her back. Takeover and Savannah Moon opened up a small lead in the middle stages from Gigi Girl pulling around Choice. Winta Chiller took off and put Kaniana in a pocket as they bunched up about 400m out. Takeover kicked away from them into the straight and Choice gained a run on her inside. A wall chasing included Kaniana, a weakening Winta Chiller and Niminimypiminy starting to hit her straps. Kaniana kicked into gear in the last 100m and swallowed up Takeover to atone for her luckless defeat a week earlier. Niminypiminy ran on well into second ahead of a very game Takeover and Rustic Melody who hit a flat spot before finishing on again late to just miss a place. Choice had every chance and was a bit disappointing.

Follow: like to be on Takeover back in class a little.

Race 3: Beveridge Williams Handicap (1600m)

1st Great Esteem – Nick Hall
2nd Magic Consol – Craig Williams
3rd Aurum Spirit – Michael Dee

Great Esteem had very little trouble leading from Sadaqa improving up to his outside. Got You Double and Magic Consolwere the next pair with Volcanic Ash in the clear. Leica Day took a spot behind him with By The Grace on his inside. Great Esteem was able to slow the speed right down and was uncontested by Sadaqa who stayed over a length away. Magic Consol and Got You Double were being niggled at past the 600m and Volcanic Ash and Leica Day were also being pushed along. Great Esteem extended his lead early in the straight and was full of running, going to the line like a short priced favourite not a 30/1 chance. Magic Consol tried his heart out but couldn’t sprint with the winner, Sadaqa weakened and Aurum Spirit dashed home between horses from well back to grab third just ahead of Volcanic Ash. They got away from Leica Day who was a bit flat second-up but wouldn’t be too hard on him as he usually drops a notch before improving again third-up.

Follow: none in particular.

Race 4: MRC Foundation Handicap (1100m)

1st Ocean Embers – Regan Bayliss
2nd Cana – Dwayne Dunn
3rd Glenbawn Dame – Craig Williams

Glenbawn Dame fired out of a wide gate but couldn’t cross Shakespearean LassCana found a good spot from Dream Foodwhile Mossin’ Around was improving along the inside of a group including SagabellaAwasita and ChiavariOcean Embersdrifted back near the tail as is her norm. Shakespearean Lass kept them running into the straight with Glenbawn Dame travelling well on her outside. There was an inside run for Dream Food while Cana eased out to run on. Mossin’ Around went for a run on Cana’s inside at the 250m and was shut right out of the gap and Awasita was wider out with Ocean Embers to the extreme outside. Glenbawn Dame and Cana hit the lead together late but we’re at full tilt and Ocean Embers sailed down the outside and went straight on by to win easily. Cana ran a nice race first-up and Glenbawn Dame was consistent as usual. Awasita battled on okay and Mossin’ Around didn’t have a lot of luck. Hard to know what she had in the locker but forget she went around.

Follow: Cana should have a good prep and forgive Mossin’ Around.

Race 5: Vain Stakes (1100m)

1st Russian Revolution – Mark Zahra
2nd Highland Beat – Craig Williams
3rd Hardham – Damien Oliver

Russian Revolution found the front quite easily and had Valliano for company. Artie Dee Too settled behind the leader whileZanahary was stuck three out on the speed. Cohesion was between that pair from Highland Beat and Revolving Door further out in a fairly bunched field. Russian Revolution didn’t really slow up but kept rolling in front and they queued up on his outside coming to the turn. Valliano started to apply some pressure, Zanahary was feeling a tough run and Revolving Door loomed four out. Cohesion pushed into the clear and Hardham took his spot outside Artie Dee Too. Russian Revolution fended off the challenge of Valliano while Revolving Door looked a threat wide out momentarily. Highland Beat gained a split at the 200m and started to charge with Hardham up on the inside but Russian Revolution had a kick and fought them off for a tough win. Highland Beat a nice first-up effort, as was Hardham and Valliano stuck on to finish just behind them. Revolving Door blew out a bit late and Artie Dee Too didn’t do much.

Follow: don’t undersell the winner but obviously Highland Beat and Hardham were nice returns.

Race 6: Quezette Stakes (1100m)

1st I Am A Star – Steven King
2nd Leotie – Chris Parnham
3rd Athena Lass – Cory Parish

Athena Lass drove through on the inside to hold out Modern Wonder for the lead. She’s Positive was stuck three deep whileMiss Salinger and Sword Of Light were handy. Conscious settled midfield but was checked and lost a length or so as Najmaatimproved around her. Athena Lass stole a length or so around the turn and She’s Positive wobbled leaving room for Sword Of Light to come off the leader’s back as Modern Wonder battled. Najmaat was chiming in and a couple of lengths back Selenia andI Am A Star were winding up right down the outside. Athena Lass gave a big kick before I Am A Star unleashed her turn of foot and sprinted up to join her near the line with Leotie charging off her back late. I Am A Star had just enough in hand to hold Leotie who wins in another stride or two and Athena Lass held a game third. Najmaat wasn’t far away while Sword Of Light had her chance and Selenia battled on. Conscious threw in the towel when she was checked midrace and she might be worth another look.

Follow: Leotie has come back in great form.

Race 7: PB Lawrence Stakes (1400m)

1st Miss Rose De Lago – Damien Oliver
2nd Jacquinot Bay – Damian Lane
3rd Entirely Platinum – Dwayne Dunn

Jameka was slow by almost a length but there was speed at the top end as The Cleaner tried to hold Lord Of The Sky off the inside and Mahuta between them eased for a trail. The leading pair opened a four length gap early on. Miss Rose De Lagolanded fourth with Jacquinot Bay and Entirely Platinum on her outside and they started to string out from there to Suavito andAwesome Rock. Lord Of The Sky eventually crossed and The Cleaner sat up on his outside at the 600m. Mahuta was being pushed along to improve with Miss Rose De Lago coming around him and Awesome Rock pinched ground on the fence. Jacquinot Bay was tracking into it next with Entirely Platinum on his back and Suavito hard at it. The Cleaner was the first to struggle and Lord Of The Sky put up the white flat 150m out. Miss Rose De Lago pounced and held off Jacquinot Bay to score. Entirely Platinum battled on very well for third with Jameka getting through in a nice first-up run. Mahuta disappointed andMagnapal was spotted weaving through after being checked in the straight and his effort was solid. Suavito was okay and Set Sqaure hit the line well late.

Follow: Magnapal’s run was solid, Jameka very good too fresh.

Race 8: Regal Roller Stakes (1200m)

1st Voodoo Lad – Chris Parnham
2nd Jungle Edge – Darren Gauci
3rd Fast ‘N’ Rocking – Dwayne Dunn

Jungle Edge gathered pace to head off Gold Symphony who came across quickly from the outside. Truculent had the box seat while Voodoo Lad refused to settle on his outer and Taddei Tondo whipped up three wide. Fast ‘N’ Rocking settled betweenGirl Guide and Palentino near the tail. Jungle Edge was kept busy in the lead by Taddei Tondo around Gold Symphony and this helped Voodoo Lad calm down a couple of lengths away. Jungle Edge gave a good kick early in the straight and shook off the immediate challengers. Voodoo Lad started to knuckle down and behind him Fast ‘N’ Rocking and Palentino were having a bumping duel. Voodoo Lad sprinted strongly the last 100m and broke right away to win easy. Jungle Edge was very game holding on for second just ahead of Fast ‘N’ Rocking and not far away to Palentino. Gold Symphony dropped right out in an ordinary effort.

Follow: Palentino’s first-up effort was pleasing.

Race 9: Ramleigh Springs (1400m)

1st Prince Of Brooklyn – Damien Oliver
2nd Mr Individual – Ben Thompson
3rd Vostok – Daniel Stackhouse

Mr Individual was ridden with purpose and found the fence with Vostok going with him. Monkstone slotted in behind them around Freshwater Storm and Downhearted was forced to press on three wide. Bon Rocket was another length or so away while Prince Of Brooklyn found a good spot in the three wide line. Mr Individual snuck almost a length clear of Vostok near the 600m and Downhearted working overtime. Monkstone was also under duress and Prince Of Brooklyn slid off their backs to run on. Bon Rocket was held up slightly but was a bit flat once he was in the clear. From the back Wheatsheaf Flyer was running on strongly. Prince Of Brooklyn joined Mr Individual about 50m out and was finishing too well for an overdue win. The runner-up was game and they got away from Vostok who wasn’t disgraced and was only second-up. Wheatsheaf Flyer and Curragh Kingran on behind the placegetters.

Follow: Vostok and Wheatsheaf Flyer were both second-up and can be placed to advantage.

Specials from the meeting: Cana, Leotie, Magnapal, Jameka.