Dynamic Odds
  • For the price you pay, Dynamic Odds is a must-have for serious punters
  • Make sure you’re across every feature to make your punting day as easy as possible

It’s amazing how many punters we speak to – punters that take their racing quite seriously – who don’t use Dynamic Odds.

If you’re having a decent bet, it’s one of the genuine no-brainers.

As we say to people: rewind twenty years and imagine you’re in the betting ring. Would you just take the first price you saw? Without having a bit of a look around at the boards to see if you could get a better price?

Dynamic Odds is just an online betting ring. The prices are all there for you to see, and you just pick off the best available. You bet into all of your bookie accounts from one place with a few clicks.

We all know how quickly prices can move sometimes, and there’s no quicker way to grab the best price available anywhere – just click, and you’ve got it.

You get the lot – all the features of Dynamic Odds – for just $35 per month, which is peanuts for those who bet regularly. On top of that, there’s a two-week free trial which gives you the opportunity to try it out without spending a cent.

Like we said… no brainer.

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What you get

We don’t really need to take you through how the basics of Dynamic Odds works, because the team there have put together a great set of short videos to show you just that.

Start here with the basics on how to bet:

Additional features

Even if you’re a user of Dynamic Odds, make sure you’re aware of all of the features available… there’s a stack of them which can make your betting a whole lot easier.

For example:

  • A single ‘Best Odds’ column to allow you to immediately bet the best available price.
  • Fluc Charts to quickly see price movements
  • “My Races” filter for rapid navigation to those races you’re most interested in

The runner watchlist allows you to set notifications when your horse gets to the price you need… don’t waste your time monitoring prices all day.

You can also set columns where you can put your own comments and ratings, which will be visible later under “previous comments”.

Also, don’t forget, Champion Bets subscribers can have their rated prices displayed in Dynamic Odds, which makes it so easy to quickly view where you have an overlay and might like to bet. IF you’re a member of Melbourne Ratings, NSW Winners, Queensland Winners or WA Winners, let us know and we’ll organise for the rated prices to be dropped into your Dynamic Odds display.

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