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Professional Race Ratings

Our flagship racing products at Champion Bets are our ratings memberships as they give you the full professional punting experience.

Included is a full set of rated prices for all runners as well as betting strategies for each race.  This makes it simple to identify overlays and ensure you’re betting to value at all times.

Our ratings are currently compiled by Trevor Lawson (Melbourne), Mark Van Triet (Western Australia) and Aaron Barby (South Australia). All are full-time professional punters with years of experience behind them.

There’s a reason why they each cover only a specific geographic area: they’re specialists who have an intimate knowledge of the tracks, trainers, jockeys and (most importantly) horses.

Concentrating on one specific region allows them to build a base of qualitative knowledge that can’t be matched by those who follow and bet races across the whole country.

The rated prices they distribute to Champion Bets members are the same ratings they use for their own betting; as we said earlier, it’s the full professional punting experience.

As a member of Melbourne Ratings you receive a full set of rated prices for every meeting that Trev covers.

Members of WA Winners and Barby’s Bets receive a set of ratings every Saturday and for selected meetings during the week.

We thought we’d take the opportunity to go through a Champion Bets ratings sheet for existing members, and anyone else who may be thinking of joining.

What You Get

Members receive a ratings spreadsheet containing all races for the meeting.  A sample race is shown below:

Horse Ratings

The first seven columns are your regular form guide information: horse number, last 10 starts, horse name, trainer, jockey, barrier and weight.

Following that comes the information from our professional analyst:

Map: the runner’s expected settling position in the race, as judged by the analyst.

Market percentage (Mar %): this is the winning chance percentage that the analyst has assigned to the horse after doing the form.

Rated (rated price): this is calculated from the market percentage, and expresses the horse’s chances as a decimal price.  If the bookies are offering a price greater than this, the horse is an overlay (‘overs’) or a value bet.  If the available price is lower, it’s an underlay (‘unders’) and backing the horse would not represent value.

Stake: this is the recommended stake if backing the horse. The default setting is to collect five units (ie. 5% of your total betting bank) on the rated price for each bet.  However, if the analyst is more or less confident on a certain race, he may adjust the confidence level on the sheet accordingly.  The example shows a confidence level of 100% (the default) – adjusting this simply changes the figures in the stake column in line.  For example, changing this figure to 200% would double all stake amounts.

Outlay:  this is simply a $ figure for the stake based on your own unit size.  For simplicity the example is set at $100 per unit, however you can enter your own betting bank into the spreadsheet and the outlays will automatically adjust to reflect your unit size.

Betting recommendations may also be here, however often the analyst will prefer to provide more exact betting guidance in a separate message either early or throughout the day.

That covers the basic information on the sheet.  It can easily be printed out to take to the track or pub.

Interactive Features

For those at home in front of the computer, the spreadsheet also offers interactive features to help you to calculate and track your bets.

Racing ratings

The interactive options are as follows:

Play: there’s three different options you can select here: Back, Save or Scratched:

Back: select this when you’re backing the horse for a full bet to be calculated.

Save: this allows you to automatically calculate a saver bet, rather than a bet at the full calculated stake.  This will calculate a stake on that horse that will see you break even on the race overall (allowing for your other bet/s) should it win.

Scratched: select this when the horse is scratched – it’ll automatically recalculate the entire race market by redistributing the market percentages from the non-runner to the remaining starters, which adjusts the rated prices and stakes for a post-scratching market.

Odds: enter the fixed odds you obtained on your bet.

Book / Time: for record keeping purposes and to easily follow up your bets, you can record the bookmaker you bet with and the time you placed your bet.

Result: simply enter ‘1’ against the winner to calculate your collects and profit.

Stake: you can adjust the stake column manually here as well – the cell will turn yellow and the outlay will adjust.

See a sample below with these features in action:

Racing ratings

Over a meeting, this is a great interactive tool to easily piggy-back a pro punter, calculate your bets, and track your overall activity and financial position.

Punt like a pro with Trevor Lawson’s Melbourne Ratings.

Get a full set of rated prices, speed maps, suggested bets with staking and live updates throughout the day from Trev himself.

It’s the only way to punt.