Sandown Review – May 28th 2016


Race 1: Australian Hurdle (3400m)

1st Arch Fire – Jamie Mott
2nd Gingerboy – John Allen
3rd Earthbound – Martin Kelly

The five of them broke cleanly and it didn’t take long for Gingerboy to run a few lengths clear. Arch Fire let him go and settled second with King Of Dudes another couple away. Earthbound and I’ll’ava’alf trailed. Very little changed until coming to the fourth last jump where Gingerboy made a small mistake and the next where he almost came down after ploughing through it. Those errors allowed Arch Fire to join him and take a narrow lead coming to what was ultimately the second last jump but still some 1000m out. They were a few lengths clear of King Of Dudes trying to chase. After the last jump down the hill Arch Fire edged almost a length clear but Gingerboy hadn’t been called upon. Earthbound ran to third coming to the turn. They didn’t jump the last hurdle in the straight and Arch Fire got away but he was all about just past the 200m and Gingerboy started to rally. Earthbound was closing on them late. Arch Fire just managed to hold off Gingerboy and Earthbound may have got them both in another 100m. A bit of controversy with the last hurdle being missed due to the wing being prematurely removed. Stewards elected to let the result stand as they all didn’t jump it instead of declaring a no race.

Follow: the rivalry between Arch Fire and Gingerboy will be interesting in the coming weeks.

Race 2: Samson Handicap (1200m)

1st Moshway – Darren Gauci
2nd Ridgway – Kevin Forrester
3rd Perpetual Crisis – John Allen

Ridgway was on the back foot at the start while Moshway sprung out and landed in the lead. Preemptive jumped well and was handy, allowing Liberty Song to come across while Bringaroo had the box seat. Cat Woman was a length or so back andStrykingly So and Perpetual Crisis were just off midfield. Moshway settled quite well in the lead with Liberty Song outside but Bringaroo was throwing his head up and overdoing it badly in behind them. He forced Preemptive to get out of his way and move up three wide while Cat Woman stalked them. Ridgway managed to find her back with Perpetual Crisis outside coming to the turn. Moshway was under siege at the 300m with Preemptive and Liberty Song challenging. Bringaroo worked to their outside but didn’t let down. Moshway managed to fight off those around him as they started to close in from the back. Ridgway was weaving through and charging while Perpetual Crisis came down the outside. Moshway had a big enough break to hold Ridgway, an eye-catching debut, and Perpetual Crisis with Preemptive, Cat Woman and Bringaroo all close up. Bringaroo might need gelding, he’s fired up too easily at his last couple.

Follow: Ridgway looks a promising type.

Race 3: Le Pine Funerals Plate (2400m)

1st Bold Sniper – Dylan Dunn
2nd Master Of Arts – Ben Allen
3rd Spur On Gold – Damien Thornton

Tunes easily beat them out and Master Of Arts jumped well but speed came from the outside with Bajour and Bold Snipersliding over and Manhattan Boss getting into a nice trail. Master Of Arts eased and San Padre ran past him early on. Bajour and Bold Sniper duelled from the turn out of the straight until the top of the back straight where San Padre made a move and closed to within a length but was left three wide. He was under pressure not long after and Bajour and Bold Sniper again snuck away. Tunes was still there behind the leader while Manhattan Boss was off the bit. A couple of lengths back Master Of Arts also had to be tapped up to improve. Golden Mane was behind him and Spur On Gold had to be ridden along to pick up. Bold Sniper served up to Bajour from the 400m and got the better of him. Tunes couldn’t go with them and Master Of Arts was still a few lengths away. San Padre was going backward while Golden Mane and Spur On Gold started to pick up. Bold Sniper established a break from the 200m and had enough in hand to break a long drought. Master Of Arts got the bob for second ahead of Spur On Gold and Golden Mane was behind them. No excuses for anything.

Follow: none.

Race 4: Australian Steeplechase (3400m)

1st Angelology – Brad McLean
2nd Wells – Richard Cully
3rd Zataglio – Martin Kelly

They took a couple of jumps to sort themselves out before King Triton took it up over Marlo Man and Zataglio. Settling behind the leaders were Stand To Gain and Auld Burns while Wells was about midfield with Spying On YouAngelologysettled with one behind him. Not a lot of change up the back with Marlo Man three out trying to get across but kept out by Zataglio pushing up between him and King Triton. That trio broke the field up a little and Marlo Man finally cleared the other pair. King Triton was the first beaten off and with a couple left to jump Angelology made his move from the back. Marlo Man had given a good sight but he was reeled in on the home turn as Wells and Zataglio got underneath and took over. Angelology worked into fourth and was closing in with one to jump. Spying On You was next but wasn’t a threat. Angelology hit the front as they jumped the last and started to stride clear of a gallant Wells and Zataglio boxing on. King Triton got going again late to cut Marlo Man out of fourth but the winner was far too good under the weight conditions.

Follow: wouldn’t surprise if Wells improves a lot, first jumps start for nearly two years.

Race 5: George Malone Memorial (1200m)

1st Lord Barrington – Jake Bayliss
2nd Marwood – Damian Lane
3rd Armada – Ben Allen

Jungle Edge and Lord Barrington showed early speed but Face Forward was on a missing from wide out to cross them. Smart Dart and Armada were just off the pace while I’m Ablaze, who didn’t jump well, charged around them to be in that bunch.Benchi Pegasus and Marwood were around midfield with Tiny’s Legacy. Face Forward had them running coming to the turn and I’m Ablaze had trouble getting to him. Lord Barrington chimed in three out while Jungle Edge battled. Armada pulled around their heels to run on at the 300m while a couple of lengths back Smart Dart and Marwood, particularly, were winding up.Caprese was further out but struggling to go with them. Lord Barrington hit the front about 150m out but had to fight as Marwood closed in on him. Armada held down third from I’m Ablaze still boxing on and Caprese making ground. Lord Barrington just fended off Marwood who only needed a few more strides while Armada was close up and Caprese got too far back but ran on well.

Follow: Marwood can pick up one of these races.

Race 6: Le Pine Funerals Handicap (1400m)

1st Tango Rock – Jake Bayliss
2nd Divine Mr Artie – Dylan Dunn
3rd Makatiti – Beau Mertens

A bit of pressure early as Robert De Hero broke best but Makatiti and Mr Individual were pushing up and Lord Tennysoncoming over. Claudia Jean landed behind that quartet from Twisting Typhoon with a couple of lengths to Divine Mr Artie. Makatiti eventually won the battle and sped away from Lord Tennyson and easing off the pace was Robert De Hero around Mr Individual. Robert De Hero was the first to make a move coming to the turn as Makatiti shook Lord Tennyson off. Mr Individual had nowhere to go while sweeping down the outside Divine Mr Artie chimed in and Tango Rock came off his back to run on as well. Divine Mr Artie looked the winner as he ran to the front inside the 200m but Tango Rock was pulling ground off him. Makatiti was still there battling with Lord Tennyson and Mr Individual eventually getting a split between them and Claudia Jean running on late. Divine Mr Artie had his head in front a stride before the line and a stride after it but on the post Tango Rock nailed him and Makatiti clung on to third from Mr Individual who was a little unlucky but wouldn’t have won.

Follow: Mr Individual was giving away a lot of weight and ran well.

Race 7: Ladbrokes Odds Boost (1600m)

1st Lahqa – Dylan Dunn
2nd Weather The Storm – Dwayne Dunn
3rd Fife – Chris Parnham

Lahqa was able to work to the lead on her own terms though Weather The Storm kept her off the inside for a while before she ran clear. Lady Felicia sat up second while Effortless Miss pressed forward three wide and Miss Cooper had a nice run behind that group. Miles Of Krishan and Indarra were the next pair and Whirlpool was punching up between them. Street Spun was on the fence worse than midfield. Effortless Miss was being slapped up to stay with Lahqa on the turn as were Lady Felicia and Miss Cooper while Weather The Storm went for an inside run. Miles Of Krishan and Whirlpool were looking for runs and Indarra wasn’t helping Whirlpool’s cause keeping her in. When she did find room she didn’t let down as expected. Weather The Storm stuck the head in front of Lahqa at the 200m clear of Miles Of Krishan and Fife starting to steam home down the outside. Lahqa refused to sit down and she fought back to regain the lead and the post arrived in time for her to beat Fife and Weather Storm. Not far behind them was Street Spun and Miles Of Krishan while Whirlpool just battled.

Follow: Street Spun hit the line well and is worth another look.

Race 8: Jim Conway Handicap (1600m)

1st Kenjorwood – Ben Allen
2nd Onpicalo – Beau Mertens
3rd Lord Durante – Darren Gauci

Onpicalo was ridden with purpose early to find the lead but he was made work a bit by Guest Of Honour,MoonovermanhattanPetrology and Longeron kicking up underneath him. Kenjorwood was outside them but eased withLord Durante. Onpicalo eventually crossed Moonovermanhattan leaving Guest Of Honour without cover around Longeron. Petrology had come out of that early battle and tracked them with Lord Durante and Kenjorwood behind him. Coming to the turn Onpicalo had opened up a break of four or five lengths and the immediate chasers weren’t making any ground. Petrology and Kenjorwood had come to the outside and were running on while Longeron was stuck in behind them and Lord Durante strung up following him. Onpicalo went for home at the 400m but was starting to paddle and Kenjorwood was the one winding up strongly and he went straight on by with Happy As Hell running into third. Kenjorwood appreciated the strong tempo and was far too good for a plucky Onpicalo and Lord Durante came from nowhere to cut Happy As Hell out of third after being badly held up. He was again a bit unlucky.

Follow: stick with Kenjorwood and Lord Durante.

Race 9: Browns Sawdust Handicap (1400m)

1st Spreadeagled – Dwayne Dunn
2nd Show A Star – Stephen Baster
3rd Spanish Love – Craig Newitt

Japhils showed her usual speed and So Does He also broke well. Show A Star had no hope of crossing them and was left three wide while Spreadeagled eased. Statton had the fence and Niminypiminy was in that group. Supreme Warrior and Del Pradoimproved past Spreadeagled and Chivalry settled just off midfield.  So Does He was putting it to Japhils on the turn and Niminypiminy crept up three wide, forcing Show A Star further off the track. Spreadeagled latched onto his back while Statton waited on the inside but was ridden up. Japhils and So Does He were still battling at the 200m and Niminypiminy wasn’t getting to them but Show A Star and Spreadeagled were the ones closing in. From the back Chivalry was running on and Spanish Lovefinished like she was shot out of a cannon. Spreadeagled had to work for it but he’d had a good run and was able to ambush Show A Star and edge away. The runner-up was gallant and Spanish Love got up for third. Niminypiminy and the two leaders weren’t far behind and Chivalry also finished close up.

Follow: stick with Spreadeagled who was only second-up and Show A Star.

Specials from the meeting: Ridgway, Marwood, Lord Durante.