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Greyhounds HQ: Introducing Joe Lannutti

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It’s been a long while since we’ve had a greyhound racing analyst at Champion Bets. That’s not by design – it’s obviously a very popular betting sport in Australia and we’re keen to get involved in it. But we can only do so with an analyst who we’re confident can live up to the standards that members require in terms of profitability and professionalism.

So it’s exciting to now be able to welcome that greyhound analyst: Joe Lanutti. Joe will be running our new Greyhounds HQ betting service.

Joe is a professional greyhound racing analyst and punter who’s been working full-time at the craft for over six years now.

He’s been running a greyhound betting service for a private membership group since 2016. The results have been very impressive: total profit is 741.2 units at 12.4% profit-on-turnover.

You can review those results in detail here.

In addition, Joe’s interests in greyhounds have expanded through the ownership and syndication of dozens of dogs of his own. His high-quality analysis has also seen him featured on various racing media outlets in Australia and New Zealand.

Joe’s background

Joe’s working background is outside of racing – he’s a school teacher by profession and was previously a punter in a recreational sense only.

“Just a typical mug punter,” he says.

“I was betting on most things – horses, dogs, sport – just for fun and I was definitely a loser. I guess I always had a particular liking for the dogs, I love how fast it is.”

Joe had a bit of a “tree-change” and moved to his current home in country New South Wales around six years ago, and didn’t have much of a plan in terms of work.

“I wasn’t teaching and I was open to anything to earn a living – I was happy to go and dig holes. But I’d always been into the punt so I thought I might as well give it a go.”

And with that, he dived into it. As a self-professed mug, Joe had a lot of reading and work to do to learn proper form analysis, staking and money management.

It was a steep learning curve but six years later, he’s still going strong and hasn’t needed another job… so it’s fair to say it’s worked out!

What is Joe’s edge on the market?

“Things have changed a lot since I started doing it and edges are always moving,” said Joe.

“I’m very dedicated to producing accurate rated markets and I think that’s what’s most important. And that goes for both win and place markets, as I play both.

“And I’m a stickler for value. I will dive in anywhere in the market where I find it. I’m not fussed how short or long something is – if there’s value, I’m happy to play.”

What will the Greyhounds HQ service look like?

Joe bets predominantly on what he knows best: New South Wales greyhound racing. However, he goes interstate where value presents itself, which is usually in South Australia and Western Australia.

Betting takes place four days a week, from Wednesday to Saturday. Bets are released in the afternoon – usually around 3pm – with a warning message sent well in advance to advise of the bets for the day.

Joe bets both win and place markets and staking is based on a form of Kelly, and based on a 100-unit bank.

The only exceptions to this staking are what Joe refers to as his “rent bets” – so called because they pay the rent! They’re selections, usually at lower odds, where Joe has a very, very high level of confidence – and as such he “pins the ears back” and outlays a bigger stake.

All bets include selection, recommended stake and a list of bookmaker options in order of price. As with our other racing services, official results will be recorded at the third-best fixed price available.

Betting 360 Podcast: Joe Lannutti

Joe joined us on the Betting 360 Podcast, so be sure to tune in and hear about…

  • How he used to be a mug – and turned himself into a winning professional
  • Why anybody can find a winner… but staking and bank management is the key to profitability
  • Why he got into greyhounds
  • The basics of his form approach
  • The areas he covers, and why
  • How his staking is formulated
  • The importance of discipline in punting, and how to ensure it
  • Separating the fun of the punt from the serious business of making money
  • His greyhound syndication interests
  • What the Greyhounds HQ service will look like

You can find Betting 360 below, or anywhere you get your podcasts:

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