Randwick Review – April 16th 2016


1st UNKNOWN DESTINY – Kerrin McEvoy
2nd NIGHTS ON FIRE – Kayla Nisbet (a2/51.5kg)

Accessory Diva, Touch Sensitive and Chappie from out wide were the best out of the gates, whilst Nights On Fire was also right there in the early going. Circle Game and Dylan’s Destiny settled next from Unknown Destiny caught deep from Strangerinparadise, then Dashie De Luxe, Onemoregypsy, La Bella Rouge, Tiger By The Tail and Murranji last of all. Unknown Destiny moved almost immediately, moving up outside to improve into the side of the course whilst Onenmoregypsy trod a similar path even wider.

Touch Sensitive and Accessory Diva led them into the straight hard against the rails, the latter stopping dead to fall out of contention immediately. Nights On Fire loomed up to join Touch Sensitive, as did Unknown Destiny, whilst Murranji was coming hard from further back. It was Unknown Destiny the strongest in the final furlong, whilst Dashie De Luxe came from last in the straight to finish well.

Watch: Dashie De Luxe


1st AMMIRATA – Sam Clipperton
2nd ALART – Dwayne Dunn
3rd SANTA ANA LANE – Hugh Bowman

Ryker and Mohave settled up front with Klammer also pushing through on the rails, whilst Alart and Santa Ana Lane also pushed forward, the latter caught very deep. Moving up midfield on the fence was Ammirata with Press Report also right there, then Lady Zhivago outside, and a slight gap back to Queen Of Kariba, Lucky Can Be and Rock Forthe Ladies across the track at the rear.

They emerged from the side of the course in a very neat line, horses fanned right out across the track in a race to the line. Klammer surrendered the rail in the straight, allowing Alart to shoot through, but it was from wider that the challengers came. Santa Ana Lane and Ryker was competitive briefly but it was Ammirata finishing the best, getting in front and holding them off. Decent finishes from the other side of the track from Press Report and Rock For the Ladies.

Watch: none.


1st HES OUR ROKKII – Dwayne Dunn
2nd OLD NORTH – James McDonald
3rd TORGERSEN – Hugh Bowman

It was Zasorceress and Gold Ambition pushing hard forward from very wide to settled at the head of the field from Hierarchal on the fence and the hot favourite Old North one out and one back. Next came Torgersen and He’s Our Rokkii, followed by Tatoosh, Aurora’s Star, Asinara and Manhattan Son last of all.

McEvoy on Zasorceress took them along at a pretty comfortable pace as he and Angland on Gold Ambition opened up a couple of lengths on the field. It picked up at the 600m, Hierarchal being hard ridden along the fence whilst McDonald sat motionless on Old North into the straight. He’s Our Rokkii and Tatoosh went out widest into the straight. Old North cruised up to the front and looked extremely comfortable until He’s Our Rokkii appeared outside and really laid down the challenge – ultimately being simply too good for the heavily favoured Old North. Asinara ran on fairly well.

Watch: He’s Our Rokkii

Race 4 – KARI J H B CARR STAKES (1400m)

1st YATTARNA – Glyn Schofield
2nd NO MORE TEARS – Hugh Bowman
3rd LADY SNIPER – Blake Shinn

Yattarna flew the start and shot straight to the front with Lady Sniper alongside and just back, whilst Tremezzina and Brigadoon rise were next on the inside. Heartlings went around them looking very keen to settle third and very wide. No More Tears was next with Dawnie Perfect off the track, Tap This between them, Cartier Rock, then the favourite Pearls well back with Denmagic the fence, Denpurr outside and Muzyka bring up the rear.

Orderly run around the side of the course, the favourite Pearls however looking very poorly placed well back and trapped inside a mob of runners. Yattarna cornered in front and handed Tremezzina the rails run, whilst Lady Sniper kept on the pressure and Brigadoon Rise attempted to punch through. Pearls had finally got out at the 200m but it was far too late, though she did run on well when she finally got clear air and can be somewhat forgiven. Yattarna managed to hold them all off to salute.

Watch: Pearls.


1st PRIZED ICON – Glyn Schofield
2nd CHIMBORAA – Hugh Bowman
3rd DIVINE PROPHET – Dwayne Dunn

The Kiwi El Sicario was the story of the start, shooting away like a bullet to be out by 6 lengths by the 100m as McEvoy tried in vain to settle her down. Back with the pack and it was the favourite Prized Icon at the front at a comfortable pace from North Sky and Crown Him, then Pop, Faraway Town and Obscura on the fence, then Chimboraa, Divine Prophet and Jaws Of Steel last.

The leader’s alone time was short lived as he was back with the pack by the 600m, as which point Chimborra was moving around the outside to improve position. El Sicario just held the lead into the straight before Prized Icon and Faraway Town came to him and cruised past. Chimboraa down the outside was finishing hard, as was Divine Prophet, whilst Pop had found the rail on the inside. None could get past Prized Icon, too strong and a justified favourite.

Watch: none.

Race 6 – HALL MARK STAKES (1200m)

1st MUSIC MAGNATE – Brenton Avdulla
2nd KNOYDART – Tim Clark
3rd FAST ‘N’ ROCKING – Dwayne Dunn

Battle for the lead from the gates with Speak Fondly getting up the inside to claim it with Music Magnate marginally second on her outside, at gap to Knoydart and Bachman, another gap to Artlee and Target In Sight, then Federal, Fast ‘n’ Rocking, Charlie and Zin Zan Eddie at the rear.

Speak Fondly and Music Magnate were stride for stride into the straight, stepping in slightly which forced Knoydart behind to take a step out for a run. The pair of them left Speak Fondly behind as Target In Sight and Federal dived late down the outside, and Fast ‘n’ Rocking found his way up the inside to do likewise. A brilliant five-way finish Knoydart and Music Magnate bobbing on the line. The judges gave it to the latter in the closest of close-run things.

Watch: Federal.


1st ENGLISH – Sam Clipperton
2nd BLACK HEART BART – Kerrin McEvoy
3rd KERMADEC – James McDonald

Goldstream was hard out of the gates with nose in the air, but plenty went forward with Malaguerra leading early on the rail from Perignon, Black Heart Bart behind them with Rebel Dane on the fence and Press Statement caught wide, whilst English and Kermadec were content to sit back and watch it unfold.

Very little speed as the whole field bunched up into the side of the course, Perignon notionally taking the lead back with Goldstream just on her flank. McDonald pulled Kermadec out at the 600m and started to move up, going widest just outside English, who was also improving considerably. It was the pair of them and Press Statement looking good things down the straight, and English showed a lot of class to see Kermadec off. Press Statement fell away in the face of a great finish by Black Heart Bart.

Watch: English, Black Heart Bart.


1st GUARDINI – Hugh Bowman
2nd INDEX LINKED – Glyn Schofield
3rd HAVANA COOLER – James McDonald

Bit of a fight for the lead early with Messene eventually taking it, Hippopus coming across and content to sit in second, Caisno Dancer third the rail and Weary outside him. Sadler’s Lake was behind them with Rudy camped on his inside, the favourite Havana Cooler tucked in behind with cover and Guardini caught three wide. Index Linked was next back on the fence with Beyond Thankful and Terrubi outside, then Moriarty and Hawkspur last of all.

Not speed on down the side and it was Sadler’s Lake and Guardini going out widest for a run at the final turn. Messene held the lead in the face of a wall of horses, Index Linked looking likely as he was shoved up the inside on the rails. It was about the 300m when Bowman made his move on Guardini, the Frenchman responding magnificently to romp away with it. Hitting the line hard behind were Havana Cooler and Beyond Thankful.


1st MIGHTY LUCKY – Chris O’Brien
2nd RELIGIFY – Glyn Schofield
3rd STRAWBERRY BOY – Taylor Marshall (a2/48kg)

Decision Time got the best of the start to take up the lead, Strawberry Boy going with him on his outside and Religify pushing through the inside to join them. The favourite Nancy got in fourth spot and looked a bit keen heading into the side of the course, Clipperton collaring her as Great Esteem settled on the fence and Medcaut on her outside. Next back was Less Is More followed by Malice getting a rails run, Mighty Lucky, Tales Of Grimm caught wide, Pajaro, Dances On Stars and Shareham at the back.

Decision Time led them round at a fairly pedestrian pace, Medcaut and Less Is More from midfield getting out wide as they turned. The leader held them into the straight but was soon swamped by almost the entire field, Strawberry Boy, Religify and Nancy putting the pressure on down the middle. They looked good until Mighty Lucky, looming up from dead centre in the pack, found an extra couple of metres and bolted on the line to claim a great win. Nancy also finished reasonably whilst Pajaro and Shoreham caught the eye at the line.

Watch: Mighty Lucky.

Horses to follow: Dashie De Luxe, He’s Our Rokkii, Federal, English, Black Heart Bart.