Caulfield/Rosehill Reviews


Race 1: Robert Taranto Handicap (1100m)

1st Najmaat – Nick Hall
2nd Highland Beat – Dylan Dunn
3rd Gretna – Mark Zahra

Speed came from wide out with Nine Clouds looking for the fence with Pluto and Wazamba easing, unable to match their pace. Najmaat jumped fairly but gathered speed to kick up and hold those leaders off the fence and Preemptive was with her. Tokelau followed Najmaat through while Gretna and Highland Beat settled in the second half. Najmaat joined Nine Clouds past the 600m and took over. Pluto was stuck three wide and Wazamba four deep under some pressure. Tokelau and Preemptive were hard at it behind the leaders. Najmaat sprinted away early in the straight and opened up a winning lead. A wall of them were chasing with Nine Clouds boxing on, Preemptive there and Highland Beat coming down the outside. Gretna was badly held up as the runs came and had to check and get across heels but the race was over by the time she could get going again. Najmaat had enough in hand to hold off Highland Beat while Gretna charged late into third, quite unlucky, while Wazamba just battled after not being able to find any cover. Couldn’t say much about the others.

Follow: Gretna had genuine excuses.

Race 2: Bill Collins Handicap (2400m)

1st High Church – Katelyn Mallyon
2nd Settler’s Stone – Jason Benbow
3rd Winter Palace – Brandon Stockdale

Adirondack worked across from the outside gate to the lead without too much trouble. Manhattan Ménage had his back and High Church was up handy.Deliberate landed in a good trail around Red Fella while Nassi and Aggregator were the next pair. Adirondack ran along a little in the lead and was left alone a couple clear of Manhattan Ménage in the middle stages and the order didn’t change significantly to the 800m where the field started to bunch. High Church was the first to make a move as Manhattan Ménage dropped off. Deliberate was being hard ridden to get into the action and wide out Nassi was running on. High Church took over from Adirondack at the 300m, Red Fella got into the clear in time and Aggregator was still there while down the outside came Settler’s Stone. High Church was starting to paddle in the shadows and they were coming from everywhere with Settler’s Stone diving, Red Fella andWinter Palace getting through closer to the fence. But High Church just clung on to win from Settler’s Stone and Winter Palace. Adirondack just didn’t run the 2400m out strongly from in front but was far from disgraced.

Follow: none.

Race 3: Bert Bryant Handicap (2000m)

1st Miss Wynette – Brandon Stockdale
2nd Tears Of Joy – Nick Hall
3rd Testability – Glen Boss

Testability broke well from the inside but it didn’t look like they wanted the lead and eventually Miss Wynette took over. Tears Of Joy was caught wide and worked up to sit outside the lead while Pindan Pearl let them go to be in a good spot. Quicksilver Lass and Magnus Slipper were the next pair in midfield as they pulled up in front. Choux Diva and Winta Chiller made midrace moves around the field and Sure You Can followed them forward aroundDubrovnik. A line of five coming to the turn but Miss Wynette and Tears Of Joy still travelled well. Pindan Pearl was flushed out by Choux Diva whose run was short lived. Testability had to wait behind that group for a run. Sure You Can peeled widest in the straight. Miss Wynette and Tears Of Joy were still at it by the 200m with Pindan Pearl trying to match them. Testability couldn’t take a small run that presented and had to keep waiting and that quartet got away from Sure You Can starting to run on. Miss Wynette had enough in hand to win narrowly over Tears Of Joy who had her chance and Testability, who probably would have been better off leading. Nice run behind them from Sure You Can who made a long run.

Follow: Sure You Can looks close to a win.

Race 4: Jack Elliott Handicap (1100m)

1st Petits Filous – Michael Dee
2nd Grey Street – Brandon Stockdale
3rd Jalan Jalan – Luke Nolen

The Big Dance went looking for the lead but Petits Filous was having none of it and held the fence. Our Vidia was looking for a spot wide out but was kept there by Serenade. Jalan Jalan improved along the fence to be behind the leader at the expense of Cana and Grey Street. Petits Filous settled well in the lead coming to the turn with The Big Dance not applying much pressure and Our Vidia stuck outside them. Jalan Jalan was waiting and a run opened up soon after straightening as Petits Filous found a couple of lengths. Petits Filous was asked to go at the 200m and sprinted though it looked as though Grey Street was going to pose a threat coming down the outside. Jalan Jalan couldn’t go with them while Our Vidia was boxing on. Petits Filous was ridden out hands and heels while Grey Street was peaking on her run late and Petits Filous was simply too good. Jalan Jalan held third in a satisfactory return while Our Vidia wasn’t disgraced after her wide run while Serenade had her chance.

Follow: outside the winner, Our Vidia deserves another chance.

Race 5: Geoff Murphy Handicap (1100m)

1st Miss Promiscuity – Dylan Dunn
2nd Sabatini – Ben Thompson
3rd Tycoon Tara – Steven Arnold

Pretty Possum jumped straight on the lead though Miss Promiscuity was right there with her early on. Enquare was three out looking for a spot whileSabatini was also wide on her back. I’m A Flying Star and Tycoon Tara kept her out there. Miss Steele was easing off their heels between Tawteen, who didn’t jump well, and Kansas Sunflower on the fence. Pretty Possum was kept busy enough by Miss Promiscuity coming to the bend and the latter hit the lead soon after. Enquare was still there and Sabatini pulled off her back to start a run. Tycoon Tara went back to the inside. Miss Promiscuity went for home and when Sabatini loomed up inside the 200m she still had a kick left. They got away from Enquare with Tycoon Tara continuing to run on down near the rail. Miss Promiscuity looked to be holding Sabatini in the last few strides and race fitness may have been the difference. Tycoon Tara ran well fresh and merit in Enquare’s first-up run after sitting side.

Follow: Sabatini and Enquare will both benefit from the first-up run.

Race 6: Catanach’s Jewellers Handicap (1800m)

1st Ungrateful Ellen – Mark Zahra
2nd Gingerboy – Tom Sadler
3rd Himalaya Dream – Dylan Dunn

Himalaya Dream made a beeline for the front from a wide gate and found the fence clear of Crimson Cape and Gingerboy with a trail. Ungrateful Ellenwas a couple back around Master Zephyr and Westsouthwest had cover behind that pair. Himalaya Dream did his own thing in the lead though as he was trying to slow the tempo Crimson Cape came up on his outside with Gingerboy still getting a nice run. Ungrateful Ellen crept up three wide past the 600m while Master Zephyr was niggled at on the fence. Hollywood Bound was improving in behind them and Abbasso took off wider out. Crimson Cape had trouble sticking with Himalaya Dream on the turn and Gingerboy moved quickly into second. Ungrateful Ellen was looming as she can do and Hollywood Bound had a wall in front of him. Himalaya Dream had a bit of a kick and was still in front inside the 200m though they were closing and just as Gingerboy got to him Ungrateful Ellen surged and arrived in time to beat him. Himalaya Dream clung on to third from the fast finishing Houdini The Great. Crimson Cape was checked late and there wasn’t a lot between the first eight home with Hollywood Bound a bit unlucky and Master Zephyr boxing on okay at a trip still short of his best.

Follow: maybe one more run but Master Zephyr is coming along well.

Race 7: Victoria Handicap (1400m)

1st Black Heart Bart – Brad Rawiller
2nd Charmed Harmony – Tom Sadler
3rd Eclair Choice – Dominic Tourneur

Charmed Harmony was quickly into stride and quickly found the lead with Guest Of Honour up handy and Tried And Tired working three deep looking for cover. There was none to be found. Eclair Choice was in the box seat inside Coronation Shallan and JimandoBlack Heart Bart had a three wide trail as well with Lucky Lago and Zebrinz inside him. Yesterday’s Songs was well back on the fence. Charmed Harmony was travelling well coming to the turn and he had Guest Of Honour and Tried And Tired well and truly off the bit. Eclair Choice got a run one off the fence while Jimando and Black Heart Bart came out wide to run on. Coronation Shallan was behind them a bit one paced. Charmed Harmony was taking plenty of running down and still had it inside the 200m but Black Heart Bart was the one out of the pack cutting him down and he arrived just in time to score in near course record time, set up by Charmed Harmony who was brave as always. Eclair Choice back to his best held on for third from Jimando. Not much can be said about the rest with Yesterday’s Songs making some ground along the fence.

Follow: nothing away from the first two.

Race 8: Easter Cup (2000m)

1st Leebaz – Dylan Dunn
2nd Guardini – James Winks
3rd Observational – Nick Hall

Leebaz managed to work over from an outside alley to lead easily from Good Value in the clear. Manndawi was up a bit handier this time inside Guardini, also closer, with Puccini right on their backs. Rather Heroic wasn’t settling well while Extra Zero was drifting back and Observational was second last and going a bit keenly. Leebaz opened up a good lead midrace and had four lengths on Good Value with Guardini striding up a bit closer on his back. Puccini kept following Guardini while Extra Zero and Observational made runs from the second half well before the turn. Good Value was first under pressure and Guardini looked to be cruising as he moved up to join Leebaz on the turn. Puccini was under a lot more riding and Observational kept his long run going. Guardini took over past the 200m but couldn’t put them away and Leebaz was fighting back on his inside while Observational and Puccini were still trying further out. Leebaz kept going while Guardini died on his run and that was the difference between them. Observational a much improved run into third while Puccini had his chance, as did the beaten brigade.

Follow: wouldn’t sack Guardini, he was only second-up, and Observational is close to a win.

Race 9: Noel Rundle Handicap (2000m)

1st Cool Chap – Daniel Stackhouse
2nd Artesian – Patrick Moloney
3rd Hardern – Dylan Dunn

Plenty of pressure early with Jadeer handing up to Our DelinquentSkeletons between them was over racing while Cool Chap let them go. Last Typhoonand Tuff Bickie were up there while Hardern had a three wide trail around Artesian and Miss ClooneyChabaud was behind them on the fence and Pay Up Bro settled in the three wide line. Our Delinquent was left alone in front midrace with Bullish Stock improving into second leaving Skeletons without cover around Jadeer. Some runs came from about the 600m with Hardern getting going and Pay Up Bro following him forward around the field. Our Delinquent slipped away but was under pressure on the turn. Jadeer couldn’t go with him but Cool Chap gained a split between them and pounced. Wider out Hardern and Pay Up Bro were coming with Tuff Bickie and Artesian followed Cool Chap through. Last Typhoon was struggling and got in Chabaud’s way. Cool Chap took advantage of the dream run through and broke clear, Artesian ran him to about a length but was safely held on the line. Hardern stuck his head out to claim third from Tuff Bickie and Pay Up Bro, who was a touch disappointing, with Chabaud running on late on the inside in a nice run but not sure if she’s an ATC Oaks horse.

Follow: none in particular.

Specials from the meeting: Gretna, Sure You Can, Observational.




1st FEDERAL – James McDonald
2nd RELIGIFY – Taylor Marshall (a2/48kg)
3rd SABKHAT – Craig Williams

Not a great start with Agent and to a lesser extent Federal missing it from the inside, whilst Rockolicious was fastest out along with Sabkhat.  Marshall came across from wide on Religify to lead as they settled, finding the fence with Supreme Warrior tracking them in, Sabkhat next on the outside of Rockolicious, then a length to Roaring To Win, Dragon Flyer and Federal on the fence.

Marshall kept the speed on as they ran down the side, cornering first into the straight with Rockolicious and Supreme Warrior just behind, Federal still lurking on the fence, Sabkhat out wide, whilst Roaring To Win turned widest of the lot.  Religify opened up a length and a half at the top of the straight as Marshall hit the fence and went for home, but was looking vulnerable with Rockolicious and Sabkhat making ground, along with Federal right behind on the inside.  It was the latter who proved the strongest, McDonald timing his run perfectly to move off the fence and around the leader, claiming a narrow win.  Sabkhat was third whilst Sonic Swish hit the line well for fourth.

Watch: Sonic Swish hit the line well.


1st ATTENTION – Blake Shinn
2nd PRIZED ICON – Chad Schofield
3rd CRAFTY COP – Tommy Berry

Crafty Cop and Attention were best out and headed straight to the fence at the front, taking up the lead and keeping the foot down into the first turn.  All In Rhythm settled in third, caught a little deep, from Prized icon on the fence and Crown Him and Achi Baba next.  That group broke away somewhat a kept a length or so on the rest, Achi Baba keeping touch at the rear of the pack.

It didn’t last long as they bunch up into the straight, Berry keeping Crafty Cop at the front, but he had Attention stalking the entire trip with Prized Icon behind him.  Shinn moved Attention out and the two went together, Attention stretching out to take it from a fast finishing Prized Icon, with Crafty Cop hanging on the inside for third.  Obscura also finished well down the centre of the track.

Watch: Obscura – made up a lot of ground from out wide.


1st IT’S SOMEWHAT – James McDonald
2nd MESSENE – Tommy Berry
3rd SIR JOHN HAWKWOOD – Blake Spriggs

Messene got a great start to lead them out, with Entirely Platinum also out well from out deep.  Odds-on favourite It’s Somewhat settled behind in third place, with a couple of lengths back to Sir John Hawkwood on the outside of Zarzali, followed by Magic Hurricane, Ghost Protocol and Takewing bringing up the rear of a fairly stretched out field.

Berry had set a reasonable pace and looked to slow it down the back of the course, the field bunching up and closing gaps.  All were fairly quietly ridden until about the 600 metremark where McDonald made hi move on the hot favourite, going out three wide to round the leaders and form a line of three into the straight, with Spriggs on Sir John Hawkwood tracking him in.  It’s Somewhat went to Messene and it was great battle down the straight, Messene battling hard and staying with the favourite to just get done by a narrow margin.  Sir John Hawkwood also went with them to run third.

Watch: none.


1st MALAGUERRA – Blake Shinn
2nd TARGET IN SIGHT – Hugh Bowman
3rd COOLRING – Brenton Avdulla

Fast start with Coolring and Angels Beach the best out, settling 1-2 as Shinn on the favourite Malaguerra maintained the rails run to be beautifully placed just behind them on the fence.  He had Alberto Magic on his outside, with Decision Time next caught on the outside of Bachman and Barbed, and then a gap back to Target in Sight, Turbulent Jet and Unequivocal.

Avdulla emerged from the corner first and looked to hold the inside in front, frustrating Malaguerra behind who looked for while like he wouldn’t be getting out.  Angels Beach was just outside them under heavy pressure from Alberto Magic, who in turn had Target in Sight wider again.  With that Coolring almost graciously laid out a touch which handed Malguerra the peek he needed, Shinn still holding the rail to shoot up the inside and show impressive acceleration to run away and salute by a length.  Target in Sight ran on well to take Coolring’s other flank and claim second.

Watch: Malaguerra, Target in Sight – both were ultimately well ridden and showed good finishing speed.

Race 5 – TULLOCH STAKES (2000m)

1st OLD NORTH – James McDonald
2nd TORGERSEN – Craig Williams
3rd MULTIFACETS – Hugh Bowman

A wall of horses vying for the lead from the start, Heirarchal keeping up from the inside gate with Balmain Boy just next to him, Predator and Man Of Choice also close from wider, and Sovereign Nation just behind.  That’s how they settled with Schopenhauer next, caught very deep outside, then Hattori Hanzo, Alfden, Old North snagged back on the fence, Tattosh, Multifacets and Triantan, Torgensen and Manhatten Son last of all.

Clark had soon claimed the lead on Balmain Boy up front, Man Of Choice and Heirarchal content to follow, with Schopenhauer improving but still caught outside.  Also improving behind was Alfden, tracking Shopenhauer deep as the they rounded the turn.  The favourite Old North meanwhile was ridden for luck, McDonald remaining in midfield on the fence.

Clark emerged first on Balmain Boy and went for home hard riding as the rest jostled about. Hierarchal was outside him and produced a gap by stepping out slightly, which was perfectly timed for the favourite Old North who rushed through at first invitation and claimed Balmain Boy with ease.  It was all Old North from there, with Multifacets and Torgersen running on to take the placings, the latter with particularly eye-catching speed from well back.

Watch: Old North, Torgersen.

Race 6 – VINERY STUD STAKES (2000m)

1st SINGLE GAZE – Kathy O’Hara
2nd VALLEY GIRL – Brett Prebble
3rd HAPPY HANNAH – Blake Shinn

Sailing By was very quickly out of the gates with along with Valley Girl, Prebble claiming the rail as Bowman on Self Esteem rounded them all to shoot out to an early lead.  Single Gaze went forward too wanting some speed, the pair leading the two fast starters with Believe also moving up but caught three deep.  The favourite Risque was well placed next on the fence with Lonely Orphan outside, then a gap to Ambience and Capella, and a further two lengths to Happy Hannah and Honesta as the field strung out.

Fairly orderly going until about the 600 metre mark, Bowman putting his foot down on Self Esteem to open up a gap, but the rest responded to quickly close it and the leader was under pressure as they straightened.  Valley Girl loomed up the inside, whilst Believe and Single Gaze were outside Self Esteem.  Single Gaze would prove the strongest, claiming a tough win, whislt from further back Happy Hannah hit the line very impressively, as did Capella and Honesta.

Watch: Happy Hannah – monstered the line.

Race 7 – THE BMW (2400m)

1st PREFERMENT – Hugh Bowman
2nd WHO SHOT THEBARMAN – Blake Shinn
3rd GRAND MARSHALL – Jason Collett

Fairly even start in the main event, Grand Marshall taken straight back along with Who Shot Thebarman, Preferment and Arab Dawn.  A decent battle for the lead into the first turn, Our Ivanhowe at the front but cornering fairly wide with Storm The Stars wider again, both making their way back to the fence as they settled.  Almoonqith and Montaigne were next and well placed, whilst Mongolian Khan was caught three wide outside them.  The rest settled back with only Bowman pushing Preferment up from a little deep.

Mongolian Khan was still caught deep which left Bosson with no choice but to keep pushing forward, moving up to join a beautifully placed Montaigne as Almoonqith relaxed and slowed to the middle of a tightly bunched field.  Toward the 600 metres and the big moves came – Bowman going wide around the turn on Preferment with clear intent, and Shinn on Who Shot Thebarman doing likewise just behind.  The speed was well and truly on well before they straightened, Bowman using all of his to get Preferment to the front and across to the fence, whilst Shinn stayed wide on Who Shot Thebarman.  It was all those two to the line – Montaigne benefited from a great run and stuck on, Grand Marshal finished well, but it was only ever Who Shot Thebarman with a chance of running down Preferment.  He failed just narrowly despite a withering finish, the winner simply too tough and brilliantly ridden. Grand Marshal also finished well to give Chris Waller another Group 1 trifecta.

Watch: Who Shot Thebarman, a super finish after covering a lot of ground.


1st ZANBAGH – Blake Shinn
2nd SUPARA – Tommy Berry
3rd AMICUS – Hugh Bowman

Good battle for the early lead with Supara getting the best of it from the favourite Solicit coming across and Badawiya well placed on the fence.  The two leaders both wanted the lead and went a little hard, Newitt on Badawiya happy to relax a bit, whilst the big mover of the rest was Telepathic, McDonald racing him up to sit third.  They had a length on Zanbagh and Skyline Blush, with a further length to Just a Blur and Amicus the next best.

Badawiya, Telepathic and Zanbagh were the keenest around the bend, with Amicus looming wider still.  Supara and Solicit in front both came under pressure, and the latter fell away and was eventually pulled up by McEvoy.  From there it was a sprint to the line with Zanbagh the toughest, claiming a tight win from Supara and Amicus, whilst further back Slightly Sweet and Lady Le Fay ran on well.

Watch: none.


1st HAVANA COOLER – James McDonald
2nd COSMIC CUBE – Blake Spriggs
3rd RUDY – Craig Williams

A few keen for the lead with Shinn on Sadler’s Lake coming from the wide barrier to claim it, and Rudy and Cosmic Cube also pushed forward.  Snippets Land was next in fourth with Magicool, Beaten Up and Moriarty also keen, and Shoreham, Index Linked and Rock Sturdy next.  Shinn was happy to keep peddling up front and opened up a length on Cosmic Cube, with Snippets Land and also Moriarty going wide around the turn to establish position, whilst Rudy was sitting back on the inside.

The straightened in a line with Sadler’s Lake being immediately pressured, Spriggs laying down the challenge on Cosmic Cube.  Rudy came off the fence behind and kept coming along with Beaten Up and Snippet’s Land, with a big run coming from wider as Havana Cooler came from well back after finding space. They hit the line hard with Havana Cooler edging out Cosmic Cube, whilst further back and wider still Hawkspur ran on very strongly.

Watch: Havana Cooler, Hawkspur – both finished very well.

Horses to follow: Malaguerra, Target in Sight, Torgersen, Happy Hannah, Who Shot Thebarman, Havana Cooler, Hawkspur.