Golden Slipper day review – April 5th

Rosehill review by Todd Burmester

Race 1

1st          Bachman                                   Nash Rawiller 2nd        Scratch Me Lucky                 Blake Shinn 3rd         Veuvelicious                           Damian Oliver

There was a clump of them that all wanted to go forward in the first, with Spicy Sure eventually kicking through on the fence to lead from Double Happy and Giuliana three wide, with Tashbeeh sliding up four wide.  At the half way mark it was a line of three with Spicy Sure in front from Double Happy and Tashbeeh who was now three deep after Giuliani eased.  These three still had it as they turned for home, but once in the straight they started to weaken and it was Scratch Me Lucky on the inside and Bachman down the outside, with Khrysler in the middle.  In the run to the line Bachman came away from Scratch Me Lucky, withVeuvelicious finding the line well in third.

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Race 2

1st          Junoob                       Blake Shinn 2nd        Hippopus                  Tim Clark 3rd         Lucky Lago              Glen Boss

Spillway and Maluckyday both began poorly and went back to the tail of the field.  There was a line of five in front after a hundred metres or so.  Eventually it was Julienas striding to the front with Entirely Platinum on its outside.  This gave Junoob a nice sit in third.  There was no change in the order until inside the 600m mark where Julienas started to weaken and come away from the fence.  The meant Less Is More got a run up along the inside and Entirely Platinum strode up on the outside.  Once they turned, Entirely Plantinum had a good break with several runners trying to chase including Less Is More, Moriarty, Junoob, Hippopus andLucky Lago.  Entirely Platinum still had it until the 100m mark, but it was Junoob who dug in deepest and got there on the line to beat Hippopus and Entirely Platinum.

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Race 3

1st            Flamberge                 Chad Schofield 2nd          Hot Snitzel                Nash Rawiller 3rd           Bennetta                    James McDonald

Flamberge easily came out best in the third and led them up from Lilliburlero and That’s A Good Idea who strode up on the outside of the leader.  Hot Snitzel got a nice trail behind them in fourth.  Flamberge still had it around the turn, and fought of the challenges of Lilliburlero and That’s A Good Idea, and then it was up to Hot Snitzel to try and chase him down.  To the credit of Flamberge he wouldn’t give up in front and fought off Hot Snitzel for an all the way win.  Nothing else really made any ground, all credit to the winner here.

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Race 4

1st           Catkins                                  Hugh Bowman 2nd         Sharnee Rose                     Brenton Avdulla 3rd          Angel Of Mercy                Chad Schofield

Catkins was sent out a short priced favourite in the Emancipation and never really looked like letting her supporters down.  She began best to lead with You’re So Good then railing through to take it up.  Diamond Drille was back behind them on the fence with Floria on its outside and Lorna May three deep.  Up around the turn, Catkins pulled its way up to You’re So Good and went to a clear lead early in the straight.  Several tried to chase her down but could not do so, with Sharnee Rose doing the best of the chasers to run second from Angel Of Mercy in third.  The winner was simply too good.  Vaquera was running on a bit at the end.

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Race 5

1st          Gallatin 2nd        Singing Flame             Tim Clark 3rd         Best Case                      Christian Reith

The Tulloch Stakes was named after Nathan Berry, and like some of the earlier races there was a number of horses going forward early, until Atlante was let go around them to the front and led up from Bretan andOrder Of The Sun who was three deep.  High Tec got a good run on the fence behind the speed.  Singing Flame was out three wide and strode around them at the 600m mark and ran clear around the turn.  Singing Flame had a big lead up to the 200m mark, but Gallatin really got mobile late to claim victory inside the last 50m.  Atlante and Koroibete were noticeably disappointing here.  The first two home had something on these.  Singing Flame in particular was a big run to go as close as it did given the long sustained run it had to make.

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Race 6

1st         Silent Achiever             Nash Rawiller 2nd       It’s A Dundeel                James McDonald 3rd        Fiorente                           Damian Oliver

Race 6 was the BMW and the bolter, Angola headed them up and didn’t look to be going that quickly, withSertorius eventually going around them into second which fired Angola up a bit in the lead and he moved away from them by 4 or 5.  Silent AchieverFiorente and It’s A Dundeel who were the main players in betting got back into the second half of the field as was probably expected by most.  Inside the 600m mark Angola looked in trouble with Sertorius striding up very wide to go to the lead into the straight.  Up to the 300m mark, Sertorius still had it but Silent Achiever was quickly on the scene out wide with Fiorente looking to make ground on the inside.  It’s A Dundeel was trying to wind up back behind Silent Achiever.  In the run to the line Silent Achiever kept its momentum going and held off a fast finishing It’s A Dundeel with Fiorente holding onto third.  Voleuse De Coeurs was also a good run in fourth.  Those ones gapped the rest.

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Race 7

1st           Lucia Valentina                 Hugh Bowman 2nd        Solicit                                     Chad Schofield 3rd         Forever Loved                   Damien Browne

2000m for the three-year-old fillies in the Vinery Stud Stakes, and when they settled down Solicit had the front and put the brakes on.  It led down the back straight with All My Loving striding around them into second, which relegated Forever Loved into third.  Zanbagh got back beyond midfield.  Solicit was let stride before the turn and had a clear break once they straightened.  She still had the front up to the 200m mark, butLucia Valentina had hugged the fence and came from last to throw out the challenge.  It was a challenge that Solicit could not repel and Lucia Valentina came away for a clear win.  Solicit was a good run given that it took off before the turn, and it managed to beat the others by about 5 lengths.  For the record, Forever Loved held onto third from Rising Romance and Zanbagh.

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Race 8

1st            Mossfun                                 James McDonald 2nd          Earthquake                           Kerrin McEvoy 3rd          Bring Me The Maid             Chad Schofield

The 2014 Golden Slipper was race 8 with Mossfun not beginning too well and going back to last early on.  Oakleigh Girl was the first to begin and led early until Eloping ran clear with Earthquake striding up to second and Alpha Miss out wide in third.  Oakleigh Girl took the sit in behind them on the fence.  Around the turn, Earthquake was given its queue and hit the front at the 300m mark.  Mossfun who had missed the kick saved any amount of ground throughout the race and was hard against the fence coming after the leader at this point.  In the run to the line it was Mossfun who finished off best to get up and beat Earthquake.  Bring Me The Maid ran nicely in third, Believe Yourself finished off very well as did Memorial.  Those three should be hard to beat in the next two legs of the triple crown if they go that way.

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Race 9

1st            Weary                            Hugh Bowman 2nd          Leebaz                            James McDonald 3rd           I’m Imposing              Jason Collett

Leebaz led them up in the last from Strawberry Boy, giving Weary a nice sit in behind them.  Almighty Charge and The Great Snowman were next.  Mid race, Leebaz got away and had a clear lead as they came around the turn.  Up to the 300m mark he was hard up against the fence with Weary looking to come after him.  They had a good break on the rest who were headed by Malavio.  With 100m to run, Weary looked to have Leebaz covered and it turned out that way in the final stages.  I’m Imposing ran on quite nicely into third, with Malavio holding fourth after being a bit wide in transit.  Destiny’s Kiss put in its customary finishing effort to run fifth.

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Specials from the meeting: Singing Flame, Lucia Valentina

————————————————-   Flemington review from Ray Hickson

Race 1: Prudential Plate (1400m)

1st River Delta – Linda Meech 2nd Best Yet To Come – Katelyn Mallyon 3rd Leia – Michael Walker

Soosa Rama was a shade slow to begin and settled at the back with Native Land who eased more than missed it. Pearly Whites held the early lead from Duble Barrel Daisy then River Delta pressed on from out wide to sit outside the front runner. Star Beauty held the box seat from Best Yet To Come and Uraniemidfield. Just before the turn Sweet Starlett lost the rider at the tail of the field. Pearly Whites led clearly down to the 300m where River Delta, who was under pressure early in the straight, moved alongside and forged clear 100m out. They were lining up behind her with Best Yet To Come finishing well to grab second.Leia worked home well after being back on the fence and getting to the outside and she grabbed Pearly Whites. Soosa Rama was a big disappointment, she made little to no ground to beat one home. Follow: River Delta looks handy.

Race 2: VOBIS Gold Ingot (1200m)

1st Easy Drama – Vlad Duric 2nd Singularity – Luke Currie 3rd May Day – Jamie Kah

Roar Abliberty flopped out of the gates and didn’t have any early pace. Hard to find an early leader. Escamilloand Cool Rules were prominent with Second Option to their outside and Easy Drama wider. In behind themSingularity was getting plenty of cover. May Day raced at the tail on the outside. About two to three lengths covered the seven runners midrace. Easy Drama looked to hit the lead about 300m out with Cool Rules trying hard to stick with it. Singularity got into the clear and made a dash, getting within about a length and a half before the run ended but she held second. Big gap to third with May Day finishing off late to grab Cool Rules. Escamillo weakened and Roar Abliberty did absolutely nothing. Follow: be wary of this race, only the winner has upside.

Race 3 – Maidstone Handicap (1400m)

1st Red Fez – Michael Rodd 2nd Gig – Vlad Duric 3rd Kazanluk – Tom Sadler

Crystalised was a bit slow but probably also restrained from the wide gate and Pamukkale lacked pace. A short battle for the early lead before Means A Lot crossed to lead Rose Pattern and Red Fez. First Printraced in the clear and Catered settled three back on the inside. Gig was next while Mitford Sister raced wide. The field bunched quite a bit on the turn and Rose Pattern put it to Means A Lot and that allowed Red Fez to get clear. First Print was battling. Gig was winding up and causing problems for Catered who couldn’t get a clear run. Means A Lot refused to give in and kept kicking. Red Fez claimed her at the 100m and Gig chased, going down very narrowly in a deceptive finish. Kazanluk got into the clear 300m out and stormed home late to grab third ahead of a luckless Catered. The likes of Unscrupulous and Misscatelli ran on strongly behind them but they can do that. Follow: Gig is ready to win, Kazanluk was excellent, Catered isn’t overly brave but should have gone close.

Race 4 – Smithfield Handicap (1200m)

1st Churchill Dancer – Michael Walker 2nd Consorting – Brad Rawiller 3rd The Quarterback – Matthew Allen

Not a bad line out with By The Grace a shade slow and The Quarterback restrained to get off the inside from barrier one. Vero Beach eventually took up the running with Hard Stride and Docking to his inside andThe Bowler outside. Docking settled closest to the rail and in behind the leading pack were OlivierSearch Squad and Consorting. Vero Beach still led at the 300m and for a while looked to be holding them but they were stretched right across the track with only a few lengths from first to last. Consorting pulled off The Bowler’s back and loomed up with Churchill Dancer closing on the inside of Vero Beach. The Quarterback started his run right down the outside and also looked very threatening. Churchill Dancer got the better of Vero Beach on his inside at the 50m and Consorting and The Quarterback came at him, just missing in a tight three way go. Behind them Vero Beach wasn’t disgraced up sharply in class, Melrose Place was being tightened up right near the line when running on and By The Grace was eye-catching late just behind them. Follow: Melrose Place was a little unlucky and By The Grace did a super job first-up.

Race 5: VOBIS Gold Reef (1600m)

1st Worth A Ransom – Jamie Kah 2nd Trust In A Gust – Brad Rawiller 3rd Written Up – Jamie Mott

Arctic Song was clearly the best out and took up the early lead. Inafrenzy and Storm Approach pushed forward with Written Up just behind them with WrittenWorth A Ransom worked into a good spot next. In contrast Trust In A Gust was restrained from the wide gate and was still going backwards to last after 400m or so. Storm Approach took over midrace and Written moved up to join him with Arctic Song taking the trail. Written Up tried to get off the inside and pushed Worth A Ransom three and four wide on the corner and Red Spyder was widest. Trust In A Gust was checked at the top of the straight and at the 400m over-reacted and swung very wide before balancing up. Worth A Ransom and Written Up claimed the lead shortly after and Arctic Song tried hard on the inside after getting a split. Trust In A Gust motored down the outside and got to within about a length in a massive effort. Written Up boxed on well for third ahead of Resistant, who ran on okay. Follow: many of these are likely to spell now but Trust In A Gust was a certainty beaten here.

Race 6: Community Raceday Handicap (2000m)

1st Our Voodoo Prince – James Winks 2nd Akzar – Brad Rawiller 3rd Trade Commissioner – Vlad Duric

Akzar went straight out the back from an outside alley. Duplicity Jones held the fence and the lead withTunes coming across. Supremacy kicked up behind them into third with Keep De Rose and Hvasstan was trapped three wide. Godspiel was next and Trade Commissioner improved inside him. Akzar was last on the fence midrace. Duplicity Jones had them stacked up rounding the bend and there was a line of six turning with Tunes and Supremacy the principal challengers. Behind that wall Trade Commissioner had improved along the inside and Our Voodoo Prince had tracked up on the outside and pulled around heels. Akzar was ridden for luck and got plenty of it as a saloon run appeared for him and he went from last at the 500m to hit the lead about 250m out. Our Voodoo Prince was winding up strongly though and he picked Akzar up and raced a length clear. Big gap to Trade Commissioner in third ahead of Whisper Downs. Ancient King made a bit of late ground and Duplicity Jones was very one paced. Follow: Our Voodoo Prince might be well above average for this time of year.

Race 7: Braybrook Handicap (1000m)

1st Shamal Wind – Josh Cartwright 2nd Fab Fevola – Daniel Moor 3rd Living On A Prayer – Jye McNeil

Fab Fevola was fast away as usual and had little trouble assuming control. A line of three behind him wereStratcombeDecircles and Menage A ChargePocket Rockets was next to the outside with Henwood.Living On A Prayer raced in about the centre of the track but was closest to the fence in the early stages.Shamal Wind drifted back to near last. Fab Fevola was giving a great sight at the 200m and still led clearly. Shamal Wind was switched inside the field and wasted no time in picking them up with her great turn of foot and she hit the lead about 100m out and broke well clear. Decircles, Living On A Prayer and Pocket Rockets were all chasing but were no match and Fab Fevola actually held them off for second. Shamal Wind was simply too classy. Nice run Living On A Prayer first-up. Menage A Charge was found to have bled. Follow: Living On A Prayer, Decircles when he gets back beyond 1200m.

Race 8: Macaulay Handicap (1400m)

1st Spacecraft – Jye McNeil 2nd Adamantium – James Winks 3rd Smokin’ Joey – Jamie Mott

Even line out and Spacecraft went across quickly to lead – something he didn’t do last start – and had a short battle with Adamantium holding his place on the fence. Dany The Fox landed third in the clear from Hosting and Lightenuff. The import Count Of Limonade settled in the second half with Smokin’ Joey and Bec Said No Credit back with him. Spacecraft won the race for the lead and ran along by a couple from Adamantium and Dany The Fox was losing touch coming to the turn. The field behind the two leaders bunched right up but were standing a big head start. Adamantium tried to put it to Spacecraft from the 400m and could only get to about half a length from him. Smokin’ Joey made a dash down the middle and Hosting battled on. Dany The Fox was first beaten but found a little bit and boxed on for fourth and Count Of Limonade was very one paced before winding up very late down the outside with Chile Express. Follow: like to see Count Of Limonade again but the form could be all wrong here.

Specials from the meeting: Gig, Kazanluk, Our Voodoo Prince, By The Grace.