Caulfield Review – July 2nd 2016


Race 1: Catanach’s Jewellers Handicap (1200m)

1st Yu Long Sheng Hui – Dalle Smith
2nd Wazzenme – Michael Walker
3rd Navagio – Michael Dee

After about 200m of jockeys looking at each other Tenappy Ladies took it up from Gimlet out his outside. Sprung Dancing was caught wider while Wazzenme and Navagio were closer to the inside and Yu Long Sheng Hui in that group. Sprung Dancing was eased right out of the early battle for cover as Tenappy Ladies found the fence. Gimlet was right with him and Yu Long Sheng Hui was forced to improve three wide outside that pair. Tenappy Ladies was in big trouble before the turn and was headed by Gimlet while Yu Long Sheng Hui was still there with them. Sprung Dancing was under pressure wider out and Wazzenme was looking for a run. Tenappy Ladies was a shot duck at the 300m and Yu Long Sheng Hui quickly claimed Gimlet to hit the front. Wazzenme was getting off his back with Navagio now looking for a run and Sprung Dancing made a dash that was short lived. Yu Long Sheng Hui was there to be beaten in the run home but managed to hold off Wazzenme and Navagio for a narrow but very game win. Sprung Dancing stuck on okay and they got right away from the rest.

Follow: Yu Long Sheng Hui may measure up in the spring.

Race 2: Kevin Dunne Plate (2000m)

1st Longeron – Dwayne Dunn
2nd Kapour – Nick Hall
3rd Self Sense – Ryan Maloney

Longeron found himself in front after jumping well with Self Sense up on the pace and Survived starting to roll forward.Alcohol landed on the fence and Kapour was handy. A few lengths back were Au Revoir and Black Stardom. Longeron didn’t want to be in front and was being restrained until Survived obliged and took over. Self Sense had the drop on them a couple of lengths away. Not a lot of change until about the 600m or so when some of the back markers decided it was time to get going and Bondeiger was the one making a bit of ground. Survived was under pressure on the turn and Longeron travelled by far the better. A line up outside him trying to challenge included Self Sense, Kapour and Bondeiger who was the widest and Alcohol behind them. Longeron cruised to the lead at the 200m and after momentarily looking like he might be floating he kicked away for a dominant win. Kapour ran an improved race into second just ahead of Self Sense and Alcohol, both of which had every chance. Bondeiger wasn’t suited by the way the race was run but it’s hard to keep making excuses for him.

Follow: none.

Race 3: Crown Golden Ale (1700m)

1st Pin Your Hopes – Ben Thompson
2nd Yulong Baby – Michael Dee
3rd Temps Voleur – Jake Bayliss

Pin Your Hopes was the first out but didn’t want to be in front and Temps Voleur came across to head him and Electric Fusionwent with them. A couple of lengths back were Scherzoso and Qadir and a similar gap to Royal Rapture and Spanish Love. Temps Voleur was able to slow them up in the middle stages and Electric Fusion moved a bit closer. Pin Your Hopes had a nice trail behind them and Scherzoso improved along the fence ahead of Qadir. Most of them were hard at it past the 600m, particularly the leader Temps Voleur who was joined by Electric Fusion at the top of the straight. That fired him up and he kicked back. Pin Your Hopes started to chime in three out while Scherzoso had room to make ground but couldn’t sprint and Yulong Baby was the one reeling them in down the outside. Temps Voleur was still in front at the 50m mark but Pin Your Hopes finally got to him and Yulong Baby made a dive right on the line. She just missed and Pin Your Hopes scraped in. Temps Voleur was brave in third and Scherzoso picked up again late but didn’t look like winning.

Follow: Yulong Baby is ready to win now.

Race 4: The Grand Hotel Frankston Handicap (1400m)

1st Makatiti – Craig Williams
2nd Divine Mr Artie – Ben Thompson
3rd Twisting Typhoon – Michael Dee

Some good early pressure as Little Bita Spunk pushed on from a wide gate with Twisting Typhoon to dispute the lead fromEquinovaMakatiti and Big Knight let them go and Giggly was back on the fence. A couple to Stormcraft and Rewarding Effort and another break to Indiana Wolf with Divine Mr Artie and Jerilderie Letter caught wide. Once they settled Little Bita Spunk was able to get a couple of cheap sectionals with Twisting Typhoon on the outside. Equinova and Big Knight enjoyed good runs while Makatiti was the first to get going. In the second half Rewarding Effort was yielding ground and Jerilderie Letter was widest coming to the turn. The leaders were giving a sight and Twisting Typhoon got to Little Bita Spunk at the 200m. They were still clear of Equinova while wider out some runs were coming from Makatiti and Divine Mr Artie who made ground through the field and Jerilderie Letter kept coming. Stormcraft and Big Knight dropped off. In a driving finish Divine Mr Artie hit the lead a stride before the line but right on the post Makatiti stuck his head down and snatched the win. Twisting Typhoon battled on well to hold third from the eye-catching Jerilderie Letter and a very game Little Bita Spunk on the fence. Giggly got going again late to finish next. Several disappointing runs including Stormcraft, Big Knight and Rewarding Effort.

Follow: Jerilderie Letter looks a nice horse.

Race 5: The Cove Hotel Handicap (1200m)

1st Heza Ripper – Dylan Dunn
2nd Camdus – Brad Rawiller
3rd Lord Barrington – Jake Bayliss

Last Day missed the start by a few lengths. Lord Barrington and Magicus flew out from out wide and Heza Ripper drove through underneath them to lead. A group of them were next including StingraySmart Dart and Jersey WhistlerBelesronimproved after a slow start on the inside of them and Camdus was caught out wide. Ilgattino and Liten Princessa were there too. Heza Ripper was able to lead fairly comfortably with Lord Barrington not pressuring and Magicus a length or so back and three wide. Still a line of them followed and Jersey Whistler was improving widest of them with Camdus on its back. Belesron had room on the inside of them on the turn but couldn’t go with the leaders. Heza Ripper moved away from the inside but still held a clear lead over Lord Barrington and was holding him at the 200m. Magicus was trying hard and the only other making ground was Camdus running on well. Heza Ripper kept drifting out but had their measure. Camdus was excellent running into second and Lord Barrington stuck on for third just ahead of Magicus. A few of them ran on when it was all over with Mick’s Hustler and Caprese making some ground with Coram and Not A Happy Camper out wide.

Follow: Camdus and Magicus both made nice returns.

Race 6: Benchmark 90 Handicap (1400m)

1st Duke Of Brunswick – Dwayne Dunn
2nd Ulmann – Brad Rawiller
3rd Marwood – Jake Bayliss

Marwood dropped out to a clear last early and crossed to the fence. The New Boy had to do some work to get across fromVizhaka with Duke Of Brunswick holding the fence, forcing them to kick up some more. Sadaqa improved around them into second and just off the speed were Royal Island and Running Bull three out. Ulmann followed Duke Of Brunswick on the fence. The New Boy didn’t make it to the fence until the 800m and by then had Sadaqa up outside him. Duke Of Brunswick wanted to throw his head around for a while but settled better when that pair cleared him. Running Bull moved up three wide into third before the turn which put Vizhaka off the bit. Ulmann was still on the fence as Great Esteem started a move around Royal Island. The New Boy came off the fence on the turn for some reason, Sadaqa started to struggle while Running Bull was being held together further out. With the gap opened up Duke Of Brunswick took it to hit the lead 300m out and Ulmann followed him, looking for an inside run, while Marwood also came through behind them. Soon after Running Bull broke down and caused some interference to Great Esteem and Sir Berus. Duke Of Brunswick lengthened in the last 100m or so and ran out an easy winner over Ulmann, a nice first-up effort, and Marwood with The New Boy sticking on okay.

Follow: Ulmann was first-up as a gelding and may have some upside.

Race 7: Sheen Group Plate (1100m)

1st Ocean Embers – Regan Bayliss
2nd Carterista – Chris Parnham
3rd Lady Esprit – Nick Hall

Miss Gidget and Starvasive paired off in front early from Sky Dazzle caught wide around Lady Esprit and Doc’s HeroParcelwas four and five deep and pressing forward. In a bunch behind them were Ocean EmbersElegant Queen and Anatolaimproving after a fair start. Carterista drifted back after being up there early. Starvasive and Miss Gidget were still duelling coming to the turn with Lady Esprit starting to ease around their heels as Sky Dazzle was put under pressure. Anatola followed Lady Esprit into the straight and Doc’s Hero stayed on the fence. Ocean Embers was one of the widest on the turn and Carterista had improved through the field as it broke up around the bend. Starvasive was giving a good kick at the 100m but Ocean Embers launched down the outside, past Lady Esprit and as Carterista ran out of room and had to check, to score impressively. Carterista finished strongly once she got to the outside to run second in a big up debut and Lady Esprit stuck on all the way home just ahead of Starvasive, who gave a sight, while Doc’s Hero was close up and Anatola a bit disappointing.

Follow: like to see Carterista again after that debut.

Race 8: Racing Photos Handicap (2000m)

1st Hursley – Craig Williams
2nd Plymouth Road – Daniel Stackhouse
3rd O’Lonera – Nick Hall

Speed came from those drawn inside and Valhalla Princess held it early from Plymouth Road and Hursley in the clear. Strike Force and Sacred Theme were the next pair then Lunar Spin refusing to settle between She’s Got Speed and Albion Road.O’Lonera was worse than midfield around Vanilla Gold. Plymouth Road was happy to sit about a length off the bolter Valhalla Princess and Hursley continued to track them. She’s Got Speed made up to fourth after racing wide and they backed the pace off. O’Lonera was forced to stride around them midrace while Sacred Theme improved along the rail. Strike Force was the first under pressure. Plymouth Road took over just before the turn and Hursley slid up outside him and both were asked to go at the same time. Sacred Theme had room inside them while wide out O’Lonera was running on with On Wings and She’s Got Speed was a bit one paced. Plymouth Road stole a length on Hursley at the 200m with Sacred Theme continuing to get up on the inside. O’Lonera also ran on and Fearless Raider started to wind up from well. Back. Hursley drew alongside Plymouth Road inside the 100m and was just able to out-tough him to win. O’Lonera ran an improved race for third just ahead of Fearless Raider.

Follow: Fearless Raider is eligible for easier races and ran well.

Race 9: Schweppes Handicap (1200m)

1st A Lotta Love – Dylan Dunn
2nd Chiavari – Jake Bayliss
3rd Forgeress – Jordan Childs

Pink Perfection managed to clear them from a wide gate. Hotel Sierra and Fast Approaching were right up there. Catch That Cat railed up in the leading group ahead of Waitaha ProphecyChiavari was caught off the track, Kansas Sunflower hugged the rail while Shades Of Bella and A Lotta Love were at the back of that bunch. Forgeress was out in the four wide line. Pink Perfection looked to be travelling better than Hotel Sierra on the turn but once pressure was applied she gave in quickly. Catch That Cat stayed on the fence while Kansas Sunflower got into the clear in plenty of time. Fast Approaching was there and Chiavari started to chime in. A Lotta Love was waiting for a run and got one at Shades Of Bella’s expense at the 200m. Kansas Sunflower was still in front at the 100m but once A Lotta Love was able to sprint she darted through with Chiavari for a well deserved win. Forgeress ran another honest race to grab third ahead of Kansas Sunflower and Vibrant Rouge came from nowhere after drifting right back to be next.

Follow: Forgeress is going well and be wary she loves it wet.

Specials from the meeting: Jerilderie Letter, Camdus, Yulong Baby, Ulmann.