Hawkesbury Review – April 30th 2016

Race 1 – TAB HIGHWAY PLATE (1100m)

1st NOBLE JOEY – James McDonald
2nd BID OF FAITH – Kerrin McEvoy
3rd ATOM EVE – Kayla Nisbet (a2)

Noble Joey settled in the lead after a few tussles at the start, with Fettlers Boot next and favourite Atom Eve caught deep outside them. Bid of Faith was next back on the fence, with Professor Marx, Twisted Shaft and Worldly Wise widest, with Lipread bringing up the rear.

Noble Joey held them into the straight where McDonald got a great response, running away to put it beyond doubt. Bid of Faith boxed on, whilst Atom Eve and Professor Marx were widest and ran on reasonably well.

Watch: none.


1st HIPPARCHUS – Brenton Avdulla
2nd DUCA VALENTINOIS – James McDonald
3rd LOVING HOME – Glyn Schofield

Reiby The Red took the early lead and had Loving Home alongside, whilst Thunder Lady remained deep having jumped from the wide barrier. Next was Duca Valentinois and Award Season, then a gap to Hipparchus outside of He’s Dreamin’, with The Bohemian last of all.

Thunder Lady and Reiby The Red took up the initiative and forged ahead aggressively, with Lovng Home content to sit back in third and Award Season pushing up the inside. The two leaders really got going at about the 1200m, pushing ahead to eventually put about five lengths on the rest of the field, whilst a long back Avdulla stepped out just a little on Avdulla to make position. He forged ahead until he reached Duca Valentinois, with McDonald electing to go with him as the two cornered wide and ominously into the straight.
The two leaders fell away in the straight to make it a race in three down the centre of the track, Duca Valentinois and Hipparchus being joined by Loving Home in the sprint to the line. Hipparchus would take it from widest in a tight finish.

Watch: Hipparchus.


1st SWEAR – Christian Reith
2nd FLOW – Blake Shinn
3rd RADCLIFFE – James McDonald

Lubiton found the early lead along with Ajani, whilst Angharad was caught wide from the jump and had to keep driving forward to join them. Aliiterate was fourth the fence with a length on Radcliffe, then Swift Express heading a queue of Flow, Muse and Swear at the back.

Lubiton and Angharad led the into the side of the course with Ajani happy to sit back a little, having Alliterate’s outside and preparing to corner wide. They fanned right out into the straight, Flow and Radcliffe going right outside of Ajani, whilst Swear was still behind them all, Reith bobbing and weaving for a run. Alliterate had hel the inside and was running on well, but it was Flow and Radcliffe looking the strongest out wide, before shifting in slightly which gave Swear the outside running. The colt responded with an instant burst of speed to claim them all in impressive fashion.

Watch: Swear, Flow.


1st FURNACES – James McDonald
2nd INZ’N’OUT – Christian Reith
3rd KURO – Brenton Avdulla

Sweet Serendipity went hard for the lead and settled well in front, with a couple of lengths on Furnances who likewise had a good gap on Inz’n’Out and Coolring. Kuro was next with Alberto Magic outside, followed by Fine Mist who travelled very deep, Skip Course back on the fence and Wouldn’t It Be Nice last of all.

As they cornered for the straight, the leaders headed for the good ground in the centre of the course resulting in a good spread behind them. It was Furnaces who took it up as Sweet Serendipity fell away, and ultimately was too strong despite good finishes from Inz’n’Out on the outside and Kuro and Skip Course on the inside.

Watch: Inz’n’Out, Kuro.


1st DANISH TWIST – Brenton Avdulla
2nd ONEMOREZETA – Samantha Clenton (a2)
3rd BETTER NOT BLUE – Tye Angland

Nite Rocker was caught wide so Wolfgram pushed forward to be at the front by the first corner, Mohave was next on the fence and followed by Ryker, a gap then to Figtree coming around the outside to take Danish Twist on the fence and Rock Forthe Ladies. Grande Punto led the backmarkers, Onemorezeta and Better Not Blue improving.

Mohave took back the lead down the side of the course with Heywood trying to slow the tempo, the field largely following suit with Ryker, Figtree, Onemorezeta and Better Not Blue cornering very deep. Nite Rocker quickly fell away in the straight as the drift toward the outside opened a gap for Danish Twist, Avdulla seizing the initiative and going for home. Mohave was still inside and kept punching, but Danish Twist claimed him and held off late pressure from Onemorezeta and Better Not Blue down the outside.

Watch: Better Not Blue.

Race 6 – 2016 GODOLPHIN CROWN (1300m)

1st NANCY – Kerrin McEvoy
2nd TWO BLUE – Paul King
3rd PRESS REPORT – Jeff Penza

Two Blue flew the start to shoot out to the lead, whilst Role Model rushed up to join from wide after a slow jump. Artistry was next followed by Peace Force, Press Report and Nancy on the inside of Sense And Reason. A gap then to She’s Clean on the outside of Mahara, Berry Delicious caught wide, Ammirata, Fitou, then a further gap back to Electric Power and Cradle Me.

They hit the side of the course and Fitou back in the field tripped, very nearly going over but somehow staying on her feet. Two Blue held the lead at a pedestrian pace with nobody looking to challenge, and was in front well into the straight. Nancy moved up slowly, taking ground from Two Blue to finally grab the lead late and take the chocolates. Little else impressed.

Watch: none.


1st AMOVATIO – Rory Hutchings (a)
2nd MIGHTY LUCKY – Chris O’Brien
3rd CASINO DANCER – Greg Ryan

Less Is More settled first and was joined by Strawberry Boy, across and forward from wide. Medcaut was next on the rail with Ecuador and Great Esteem outside. A gap then to Mighty Lucky, Sons of John and Casino Dancer caught deep, then Malice and Pajaro. Amovatio was next and had been taken back and straight across at the start, settling just outside Keepit To Yourself and Shoreham, with Tales Of Grimm, Janoob and then Opinion last.

The pace was reasonably quiet down the side of the course with the field travelling quite tightly, Janoob and Amovatio probably the first to move significantly before the home turn, going wide and improving position, with Opinion attempting to jump on their tails and do likewise. Strawberry Boy took the lead into the straight and they again headed for solid ground in the centre of the course, the field remaining bunched with still no clear standout. Mighty Lucky got the inside of Strawberry Boy to threaten, as did Casino Dancer, Malice and Amovatio on the outside. The latter would be the strongest through the line to record the win.

Watch: Amovatio.


1st SPILL THE BEANS – Tim Clark
2nd DENMAGIC – Jason Collett
3rd SERENE MAJESTY – Kerrin McEvoy

Good battle for the lead early with Clark staying wide on Spill The Beans before eventually deciding to go forward and take it. He got across in front of Serene Majesty on the fence and Suspense, with a gap then to Sir Plush and No More Tears with hot favourite Handfast improving up the outside, then a further gap to Denpurr, Denmagic and Lady Zhivago, with Red Extension at the back.

Spill The Beans pressed on and kept using petrol along the side, with Handfast still improving but caught three wide for the journey. Lady Zhivago and Denmagic went outside the favourite in the home turn. Clark had controlled the race and decide to try to break their hearts, asking for more again from Spill The Beans, who responded magnificently to keep going and going and run away with it emphatically. Good finishes from a few including Denmagic and Serene Majesty.

Watch: Spill The Beans


1st MACKINTIOSH – Brenton Avdulla
2nd MAN OF CHOICE – James McDonald
3rd DREAM LANE – Grant Buckley

Fight for the lead with favourite Mackintosh eventually pushing forward to claim it with Kellyville Flyer not far away. Dream Lane and Marple Miss jumped very quickly before settling in third and fourth, with Man Of Choice coming around them three-deep, with Careless wider again. Trafalgar was midfield on the fence with Spinning Dawn and Rustic Melody outside, then Sofin, Olympic Academy, Artibai, Blendwell, Star Wars and Defrost My Heart last.
They cornered very wide again fanned right out, Mackintosh holding the lead from Kellyville Flyer, Dream Lane and Man Of Choice still deep. Mackintosh hung very tough down the straight to hold them off, with Man Of Choice in particular running on well.’

Watch: Mackintosh, Man Of Choice.

Horses to follow: Hipparchus, Swear, Spill The Beans.