Flemington Review – August 6th 2016


Race 1: Paul Tamburro Handicap (2000m)

1st Yulong Baby – Ben Allen
2nd My Sanctuary – Dean Yendall
3rd Cinnamon Carter – Kevin Forrester

Savannah Moon was first out but didn’t seem to want the lead and Az Given obliged to roll clear. Asante sat up handy early around My Sanctuary who had Yulong Baby on her back. Carbon Cut and Cinnamon Carter trailed. Az Given might have fired up a bit because she ran clear, forcing Savannah Moon to chase her and when the leader started to back off she began to pull. My Sanctuary let it all happen a few lengths away with Asante and Yulong Baby still following them. Savannah Moon had Az Given covered at the 400m and hit the lead. My Sanctuary was going better than both of them while Asante further out was under pressure. Yulong Baby looked to be bolting as she started to close in and Cinnamon Carter made some ground inside her. My Sanctuary went for home at the 200m and was holding Yulong Baby, who was gunned, until the last 50m or so when Yulong Baby drove hard and was able arrive in time. Cinnamon Carter kept running on Tok grab Savannah Moon for third and they spaced Asante who didn’t do a bad job considering she was off a two year break, a foal, and racing right out of her class.

Follow: none in particular.

Race 2: John Gubbins Handicap (1400m)

1st Zunbaqa – Dylan Dunn
2nd Benny Goes Berzerk –  Michael Dee
3rd Decorated Soldier – Mark Zahra

Whyouask jumped a length behind them while from the inside alley Zunbaqa kept them out to lead. Back To The Bowler kept the leader company while Brookwater had the box seat inside Los CabosOdeon was caught wide so eased and resented being restrained. Benny Goes Berzerk settled three back on the fence from Decorated Soldier and Whyouask had the favourite’s back. Zunbaqa was travelling very well on the turn and had most of her rivals under pressure. Whyouask took off from the back and flushed out Decorated Soldier as they bunched up. This shuffled Benny Goes Berzerk back to near last. Zunbaqa slipped away 300m out and let Brookwater out of the pocket, but she had his measure. Back To The Bowler was just battling while out in the centre Decorated Soldier and Whyouask were trying to run on. Zunbaqa went further in front past the 200m and was full of running down to the post, running out an easy winner. Benny Goes Berzerk gained runs along the inside and hit the line strongly into second while Decorated Soldier made a dash but had too much to do from the back. Solid effort though. That trio broke away from the bulk of the field.

Follow: Benny Goes Berzerk can win one in town soon.

Race 3: Wendy Johnson Handicap (2000m)

1st Killarney Kid -Brad Rawiller
2nd Golden Mane – Beau Mertens
3rd Pin Your Hopes – Ben Thompson

Almandin was sent forward to find the lead and was basically unchallenged to get there. Rhythm To Spare moved to a clear second early with Lucques and Pin Your Hopes handy. Killarney Kid sat back and watched while Golden Mane spotted the lead some eight lengths. Almandin seemed to travel easily in the lead though Rhythm To Spare was sticking with him and Pin Your Hopes made the first move sliding out three wide before the turn. Killarney Kid was able to jump onto his back for a ride home. Rhythm To Spare went straight past Almandin past the 300m, Almandin having no turn of foot it seems, but Killarney Kid was closing in fast down the outside. Pin Your Hopes could only battle while Golden Mane had to check and come across heels to run on and that cost him a length or so. Killarney Kid stretched out in the last furlong and held them at bay beating Golden Mane, perhaps a bit unlucky but he does need the breaks generally, and Pin Your Hopes sticking on fairly well for third but had his chance. Have to say Almandin was a big flop.

Follow: none in particular.

Race 4: Allen Aylett Handicap (1700m)

1st Royal Rapture – Michael Dee
2nd Tooleybuc Kid – Harry Coffey
3rd Lord Durante – Darren Gauci

Lord Durante was ridden for the lead and found it from Electric Fusion and Wish Come True out three wide. Royal Rapturefound a perfect spot in the box seat with The Thug outside and Falago on his back. Not a lot of action in the middle stages and with the wide run Wish Come True was the first to be felt for as Taiyoo tracked into the race behind him and Tooleybuc Kid also following forward. Lord Durante didn’t have a lot of pressure in front from Electric Fusion and they skipped away early in the straight with Royal Rapture sticking on their backs and waiting for a gap. It came about 300m out and Royal Rapture joined Lord Durante before he was asked to sprint. Electric Fusion dropped off and Tooleybuc Kid was the one making ground down the outside with Petrology also running on. Royal Rapture went for home soon after and put the race to bed comfortably. Tooleybuc Kid was first-up and his effort was strong after making a long run and Lord Durante had every chance this time around. Petrology also had his chance and Taiyoo wasn’t bad first-up from a staying point of view. The well backed Falago disappointed.

Follow: like to see Tooleybuc Kid and Taiyoo again.

Race 5: Daniel Maher Handicap (1400m)

1st Ulmann – Ben Allen
2nd Pilote D’Essai – Dwayne Dunn
3rd She’s Clean – Damien Oliver

Sadaqa and Gracious Prospect jumped best while Majestic Duke began to roll over from wide out to run to the lead. All Cerisewas in that group and she had to press forward into second to avoid a wide run. Duke Of Brunswick wasn’t settling all that well inside Ulmann and there was a couple of lengths to a bunch including Pilote D’Essai wide out around Calvin Williams, Royal Island and Pinstripe Lane. Majestic Duke was relatively untroubled in front with All Cerise sitting a length away. Ulmann pulled out three wide quite early around Sadaqa as Pilote D’Essai continued to improve around them, Gracious Prospect was behind the leader and Duke Of Brunswick was looking for runs seemingly with something to give. Majestic Duke shook off All Cerise who gave in easily but Ulmann launched down the centre and had them covered at the 200m. Pilote D’Essai was still there wider out and from the back She’s Clean started to make late ground. Ulmann had a perfect run and with a well timed charge he again proved too good. Huge run Pilote D’Essai first-up while She’s Clean ran into a place ahead of Duke Of Brunswick, just fair, and Majestic Duke had every chance in the lead.

Follow: Pilote D’Essai should atone soon.

Race 6: Jockey Celebration Day Handicap (1000m)

1st Shaf – Mark Zahra
2nd Runsati – Nick Hall
3rd Le Bonsir – Brandon Stockdale

Across the track in the straight sprint and Pretty Possum and Runsati in the centre led with The Dynamo closer to the inside. Further out Risen From Doubt and Sunday Escape were with them. The next trio a couple back Rough JusticeGun Case andShafLe Bonsir was in the next line with Solsay and Profit Share. A heap of chances coming to the 300m where Runsati was just in front of The Dynamo, wider Risen From Doubt and Sunday Escape were struggling and Shaf and come around them to run on. Gun Case had room to come through but couldn’t sprint and Le Bonsir ducked back to the inside to make his run. Shaf sprinted quickly to hit the front at the clock tower and powered away from Runsati and a wall of them fighting out third. Le Bonsir just held the minor prize from the eye-catching Fast Cash with The Dynamo and Hard Romp on either side of the track. Gun Case had every chance but disappointed.

Follow: Fast Cash isn’t really known at 1000m so his return is promising.

Race 7: Aurie’s Star Handicap (1200m)

1st Sooboog – Michael Dee
2nd Dibayani – Mark Zahra
3rd Tashbeeh – Michael Walker

Magnus Reign was a surprise leader from Smart Volatility on the inside and Sooboog down the middle. Just Magical settled in behind while Ruettiger and Pheidon were in that line and Dibayani had plenty of cover midfield. Tashbeeh tracked widest on the back of Pheidon. Magnus Reign was in big trouble before the 400m as Sooboog strode up alongside under a big hold. Smart Volatility was put under pressure and couldn’t match them while Ruettiger made his move allowing Dibayani to get into the clear. Right out wide Tashbeeh showed some dash and loomed as a threat. Sooboog waved them goodbye inside the 300m and showed no signs of stopping. Tashbeeh, Dibayani and Ruettiger were giving chase but Sooboog brought his A-Game to the races and he was far too good. Very nice first-up run from Dibayani who was edging away from Tashbeeh and Ruettiger in the last 20m. No excuses for the beaten horses and Smart Volatility was quite ordinary, he wasn’t able to get past Magnus Reign at any stage.

Follow: Dibayani and Tashbeeh made pleasing returns.

Race 8: John Lee Handicap (1400m)

1st Nadeem Lass – Ben Thompson
2nd My Sister Lil – Ben Allen
3rd Miss Denni – Michael Walker

Stylemaker flew out and crossed to lead Lahqa and Just StellarAnantha was next inside Miss Softhands and Takeover three wide while Nadeem Lass dropped in for a trail three wide around Miss Denni and KanianaMy Sister Lil was next worse than midfield. Just Stellar pulled her way up outside Stylemaker midrace and Lahqa let her go. Miss Softhands was also pulling and she came out three wide and went forward pushing Takeover wider. Miss Denni was following her. Anyone’s race early in the straight as they stretched across the track. Just Stellar hit the lead momentarily and Miss Softhands had nothing to give when she was let go, Miss Denni was right there challenging with Takeover still giving something. Further out My Sister Lil made a charge and Nadeem Lass burst through with her. Miss Denni was left in front a fair way out and Nadeem Lass seemed to want it this time and she hit the line hard to win from My Sister Lil who had her chance and Miss Denni. Big run Takeover and Kaniana was caught behind a couple of the weakening leaders but finished off strongly when she was clear. A bit unlucky. Lahqa disappointed, she didn’t pick up at all after a nice run.

Follow: Kaniana is ready to win one with a bit of luck.

Race 9: Keli Sponner Handicap (1200m)

1st Camdus – Brad Rawiller
2nd Badajoz – Michael Dee
3rd Not A Happy Camper – Katelyn Mallyon

Berlutti and Heza Ripper shared the lead ahead of Face Forward and Not A Happy Camper. Inside her was Tyrannize andCamdus closer to the inside. Tansy was in the middle bunch and Badajoz and Any Dream Will Do were there too. Heza Ripper headed Berlutti at the 400m and Not A Happy Camper made a dash at them. In behind Tyrannize was looking for a run while Camdus switched back to the inside and Badajoz followed him over there. Face Forward was battling and the rest headed by Any Dream Will Do. Camdus sprinted to the lead 200m out and Heza Ripper had no answer. Not A Happy Camper was still there wide out and Badajoz tried hard toward the inside. A couple of lengths back Tyrannize couldn’t pick his feet up and Mick’s Hustler was running on late as usual. Badajoz made a late dive but Camdus held him off by a half from Not A Happy Camper close up. They got away from Heza Ripper and a very ordinary Tyrannize.

Follow: none in particular.

Specials from the meeting: Pilote D’Essai, Kaniana, Tashbeeh, Dibayani.