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The on-course betting ring may not be the hive of activity it once was, but it’s still reasonably busy on Saturdays at metro tracks, where you’ll find a good couple of dozen bookmakers.  This gives you the opportunity to pull a quick lap of the bookies and select the best odds you can find on your preferred runner.

Imagine for a second however that you didn’t do this – you simply walked straight up to the one bookie and only bet with him for the whole day, bypassing all others who are displaying better odds on your horse.

You wouldn’t do it.

Yet nowadays, with the vast majority of betting taking place online, so many punters do exactly that.

Jump onto their favourite bookie (or wherever they have the highest account balance!) and place their bets without even considering the prices available with other operators.

Of course, browsing through a dozen different apps or websites takes an age, by which point you may have missed a price anyway.

The solution? Show a bunch of bookies on one page.

The concept is ridiculously simple: compare all the odds in the one place so that you can quickly bet at the best price available.  Think of it as the virtual betting ring, with bookies lining up to take your bets.

There’s a few options out there, and today we’re happy to give you the first look at our own Champion Bets Odds Comparison.  It’ll be a permanent fixture on our website (and mobile site) from now on… so check it out now!

odds comparisonIt’s live and running on all thoroughbred, greyhound and harness races every day, and couldn’t be easier to navigate

There’s much more planned for it too, including more bookmakers and functionality to allow you to bet directly through your betting accounts from the one page.

Development is ongoing, so make sure you pass on your feedback on what you want to see: we want to make your betting easier and more profitable.

And as always, if there’s any bookies that you don’t have an account with, make sure you visit our Free Bets page to join, and pocket yourself some handy bonuses.

odds comparison

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