Randwick Review – June 25th 2016

By: Mark Haywood


1st NOBLE JOEY – Kathy O’Hara
2nd STATIC LIFT – Tim Clark
3rd YUMA DESERT – Andrew Adkins

Bit of a mess of a start with not much going to plan, on settling Noble Joey found the front marginally from Gendebien and Untamed Diamond. Favourite Yuma Desert was caught wide and stuck in no man’s land, Adkins unsure of where to lob, whilst Way Too Good was back on the fence. Static Lift trailed and had Dark Eyes outside, having missed the jump.

The field travelled in a tight bunch with little speed, Yuma Desert having to do it the hard way, deep the whole journey. Noble Joey held the lead into the straight as the back markers looked for passage – Static Lift was successful and able to punch through, Dark Eyes not so, getting completely chopped off. Yuma Desert kept going but had travelled too much ground and couldn’t catch the leader, who stayed out of trouble the whole trip to take the win.

Watch: none.


1st RUSSIAN REVOLUTION – Rory Hutchings
2nd MORTON’S FORK – Tim Clark
3rd TREVISO – Tye Angland

Treviso jumped best from the outside but it was Squared being shoved forward to lead along with favourite Russian Revolution, pushed along the inside by Hutchings. Difficult To Get moved up the inside to join Treviso, with Conchita and Al Minhaad also in touch, the latter a little deep. A line at the back with Morton’s Fork, Who Said It’s Easy, El Sid and Infra Dig across the track.

The favourite looked super comfortable in front and held them off easily into the straight, Hutchings going straight for home and barely bothering his mount on the way to an easy win. Morton’s Fork and Treviso were the best of the rest, both giving brief charges but never getting close to the leader.

Watch: Russian Revolution.


1st ROCK ON ZARIZ – Winona Costin (a)
2nd CHARGE OF LIGHT – Thomas Huet
3rd STAR SHAFT – Tye Angland

Fairly good go at the start, Sister Joy coming across from wide to lead it along with Kingmandu, along with Cheeky also attempting to join them. Pushing forward closer to the rail were Sappy One and Raised A Legend, with favourite Royal Engineer caught wide outside them and Flash In The Dark keeping touch. Trades Hall was next on the fence with Mossman’s Gold and outside and Rock On Zariz, followed by Star Shaft, Grand Rouge and Charge Of Light bringing up the rear.

Sister Joy kept pushing forward around the side with Cheeky riding shotgun, the field bunching right up to take the final turn relatively narrowly. Raised A Legend hugged the rail and got a decent look up the inside of the leader as they straightened, with Charge Of Light and Mossman’s Gold approaching from wider, with Rock On Zariz lurking just behind. The momentum was with them and Start Shaft, who weaved though, with the real speed coming from Rock On Zariz – bolting forward to take them all and win a fast finish.

Watch: Rock On Zariz, Charge Of Light, Star Shaft, Mossman’s Gold.


1st NOT A GYPSY – Tim Clark
2nd DEFROST MY HEART – Tye Angland
3rd MURPHY’S DELIGHT – Koby Jennings (a)

Favourite Zatopaz had the inside gate and jumped nicely to lead and settle in front from Defrost My Heart, Not A Gypsy sat third the rails with Fly Til Dawn outside and Four Carat next on the fence. Jo Jo Girl was next and little wider, from Murphy’s Delight, Espresso Shot and Spanish Stride riding tandem, and Dream Folk and Major Major settling at the back but pulling hard.

Approaching the back of the course Huet finally decided to let Dream Folk go, rounding the entire field and going all the way to the front ahead of a cruising Zatopaz and Defrost My Heart. Hyeronimus waited until the side of the course to get the favourite going, moving outside of Dream Folk to lay down the challenge. Defrost My Heart stepped out wider still and was tracked in by Fly Til Dawn and Jo Jo Girl, all passing Dream Folk before the straight who’d run his race. It was Defrost My Heart looking most likely in the straight, Angland putting the foot down to draw well clear with only Not a Gypsy taking off in pursuit. It was the latter finishing the better to run down Defrost my Heart, the pair six lengths ahead of the rest of the field.

Watch: Not a Gypsy.


1st FAROLITOS – Tim Clark
2nd BERRY DELICIOUS – Kathy O’Hara
3rd AMMIRATA – Sam Clipperton

Candelara was to be ridden forward and duly went to the front, with Marenostro also there and Voilier just behind. Black Jag and Ammirata were next followed by favourite Farolitos, then Berry Delicious, Casino Dancer and Wine’n’Dine at the back.

Marshall continued to push Candelara and was joined by Voilier, also pushing forward, whilst further back Casino Dancer was on the improve, moving up to join favourite Farolitos behind the main group. Candelara broke away alone down the side of the course, the rest of the field bunching for the turn which had Marenostro and Ammirata widest. They looked to have Farolitos boxed in until Clark found clear running and set the favourite off. Marenstro and Ammirata went to and passed Candelara, but once clear it was all Farolitos further outside, coming down the middle along with Berry Delicious to take the post.

Watch: Farolitos, Berry Delicious.


1st ELLE LOU – Rory Hutchings
2nd ZELDA – Grant Buckley
3rd HARLEM LADY – Kathy O’Hara

Distraught came from wide to settle in front ahead of Alart and Trois Choix, followed by Kaliedoscope and Kokomo, then a gap to Zelda caught outside Harlem Lady, then Elle Lou and Tender, who missed the start.

Orderly travelling with Distraught first out of the final turn, Alart getting a nice look up the inside and Elle Lou and Tender still at the rear of the field. Troix Choix and Zelda had every chance in the straight with favorable trips home, the latter running on well until Elle Lou rounded the field and sprinted home to take the chocolates. Harlem Lady finished nicely in third, and Tender absolutely rattled home once getting clear.

Watch: Zelda, Elle Lou, Harlem Lady, Tender.


1st SUPER TYCOON – James Innes Jr (a)
2nd CONARCHIE – Jason Collett
3rd GRUNDERZEIT – Koby Jennings (a)

Grunderzeit went to the front along with Conarchie and Metallic Crown, Never Back Down settled next on the fence with Slydini caught deep and Courtza King between them. Figtree was next from Dubaiinstyle and Super Tycoon, a gap then to Elusive Runner, Like Xena taken back from the start, and Final Decision last of all.

Conarchie whipped up outside Grunderzeit to hold the lead, rolling forward as most of the field sat quietly. Aroudn the turn and very wide were Coutrza King, Elusive Runner and Figtree, whilst Slydini kept punching and made some ground on the leaders. A fairly spread field gave Super Tycoon a look from behind the leaders, Innes shifting out near Slydini to get passage and hammer for the line – overtaking the leaders to get the win. Courtza King outside ran on reasonably.

Watch: Super Tycoon


1st MOUNT NEBO – Thomas Huet
2nd DECISION TIME – Taylor Marshall (a)
3rd SHADOW LORD – Deanna Panya (a)

Hot favourite Inz’n’Out went straight to the front along with Smart Volatility, Barbed settled next with Office Bearer on the rails, then Shadow Lord and Hidden Warrior, Zin Zan Eddie on the inside of Speedy Squib with Decision Time caught deep, then a gap to Mount Nebo, Wouldn’t It Be Nice and Sebring Sun.

Not too much speed in the run as they hit the straight, Inz’n’Out going a little wide to cut a few off, as the pursuers came from well wide – Decision Time and Mount Nebo leading the charge to gun down the leader with tremendous pace as Shadow Lord finished well to take third. Wouldn’t It Be Nice also hit the line well from wide.

Watch: Mount Nebo, Decision Time, Wouldn’t It Be Nice.


1st THREE SHEETS – Robert Thompson
2nd HOT HIT – Tye Angland
3rd MINNESOTA – Taylor Marshall

Not too much speed again with Plateau Gold making the running from Minnesota and Quell, Allez Chival next the rails and Adjective and Encostanati right there, with Princess Ailani caught very deep. Favourite Hot Hit was on the rails from Three Sheets and Floral Insight caught wide, then Orujo, Raido and Skripchecko.

Very tight field for the journey as a wall ran down the straight, Minnesota getting to the front as Hot Hit punched hard on the inside, but it was Three Sheets who’d step out to take the win in a tightly contested race.

Watch: Three Sheets.

Horses to follow: Russian Revolution, Rock On Zariz, Star Shaft, Elle Lou, Tender, Mount Nebo, Decision Time, Wouldn’t It Be Nice.