Flemington Review – June 11th 2016


Race 1: Eugene Gorman Handicap (1100m)

1st Southerly Wind – Jake Bayliss
2nd So Si Bon – Kevin Forrester
3rd Millinery -Craig Williams

They came to the centre of the track and Millinery shared it with Southerly Wind from Eminent Son coming over from the outside with Go Public. In behind that line were Los Cabos and Linguist and So Si BonHard Love was the widest just ahead of Coroebus. Southerly Wind was travelling best of the leading group to the 400m with Millinery being pushed along and Eminent Son even moreso. I’m Telling Ya got up on the inside and made a dash, Go Public and Hard Love were outsprinted and Coroebus started to wind up. Southerly Wind was shaken up at the clock tower and burst away, cruising to the line untroubled. So Si Bon made up some ground to join Millinery in the battle for second, just claiming that spot, and I’m Telling Ya was close up. Coroebus is a big long striding colt and he ran on well behind them. Couldn’t make an excuse for anything, the winner was far too good.

Follow: short term Southerly Wind, long term Coroebus.

Race 2: Trevor Clarke Handicap (1400m)

1st Euro Angel – Ben Thompson
2nd Avenue Whisper – Harry Coffey
3rd Payroll – Jamie Mott

Speed came from out wide with Themis and Penny Shares looking to cross Elegant Queen who was holding the fence. Avenue Whisper landed in a good spot from Bedrock DreamsLopartega proved to be outside her from Reemah wider out andPayroll up handier this time on the inside. Euro Angel was next in the clear. Penny Shares found the fence from Themis and they ran along a little with Elegant Queen in the box seat from Avenue Whisper. Reemah was forced to race wide throughout and Euro Angel got onto her back to get a trail forward coming to the turn. Avenue Whisper came out three wide before the corner which pushed Reemah further out. Elegant Queen took a rails run to momentarily hit the lead 300m out but Avenue Whisper had her covered. Euro Angel was presented in plenty of time while Jocasta came through from the second half on the inside. Payroll also worked clear to run on with Via Napoli down the outside. Euro Angel claimed Avenue Whisper inside the 200m and started to draw away. Payroll finished her race off well to just miss second while Jocasta and Elegant Queen battled away next. The winner is smart and ran right up to a nice trial leading in.

Follow: Payroll is on the way back, stick with her.

Race 3: Lachal Handicap (1000m)

1st Rich Charm – Patrick Moloney
2nd Lord Von Costa – Stephen Baster
3rd Wall Street Wolf – Regan Bayliss

Tyrannize had good speed to take it up, again in the middle of the track, from Lady Esprit up handy and wider out Bel Chandon. On the inside Sempre Libera while behind the leader was Chase The Horizon and the well backed Wall Street Wolf.Runson was further out and Lord Von Costa had cover outside him. Lady Esprit was going better than Tyrannize at the 400m and Bel Chandon tried to go with them. Wall Street Wolf was on their backs looking for a run, though ridden hard at the same time, Runson was in the clear and Lord Von Costa started his run. Chase The Horizon went back to the inside to make ground. Anyone’s race at the 200m as Lady Esprit went for home. Wall Street Wolf was responding and trying to reel her in while Lord Von Costa came with a well timed run and Rich Charm followed him and was hitting the line hard further out. Just as Lord Von Costa looked to be the winner Rich Charm charged and blouses him late. Wall Street Wolf kept coming for third from Lady Esprit and Chase The Horizon. Every chance Runson and Tyrannize was disappointing.

Follow: Wall Street Wolf was on debut against more experienced horses and ran well.

Race 4: Ken Cox Handicap (1800m)

1st Leveraction – Brooke Sweeney
2nd Time To Test – Luke Currie
3rd Qadir – Craig Williams

Leveraction was ridden to lead as he usually does and got there fairly easily. Mihany used him to cross from a wide gate into second from Master Reset and Chestnut CharlieFirehouse Rock settled midfield with The Rumour File and Fabrianotrapped wide and going forward. Holy Cow was well back on the inside of Time To Test and Amarela was three deep around them. Leveraction was unchallenged in the lead and did his own thing clear of Mihany and was able to slow things down to the turn as they bunched up. Chestnut Charlie came out three wide with The Rumour File on his back under pressure. Master Reset had plenty of room while Amarela was still well back keeping Time To Test in a pocket and Holy Cow also looking for room but under some pressure. Leveraction skipped away at the 300m and had the immediate chasers safely held. Firehouse Rock got through to run on, The Rumour File kept coming and Time To Test finally got into the clear as time was running out. Leveraction was all out inside the 100m but had a big enough lead to just hold Time To Test, a wall of them for third with Qadir right down the outside, Amarela, Firehouse Rock and Holy Cow getting home when it was all over. The Rumour File was also close up.

Follow: Time To Test should have won, look for him to atone.

Race 5: Young Members Ball Handicap (2500m)

1st Araldo Junior – Jake Bayliss
2nd Falago – Harry Coffey
3rd Second Bullet – Ben Thompson

Araldo Junior showed some intent to lead and was allowed to find the top from Second Bullet quickly up into second. Falagodropped in behind him and Hawkspur was a further couple back. San Padre loped along at the back with Golden Mane. Araldo Junior held a clear two lengths on Second Bullet down the back and a similar ago to Falago in Indian file. Hawkspur had his head up a bit and was over racing midrace, San Padre slipped along the fence to pass him. They really slowed up to the 100m then Araldo Junior put the foot down and they sprinted, that threw Second Bullet off the bit and Falago went up three wide. Hawkspur was under heavy pressure and Golden mane pulled the widest on the turn. Second Bullet was the first horse beaten as Araldo Junior broke away early in the straight. Falago was trying hard to chase him down. The back markers weren’t in it and Second Bullet was still battling away. But Araldo Junior completely controlled the race and it was mathematically impossible for them to beat him. Falago stuck on and Second Bullet was outsprinted but was still entitled to do more. Hawkspur is a light of other days.

Follow: none.

Race 6:  Craftsman Handicap (2000m)

1st Whoop Whoop – Michael Dee
2nd Kilmacurragh – Ben Thompson
3rd She’s Got Speed – Katelyn Mallyon

Plenty of action early on and it took a few hundred metres to sort things out with Torelli leading from Kilmacurragh as the field strung right out. Miss Cooper and Napoleon’s War settled a couple of lengths off them from Fashion Day, also a couple back, with Whoop Whoop on the inside. Sadia was next from Four By Four and Vanilla Gold while She’s Got Speed was worse than midfield and a mile off the lead. Torelli wasn’t waiting for them and he and Kilmacurragh opened up a big gap by the 800m with Miss Cooper holding down third. Napoleon’s War was already under pressure and Whoop Whoop started to get going ahead of Fashion Day. Four By Four tried to follow the favourite. Coming to the turn Kilmacurragh moved alongside Torelli and they were still three clear of Miss Cooper, struggling to stay with them, and Whoop Whoop slowly making grounds under riding. Four By Four and She’s Got Speed were also getting going and the rest of the field were burnt off. Kilmacurragh got the better of Torelli and went for home at the 300m. Whoop Whoop was still coming and She’s Got Speed also started to loom. It looked as though Whoop Whoop was going to go straight past Kilmacurragh but he refused to give in and there was only a head separating them as Whoop Whoop just gained the day. She’s Got Speed and Four By Four both ran to their best and the others were well beaten.

Follow: Kilmacurragh’s effort was huge and he’s a promising type.

Race 7:  Rod Johnson Handicap (1400m)

1st Jacquinot Bay – Michael Walker
2nd Del Prado – Daniel Moor
3rd By The Grace – Nick Hall

Jimando managed to clear them easily and headed up from Tiny’s Legacy with Heart Testa and Petrology pushing up underneath. The New Boy and Whistle Baby were about three lengths back from Jacquinot Bay who improved three deep away from Iggimacool and Eximius. Jimando was able to slow things down to the 800m and Tiny’s Legacy sat up outside him. Heart Testa and Petrology waited and Whistle Baby was three back on the fence. The New Boy pulled out to start a forward move and Jacquinot Bay came with him. By The Grace was the widest runner on the turn. Jimando was under siege at the 300m, Heart Testa got up on the inside and Whistle Baby was coming through between them while further out Petrology and Jacquinot Bay were closing. By The Grace kept coming and Del Prado was slicing through as well. Whistle Baby may have hit the lead near the 100m but Jacquinot Bay kept coming and he finished off to well after a wide run. Del Prado got through for second from By The Grace while Jimando and Whistle Baby battled on. They both had their chance. The New Boy disappointed and Heart Testa is right out of form.

Follow: stick with Jacquinot Bay.

Race 8: Jazabeel Handicap (1000m)

1st General Truce – Andrew Mallyon
2nd Bullpit – Craig Williams
3rd Alberto Magic – Michael Dee

Straturbo had good speed and Hard Romp went with him early before Bullpit gathered speed to head them. General Trucewas right on his back. Our Nkwazi was closest to the inside with African Pulse and Olivier wasn’t far off the lead wider out. Bullpit wasn’t able to get away from them and Hard Romp and Straturbo came back to join him inside the 400m. Our Nkwazi was also nearby and General Truce eased over heels and seemingly jogged into it. Olivier couldn’t go with them a couple of lengths back and Reldas was looking for a run closer in. Alberto Magic was behind the wall of leaders looking for runs too. General Truce cantered to the lead at the 200m and sprinted away. Hard Romp, Straturbo and Bullpit were still fighting while Alberto Magic started to chime in late. General Truce had it won a long way out and was far too good. Bullpit and the late closing Alberto Magic with Hard Romp close up. Straturbo just gave in late while Reldas was fair but he’s not a straight track horse. Olivier did nothing.

Follow: Alberto Magic might be an improver.

Race 9: Comic Court Handicap (1400m)

1st Bradman – Craig Williams
2nd Elite Tiger – Regan Bayliss
3rd All About Rhythm – Craig Newitt

A heap of them wanted the lead with Here To There trying to get across from Face Forward and Spiritof Endeavour keeping him out. All About Rhythm held the fence while Volcanic Ash and Baby Don’t Cry were right there. Temps Voleur was pushing up in that group and Andrassy was three back on the fence from Kinselmac Manner. Here To There eventually found the lead but Baby Don’t Cry rushed around to join him. Spiritof Endeavour took a trail and All About Rhythm stayed in the box seat from Face Forward. Volcanic Ash slotted in for a while then came back out three wide coming to the turn. All About Rhythm got a dream rails run in the straight to head Here To There and Baby Don’t Cry. Kinselmac Manner was running on strongly wide out with Elite Tiger while Andrassy was trying to weave through. Bradman was also making ground from well back. All About Rhythm was hard up against the fence and Elite Tiger grabbed her at the 100m with Bradman closing fast. Kinselmac Manner’s run ended while Caprese was hitting the line well when it was all over. Bradman made a dive at Elite Tiger on the line and got up to win. All About Rhythm just held third from Caprese, who gave away too much start, and Kinselmac Manner stuck on okay.

Follow: none.

Specials from the meeting: Wall Street Wolf, Kilmacurragh, Time To Test, Alberto Magic.