Caulfield Review – April 16th 2016

Hippodrome racetrack


1st SLY ROMANCE – Nicholas Hall
2nd DANE HUSSLER – Damian Lane
3rd CUBAN FIGHTER – Brandon Stockdale

Marathon from the 4000 metres to start the day, the field finding their order quite quickly with Jileks Spur taking it up initially from Sly Romance, Dane Hussler and Sommernachtstraum, then Prospector, Jacks ‘n’ Kings on the outside of Celtic Pride, and a gap back to Deliberate and Cuban Fighter. First to move was Jacks ‘n’ Kings down the side of the course for the first time, Baster wanting a bit more pep as he took his mount around the outside to take up the lead from Jileks Spur. Baster let him go a little to stretch out by a couple of lengths down the straight, the rest of the field happy to bob along patiently.

The new leader was reeled in relatively quickly, with a circuit completed the field started to move at the 1400m – Jileks Spur sliding up to the leader before Lane took Dane Hussler out and around with some urgency to take up the running. Lane let his mount go whilst Sadler on Jileks Spur kept very close as things went up a few notches. Proctector and Cuban Prince slid around the outside of a tightly bunched field to move up, Stockdale notably really pushing Cuban Prince along to move up to third. Lane was right into Dane Hussler and going for home as they hit the straight, getting a couple of lengths on Sly Romance who nonetheless was not going away. The pair broke away and it was Sly Romance who broke his rival to run on for a tough win.

Watch: none.


1st VALLIANO – Damian Lane
2nd DISSOLUTE – Craig Williams
3rd IF YOU WILL – Brad Rawiller

Fast start at the 1200m with Valliano and Carlingford shooting straight to the lead, whilst Baster drove Green Light through hard on the inside to join them, with Zero Patience and If You Will not far behind. Settlign next was Palma Merenti from Love In Vain, then Urban Ruler and the favourite Dissolute caught a little wide.

Valliano turned comfortably in front with Green Light, Carlingford and If You Will in a line behind, whilst peeling wider from further back were Urban Ruler, having pushed through the field, Palma Merenti and Dissolute out deepest. If You Will cracked on but it was Dissolute showing the most speed in the straight, hammering down the last furlong but ultimately a touch late for the party as Valliano bravely held on by half a length. Summer Glen also hit the line well.

Watch: Dissolute, Summer Glen.

Race 3 – VOBIS GOLD DISTAFF (1400m)

1st SCARLETT BILLOWS – Dean Yendall
2nd FRENCH EMOTION – Brad Rawiller
3rd WHISTLE BABY – Chris Symons

Even start and pretty good go for the lead, Written finding it after a bit of a battle with Scarlett Billows on the inside and Marli Magic from wider. Afleet Esprit settled next right on the speed and one out, French Emotion and Andrioli were next, with Antelucan, Whistle Baby and Mossbeat bringing up the rear.

Berimen let Written go down the side and opened up three lengths on the field, avoiding the inside running around the bend to corner one off the rail and well in front. Plenty of room for challengers into the straight with the leader going even wider, Scarlett Billows taking up the invitation to go up the inside. She went straight past a tiring Written who was also taken by French Emotion and a fast finishing Whistle Baby on her outside.

Watch: Whistle Baby.

Race 4 – VOBIS GOLD MILE (1600m)

1st RED BOMBER – Damian Lane
2nd ZEBRINZ – Ben Melham
3rd ENTRE NOUS – Luke Nolen

A few up for the lead from closer in but it was Ashdam and Arctic Song from wide going forward across to take it up, with Hard Call and Sabkhat right there and Red Bomber wanting a piece of it, but caught three wide as they approached the side of the course. Recalculate trailed him somewhat and was outside Entre Nous on the fence, then a gap to Zebrinz with Hokkaido on his outside, then Iron Spider and Lordfontein settled at the back.

Lane kept pushing Red Bomber around the side and was caught three-wide for most of the trip, whilst the main mover at about the 600m was Recalculate, Hall bringing him wide into the turn along with Hokkaido, also off the track, and Zebrinz getting a tow in. Meanwhile inside, Ashdam has had enough and let Hard Call up his inside, Arctic Song offering a little more resistance before being tackled by Red Bomber who looked the goods despite the less than perfect trip. Recalculate and Entre Nous kept coming behind him and Zebrinz flashed nicely.

Watch: Red Bomber, Zebrinz.

Race 5 – IRT VOBIS GOLD REEF (1600m)

1st BENGAL CAT – Thomas Sadler (a)
2nd UNBREAKABLE – Ben Melham
3rd TARQUIN – Craig Williams

The runners from wider again shot to the front, Bengal Cat and Woogie coming across to claim the lead early. Rawiller also pushed Approved Anger forward, caught three wide, with Devilishly next from Unbreakable and Tarquin. There was then a slight gap to El Greco and Royal Rumble, who had Turfonic outside, and Lazoomba, Palace Tycoon and Lake Jackson at the rear.

The field bunched into the side of the track with Lazumba taken outside to improve a little, whilst Bengal Cat absorbed any pressure to hold the rail and the lead around the corner, where Sadler let go and went for home. That was all she wrote, with Tarquin and El Greco running on and hitting the line well.

Watch: Bengal Cat, Tarquin, El Greco.


1st MISS PROMISCUITY – Craig Williams
2nd JALAN JALAN – Luke Currie
3rd THE QUARTERBACK – Matthew Allan

Kirani was fastest out from wider to take up the lead from Miss Promiscuity, whislt Currie pushed Jalan Jalan forward and was caught deep. Almighty Girl was next with Thermal Current camped on the fence, followed by Iconic and Tycoon Tara caught outside. Favourite The Quarterback was well back as expected and on the rail, with So Does He outside him, with Refulgent and Del Prado last of all.

Jalan Jalan pushed all the way to the lead into the side of the course, but as they turned Kirani still had the inside running and looked to take it up. Miss Promiscuity laid the challenge right down to Jalan Jalan, Almighty Girl outside them came hard as well, whilst The Quarterback finally found a run out of the mess – but ultimately too late. It was Miss Promiscuity who finished best to take it out, in front of a group of fast finishers, including The Quarterback, Thermal Current and Almighty Girl.

Watch: The Quarterback, Almighty Girl.

Race 7 – VOBIS GOLD HEATH (2000m)

1st ADIRONDACK – Ben Melham
2nd FIREHOUSE ROCK – Brad Rawiller
3rd VIANDEN – Harry Coffey (a)

Field settled fairly quickly with Ultimate Doom wanting the front most, Gauci briefly sitting behind the leading bunch before taking him out and around to lead at first opportunity. Adirondack settled in comfortably in second from Firehouse Rock and Honey Steel’s Gold. Rong Door Reggie was next from London Fog and Racing Writer in midfield, then the favourite Bondeiger comfortable with Vianden and Word Of Mouth around him, Wintonia, The Terricks and Spur On Gold last.

Ultimate Doom strung them out down the side with Gauci keeping the foot down to keep up a decent gallop. The leading pack stuck with and they opened up a dent gap before the field bunched again at about the 600m and fanned out into the last corner. Adirondack took on the leader and headed him, Firehouse Rock following from three wide, the pair leaving him and much of the field behind from there. Rawiller got into Firehouse Rock but Melham did the same and Adirondack responded magnificently, shooting away in an almost effortless fashion to slay the field by five lengths. Further back Vianden and Word Of Mouth finished off well.

Watch: Adirondack.


1st PRECIOUS GEM – Jake Noonan
2nd SISTEEN DEMON – Luke Currie
3rd ENQUARE – Damian Lane

Sisteen Demon was fastest out from Dan Zephyr and Onpicalo, followed by Fast Cash, Master Reset and Jimando as the field strung out quite quickly. Next was Lord Durante in midfield from Yesterday’s Songs, Rhythm to Spare and Enquare caught wide, then Volontiers, Lucky Lago, Precious Gem well back and also deep, and bringing up the rear was Inspector and Staviva, having missed the start by around a length.

They travelled at a good clip with Currie the leader moving, with the first three breaking away from the field by a couple of lengths. Around the turn and Gauci went wide well back on Lord Durante, with Precious Gem even wider to find a run, whilst Hall was right into Jimando from the top of the straight. Sisteen Demon opened up a couple of lengths before rolling back toward the inside and losing momentum slightly, Dan Zephyr best placed on his flank to take the opportunity. He didn’t have the legs though and it was Precious Gem bolting down the middle to claim them all with a super run. Jimando was hard ridden and finished well, as did Enquare.

Watch: Precious Gem, Enquare.


1st PRECIOUANDRASSY – Matthew Allen
2nd BON ROCKET – Brandon Stockdale (a3)
3rd RUETTIGER – Ben Melham

General Jackson was away well from wide, as was Toothless, whilst Sunday Escape and Concrete Johnny shot up the inside to join them. Andrassy settled next a couple of lengths back from Bon Rocket and Shades Of Bella, Niminypiminy and Ruettiger. Don’t Get Excited was caught Deep outside I’m A Flying Star, with a gap to Corum, Tansy, Mio Dio and Danger Close last on the rail.

The field kept tight as cornered in a mob, Toothless the first to emerge in the centre of the track as the challengers came from all angles in the straight. Just outside him however was Andrassy, finishing the best of all the run away with Bon Rocket, the former just claiming it in a great finish by both runners. Reuttiger and I’m A Flying Star also finished well.

Watch: Andrassy, Bon Rocket.

Horse To Follow: Dissolute, Whistle Baby, Red Bomber, Bengal Cat, Miss Promiscuity, Adirondack, Precious Gem, Bon Rocket.