Randwick and Flemington reviews

Flemington compiled by Rick Williams The shorty

Bolisimo Miss made it three in a row for Ellerton/Zahra and for all the punters that took the short price. She jumped really well from the gates and young Lane decided that he would push forward and she was in a position we hadn’t seen with her before, racing without a sit on the others. As they were approaching the 200m she looked to be travelling really well and was in a headlock. Runner up Song Of The Belle was coming though and she had to dig deep to hold her off. Thought it was an excellent run Bolisimo Miss. The blowout The blowout title of the week goes to the winner of the Winter Championship Glaneuse. Normally when a horse wins like that the trainer is able to shed some light to us punters and tell us about a check we missed from last start, the run he was unable to get or similar. That wasn’t the case though with Michael O’Leary, like most punters he had no idea how his horse won. He hit the lead at the 200m and just kept going. The flops The Kavanagh trained Set And Forget gets the gong this week. He was heavily backed throughout and started at even money with most of the corporates. He looked to have a pretty good run throughout and when it was time to really dig in and the business end he was very ordinary and was unable to show anything. Rodd told the stewards that he did over race a little early but that’s not enough to justify his effort when it counted. Mr Griswold was another runner that was very well backed here. He looked to have the perfect run in transit and was given every chance. As it was getting to the business end of things though he was unable to find and started going backwards. He is a handy type however and I would be happy to be forgiving of his efforts here and happy to back him under suitable conditions next run. The win of the day Can’t go past Black And Bent here. Great training performance from Smerdon to get this guy up and running in full flight again after a tendon injury. He was third up here and 2040m to 2600m and was given an excellent ride by Michael Rodd. He was able to just camp off the main bunch the trip and he angled out rounding the turn and ambled up to them. It is a long straight though at Flemington and Swooper was coming late but she just ran out of race track before the post. Top win Black And Bent. The Follows Riceman is the first one we want to be following. He had an excellent run throughout in the Winter Championship and was never at any stage able to gain any momentum when it mattered. He got runs between a couple of horses at last but as they say the horse had bolted by that stage and he was unable to catch the runaway winner Glaneuse. He is flying and his chances will be enhanced with any sign of rain. Mid Summer Music had her biggest test out of mares grade and down the straight and although she didn’t win she passed with flying colours because she should have won. This mare just keeps improving each start and rising to the occasion. Beaded was in a similar position a couple of years back and it will be good to see how far she goes.

——————————————————————————————– Randwick review completed by Todd Burmester

Race 1 Pace: SlowAruriteson: Set a slow pace, fell in. Peck: Sat closer on the slow speed, but without cover.  Ideally needs a faster pace Telesmon and Codeword: Both keep running consistent races, codeword tends to get too far back but has a good finishing sprint.  Telesmon has its foot on the til. Mikiyama: A bit disappointing after a fairly cushy run Follow: Telesmon Race 2 Pace: Fast Aeronautical and Appearance: Ran first and second with big finishes but may have been flattered by the fast pace Pink Power and Skip Town: Set a very fast pace and fought on ok.  Both need races where they can lead on their own and will be hard to beat. Follow: Pink Power, Skip Town Race 3 Pace: Slow/Average Quick Peek: Set an average pace but didn’t find in the straight, as the betting drift suggested.  Needs to come back in distance. Delago Star: Had the gun run on the fence, but probably wants a race with more pace where he can get back and run on. Frozone: Had the 1 out 1 back run, went ok without really looking the winner in the straight. Hidden Gem: Great ride, had a cushy run but sprinted very well.  Good win. Timetable: Ran on well again, and is nearing a win. Follow: Timetable Race 4 Pace: Average Classics: First one beaten, very ordinary.  Something amiss? Storm Kite: Always seems to find one better Kiss n’ Chase: Came from well back on an average pace, good sprint in the last 200m, all honours with her.  May put a couple of wins together now. Demanding Miss: Had every chance and looked the winner straightening but ended up missing the place.  Perhaps not a “winner”.  Won’t carry my money any time soon. Break Card: Worked its way to the front, didn’t go hard, but was no match for the winner. Follow: Kiss n’ Chase Race 5 Pace: Average Next The Universe: Had a good smother, fought hard to get the run in the straight and sprinted well.  1200m could be the key. Mafia Miss: Finished off very strongly down the outside M’lady Pedrille: Plenty of money to say it would go well.  Wide in the run and copped some bumps in the straight but then weakened.  Could be worth another chance Vantage Point: Led and fought on ok Savanah River: Seemed to have its chance for mine Follow: Next The Universe (1200m), M’Lady Pedrille Race 6 Pace: Average Gybe: One of the best backed runners of the day and is a “winner”.  Never really looked like losing this race despite having to fight for it in the straight See The World: Fought on well to run second, can win races Noble Edict: Will be an improver following this good run River Jordan: Finished its race off well.  Good for something easier. Follow: Gybe, See The World, Noble Edict (expect this to be a good form race) Race 7 Pace: Good Coup Ay Tee: I had previously said this horse was looking for a dryer track.  It got it here and won well. Has never been out of a place! Whisparossa: Got a long way back and took a while to get fully clear.  Finished hard, more wins in store Brightest: Also came from well back, but stole inside runs.  Went well. Adroitly: Good for further Ptyereon: Worked from a wide gate to lead.  Fought on ok but others with an easier run passed it. Follow:  Whisparossa, Adroitly (this looks another strong form race) Race 8 Pace: Good Othello: Well backed in the ring, led early and the took the sit.  Not beaten far in the end. Taransay: Barrier 1 probably did it no favours.  Shuffled back on the bend, sprinted well when clear, a good win. Dunrossil and Portos: Both tracked wide all the way, good runs from both From The Vault: Came from a mile back, looks to be re-finding form. Home On A Wing: Found plenty of rump steak in front of it in the straight, finished well in limited racing room and should have been closer Valhussle: Disappointing effort, might want a break now? River Of Salvation: Had a cushy run and ran into dead ends in the straight.  Pay to forget the run. Follow: Taransay, Home On A Wing, River Of Salvation Summary of Horses to follow:
Telesmon, Pink Power, Skip Town, Timetable, Kiss n’ Chase, Next The Universe, M’Lady Pedrille, Gybe, See The World, Noble Edict, Whisparossa, Adroitly, Taransay, Home On A Wing, River Of SalvationSpecials:Telesmon, Kiss n’ Chase, Whisparossa, Taransay, River Of Salvation