jamie kah

Two words that are striking fear into bookmakers, rival trainers and jockeys in South Australia at the moment are ‘Jamie Kah’.

Since June 1st this year, Jamie has ridden 70 winners from 230 starts for an incredible strike rate of 30%. This is across South Australia, as well as recent success in Melbourne over their Spring Carnival.

I sat down will Champion Bets SA form guru Aaron Barby to talk about the runaway train of the South Australian jockey ranks

Aaron Barby

“It can be difficult to accurately price up Jamie’s rides because she is so good. It is something that I have struggled with lately, and I have heard the same thing about punters trying to assess Joao Moreira’s rides in Hong Kong.

“Even after giving what you believe is a fair added bonus to a horse’s rating, a lot of the time you still can’t get it short enough to be an overlay, and end up betting around it, often to your detriment.

“Jamie on or Jamie off is a big factor to consider when doing the form in SA these days. When I make adjustments to a horse’s rating for what I believe is a positive or negative jockey change, I tend to be quite conservative, a length or two max, and lean more towards the ability of the horse.

“Looking at Saturday’s results, based on official times, each of her winners has either recorded an equal best or new peak rating. This highlights just how good Jamie is, and also Ryan Balfour, who trained all 5 of her winners.

“To suggest that a horse is going to record an equal best or new best rating when looking at a race is quite aggressive, but is probably the way you need to go about it when assessing the J Kah/R Balfour combo.

“Big betting syndicates seem to place a lot of importance on in-form jockeys & trainers, and many of Jamie’s recent rides have been significant betting shorteners in the market. When you add to this the fact that every punter & his dog knows that Jamie is a jet, it sucks a lot of value out of her rides.. but you can’t eat value, and Jamie just keeps winning.

So how do the figures of her rides stack up?

This racing season, in the South Australia metropolitan area, Jamie is currently riding at strike rate of 27% with an excellent ROI of over 22%. Both of these figures are currently well up on the past two racing seasons.

When we look across the whole state, including provincial and country meetings, Jamie is riding at amazing 28% strike rate and with a return of 12.57%.

Which track does Jamie have the biggest edge over her rivals at? Well, it’s by far and away the Morphettville Parks circuit.

Jamie has had more rides than any other jockey on the track this racing season and has the highest winning strike rate of over 31% with a return on investment of over 25%.

One interesting figure going through Jamie’s riding stats is her profitability on first-up runners. Through her entire career, Jamie has an impressive return on investment of over 40%.

So as you can see her riding stats are extremely impressive and only more success awaits for Jamie Kah in the Australian Jockey ranks.

The saying was ‘back Weir and drink beer’, but it could now be changed to ‘back Kah and you will be shouting the bar!’

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