Pakenham Review – December 3rd 2016

Ray Hickson reviews Saturday's Pakenham meeting and highlights some horses to follow.

Race 1: O’Connor Handicap (1000m)

1st Invincible Al – Tahlia Hope
2nd Wise Hero – Ben Allen
3rd Segovia – Jye McNeil

Divertente took advantage of the inside alley to boot through and lead Wise Hero and Hay Bale three out. Segovia landed behind them and Liberty Song sat up handy as well. Divertente cornered in front while Wise Hero wobbled a couple off the inside but moved quickly alongside. Segovia was trying to go between them and Invincible Al tracked into the race on his back. Hay Bale lost a length or so and Liberty Song was the widest. Wise Hero was having trouble shaking off Segovia and Divertente on the inside as Invincible Al started to close in at the 200m. Wise Hero was all out as Invincible Al finished full of running and started to edge away late. Segovia battled on well in third ahead of Divertente and they broke right away from the rest. No excuses for Wise Hero here though stewards reported he pulled up lame in the near hind.

Follow: none in particular.

Race 2: Open Handicap (1200m)

1st Smart Dart – Ben Thompson
2nd Exclusive Lass – Craig Williams
3rd It Is Written – Jye McNeil

Gallant Harmony had little trouble holding the lead from the inside and was joined by Nordic Eclipse early. It Is Written and The Bowler had their backs a couple clear of Smart Dart. Another couple back was Bob Of The Head and Exclusive Lasstrailed. Gallant Harmony looked to be doing it okay coming to the turn though Nordic Empire edged a bit closer. It Is Written flushed out three wide  as the field bunched. The Bowler stayed on the fence and Smart Dart started to track up with Exclusive Lass on his outside. Gallant Harmony didn’t find anything at all when asked to go on the fence and Smart Dart and Exclusive Lass swept down the outside to hit the lead at the 200m.  Bob Of The Head was getting through while It Is Written boxed on fairly. Smart Dart and Exclusive Lass paired off down the centre and raced clear with Smart Dart doing a bit the better. It Is Written kept coming to hold down third while Bob Of The Head and Gallant Harmony couldn’t go on down on the fence. The Bowler did nothing.

Follow: none in particular.

Race 3: Viatek Handicap (1000m)

1st Tykiato – Ben Allen
2nd Angry Gee – Dylan Dunn
3rd Tango Rock – Craig Williams

Big Reel jumped well this time and was sent straight to the front. Stingray and Tykiato were quickly onto the pace. Miss Gidgetpunched up on the fence and Dream Food and Angry Gee slotted in next. A Private Party was caught wide worse than midfield. Big Reel opened up a few lengths coming around the turn and had them chasing. Stingray and Miss Gidget weren’t making an impression while Tykiato pulled out to run on. Angry Gee was on her back. A Private Party and Tango Rock were wider out with the latter making ground from last. They’d got to Big Reel at the 200m and it was Tykiato hitting the front four out from Stingray and Miss Gidget. Angry Gee was starting to close in and a couple back Tango Rock hitting top gear. Angry Gee was getting closer with each bound but Tykiato held him off to win while Tango Rock was also pulling plenty of ground off them late. Miss Gidget and Stingray battled away behind the placings.

Follow: Angry Gee and Tango Rock were both first-up and performed strongly.

Race 4: Momentum Gaming Handicap (1400m)

1st Maternal – Craig Williams
2nd Fille Champagne – Craig Newitt
3rd Mossbeat – Jack Martin

Taylah’s Secret and Fille Champagne rolled forward from wide gates and took it up from Mai Thai around Diamond BaronessAz Given settled next inside Maternal then Feelin’ The Love easing. The two leaders had things to themselves for much of the first half and cornered with Fille Champagne travelling a bit the better. Diamond Baroness came away from the leader’s back in plenty of time and was looking for a run between the two in front with Mai Thai further out and Maternal also sliding forward.Mossbeat was on her back for a trail home. Fille Champagne went for home at the 300m and Diamond Baroness was flat out and not making any ground. Maternal took an eternity to get going as she got past Mai Thai and set out after the leader. Fille Champagne was giving a huge sight but in the last few strides Maternal picked her up to snatch the win. Mossbeat did what she does so often and worked home when it was all over to grab another place. Mai Thai battled on and Feelin’ The Love hit the line okay but all too late. Can’t find an excuse for Diamond Baroness despite being near the inside.

Follow: none in particular.

Race 5: Wise Choice Catering Handicap (1400m)

1st Snitzson – Craig Williams
2nd Ballet Master – Craig Newitt
3rd Gratwick – Luke Nolen

Madam Mouton and Rock’n’rollrock were out the back early on while Ballet Master broke well and crossed to lead Urban Ruler and Nine CloudsSnitzson landed in a good spot fourth while Gratwick over raced three wide without cover. Atlantic Express was back on the fence and Green Patina was tracking Gratwick when he broke down and went back through the field. Urban Ruler was the first one under pressure on the turn and Ballet Master slipped away from him. Snitzson loomed up three wide and Gratwick was further out on the track. Nine Clouds was only battling and Rock’n’rollrock made a bit of ground from well back. Snitzson raced past Ballet Master at the 200m and stretched away late for a dominant win. Ballet Master held on strongly on the fence for second and Gratwick was far from disgraced in third just ahead of La Volt finishing strongly late and Rock’n’rollrock a bit one paced.

Follow: Gratwick is worth another chance after a tough run.

Race 6: David Bourke Memorial (1600m)

1st Mihany – Regan Bayliss
2nd Kenjorwood – Ben Allen
3rd Petrology – Cory Parish

Mihany was straight onto the lead out of the gates with Scelto on his outside. Kenjorwood settled behind them while Goldstream over raced badly with his head high. Doctor Care was next then Petrology and Loophole at the back. Mihany stayed a few off the fence and was able to control the speed as he liked. Scelto stayed about a length away and Kenjorwood was being dictated to by staying on the inside. They got right away coming to the turn from Goldstream and Petrology. Basically a procession from the bend as Mihany kicked away and never really looked like being run down as he scored easily. Kenjorwood whacked away in second but was no chance once he couldn’t be outside the leader and Petrology ran into third but safely held. Scelto had every chance and not a bad first-up run from Loophole who made some late ground.

Follow: maybe not next run but Loophole has come back well.

Race 7: Pakenham Cup (2500m)

1st Pilote D’Essai – Regan Bayliss
2nd Puccini – Stephen Baster
3rd Little White Cloud – Katelyn Mallyon

Little White Cloud jumped well from the outside alley but Pilote D’Essai had the lead quickly from Crafty Cruiser and a few jostling for positions including Swacadelic and Lord Van Percy. Little White Cloud eventually worked up outside the leader.Arianne was about midfield on the fence from Transfer Allowance while Puccini had a three wide trail. Pilote D’Essai was untested in the lead up the back until Puccini made a midrace move to run to the lead at the 1000m. Little White Cloud stayed in second while Pilote D’Essai came back a spot. Lord Van Percy strode up wide out under pressure and Swacadelic was also off the bit with Crafty Cruiser. On the turn Puccini went towards the centre of the track and Pilote D’Essai shot through underneath him and regained the lead. They kicked away from Little White Cloud and Crafty Cruiser. Swacadelic went backwards quickly. Pilote D’Essai broke right away in the last game 300m and did it easily. Puccini battled on well to hold a clear second from Little White Cloud an even run. Transfer Allowance and Lord Van Percy finished behind them. Swacadelic pulled up lame and with atrial fibrillation.

Follow: none in particular.

Race 8: Gold Bullion (1400m)

1st Grande Rosso – Craig Williams
2nd Burning Front – Luke Nolen
3rd Dan Zephyr – Rhys McLeod.

They were well away from the fence from the start and Rough Justice held out Dan Zephyr for the lead. Septamore found a good spot behind them with Burning Front wider out and Grande Rosso with a trail. Lucky Liberty was closer to the inside and improved into the box seat. Glenrowan Prince was about midfield. Rough Justice and Dan Zephyr turned together about five off the fence and Lucky Liberty took a run inside them. Schneller was closer to the inside and Burning Front started to lift further out. Grande Rosso was pulled to his outside while Septamore battled. Burning Front hit the lead momentarily about 200m out from Dan Zephyr and Rough Justice fighting back. Grande Rosso was there on their outside and Lucky Liberty trying hard. Grande Rosso let down strongly in the last 100m and he held Burning Front with a line of three hitting it together for third with Dan Zephyr just taking it over Rough Justice and Lucky Liberty. Rewarding Effort ran on without threatening from last to be next.

Follow: Burning Front holds his form when he finds it so he’s close to a win.

Race 9: Stabil-Lime Group Handicap (2000m)

1st Gallic Chieftain – Craig Williams
2nd Goathland – Jack Martin
3rd Prima – Ben Thompson

Use The Lot made it to the fence quickly at the start ahead of Prima and Goathland getting into a nice spot from Patch Adamsgoing past him. Hardern was three back on the fence from Tuff Bickie three out around Gallic ChieftainBut It’s True was caught off the track and Quedoutes was ridden along back on the fence. Prima served it up to Use The Lot at the 600m and got the better. Patch Adams dropped the bit and Goathland improved between horses while Hardern had to wait on the fence. Gallic Chieftain worked to the outside with Tuff Bickie in plenty of time. Prima was just about all out at the 200m and Gallic Chieftain burst through and while still a bit on the green side he roared clear in the last bit for a dominant win. Goathland kept on battling and worried Prima out of second while Hardern batted away on the fence and Tuff Bickie sticking on as well. Winner is a promising horse and should be even better next time in.

Pay to follow: Gallic Chieftain will go through the grades.

Specials from the meeting: Burning Front, Gratwick, Tango Rock, Angry Gee.