Randwick Review – May 28th 2016

By: Mark Haywood


1st SKYLIGHT GLOW – Glyn Schofield
2nd BARBASS – Adam Hyeronimus
3rd ACATOUR – Sam Clipperton

Reasonable start apart from Achi Baba, who missed it noticeably, with Skylight Glow settling in the lead from Barbass and Primavera. So Poysed was next on the rails with Fantastic Man outside and Cogliere in pursuit, then a gap to Achi Baba making up ground with Fleeting Strike outside, and Hittite, Acatour and the favourite Flow at the back.

Cogliere was on the move before they hit the side of the course, Adkins out deep and making improvements. By the 700m he was past them all at out the front, whilst further back Clipperton on Acatour started a similar move and made his way around the outside of the field. Adkins stretched them out and had a couple of lengths on the field around the final turn, Skylight Glow still the leading pursuer and Barbass, Acatour and Flow also giving chase. The leader would stop dead with Skylight Glow holding the rest off, Barbass and Primavera also hitting the line well.

Watch: Barbass, Primavera

Race 2 – TAB HIGHWAY PLATE (1100m)

1st WONDERBOLT – Koby Jennings (a)
2nd STAR SHAFT – Greg Ryan
3rd BEAU TIRAGE – Matthew Millivray (a)

All Alert would forward to settle in the lead narrowly from Red Fender on the rails, with Star Shaft settled in third and Beau Tirage fourth on the rails. Flash In The Dark was brought back to settle outside, followed by Wonderbolt and then Rubymay at the rear.

Field stayed reasonably bunched for the short journey with Red Fender assuming the lead on the fence and taking them into the straight. Star Shaft was first to move up in the straight and looked strong, assuming the lead momentarily, before it was Wonderbolt from further back winding right up and running down Star Shaft nicely, with Beau Tirage keeping touch in third but never a danger.

Watch: Wonderbolt.


1st THEMIS – Sam Clipperton
2nd DEE NINE ELLE – Tim Clark
3rd PIONEERING – Koby Jennings (a)

Stilettoed Vixen came across from the outside to look for the lead, but it would be Dee Nine Elle punching through to settle just in front. Themis was nicely placed in third but with the head up a bit, with Bold Beginning on the fence and Pacific Pearl caught deep outside them. Favourite Pioneering was next, with Dixie Chick outside and Flaunting last of all.

Quite steady in the run with Schofield on Flaunting making some attempt to improve along the fence, whilst Dee Nine Elle would hold them around the final turn as they came well off the rails. She ran away nicely with Themis the only likely challenger, eventually getting to her in the straight and going on for a comfortable win.
Watch: none.


1st RODRICO – Glyn Schofield
2nd COLONEL CUSTER – Adam Hyeronimus
3rd PURSUIT OF HONOUR – Brenton Avdulla

Colonel Custer bustled through to settle in the lead from Sonorous, with Mavan Wiz pushed along in third and Colloseum King in fourth. Rodrico was next on the fence from Pursuit Of Honour, with a gap then to Not A Gypsy, Star Zone on the rails and High Dream caught wide outside them. Next was Street Smart followed by the favourite Divine Sanction a long way back, then Spanish Stride followed by New Tipperary.

Colonel Custer stretched out and controlled orderly journey, Pursuit Of Honour the first mover with Avdulla looking to improve position slightly. Outside him was Not A Gypsy, Clipperton also looking to come around down the side of the course, with Street Smart behind trailing in. Colonel Custer held the lead into the straight with Schofield coming off the fence, which gave Star Zone and Rodrico a very good look up the inside, as Not A Gypsy and Pursuit Of Honour attacked down the outside. It was anybody’s race at the 200m with Colonel Custer hanging tough, but it would be Rodrico with a solid run up the inside to swoop on the post and take it. Street Zone and Spanish Stride were wider out again and hit the line well.

Watch: Rodrico, Street Zone, Spanish Stride.


1st THAT’S A GOOD IDEA – Tye Angland
2nd OXFORD POET – Jay Ford
3rd INZ’N’OUT – Christian Reith

Two-way fight for the lead with Oxford Poet pushing forward on the fence to take it from That’s A Good Idea, then a group of three in Princefamous, Voilier and Hurrara caught deep, a gap to Inz’n’Out and I Am Zelady, then another gap to Wouldn’t It Be Nice a long last.

Little further movement with Inz’n’Out looking threatening up the inside in the straight to make it a three-way battle, the trio going stride-for-stride with That’s A Good Idea nosing them out on the line. Good finishes too from Voilier and I Am Zelady.

Watch: That’s A Good Idea, Inz’n’Out, Voilier, I Am Zelady.


1st ELLE LOU – Glyn Schofield
2nd MODHA – Brenton Avdulla
3rd MINNESOTA – Taylor Marshall (a)

Ford booted Bonete through to lead from Atom Eve with Butterboom running through on the fence, Minnesota likewise in fourth, and Elle Lou next with Sangiovese caught deep outside. A gap then to Kind Heart on the fence from Trois Choix, Kokomo and Unknown Destiny, with Modha and Renumerator bringing up the rear.

Fairly handy speed down the side with the leader allowed her head and taking them into the straight, Minnesota, Atom Eve and Butterboom the challengers. The leader fell away but it was Elle Lou and Modha from benhidn them all finishing the best, both hitting the line hard.

Watch: Elle Lou, Modha.


1st ECUADOR – Adam Hyeronimus
2nd IGGI POP – Grant Buckley
3rd HAVANA COOLER – Brenton Avdulla

Hyeronimus brought Ecuador across to lead with Iggi Pop following suit, with Reiby The Red third, Settle The Future fourth the rails and Beyond Thankful next. A gap then to Opinion outside of Hawkspur, then Murphy’s Delight, Raw Impulse, Havana Cooler, and a couple of lengths to Ghost Protocol and Tremec trailing the field.

Very orderly going with Tremec the first to move from well back, Ford going around the outside to improve. Ecuador went along in the lead whilst Reiby The Red was positioned outside and moving up, with Beyond Thankful trailing. They bunched right up around the turn with Beyond Thankful, Raw Impulse and Opinion going widest, giving chase to Ecuador who still led from Iggi Pop. Nice finishes from Havana Cooler and Raw Impulse, but Ecador had them beat well out with a very impressive performance.

Watch: Ecuador


1st SHALMANESER – Sam Clipperton
2nd OLYMPIC ACADEMY – Andrew Adkins
3rd SABKHAT – Tim Clark

Himalaya Dream settled into the lead in front of Sabkhat coming across from wide, with Spy Decoder in third outside of Dance of Heroes. Egyptian Ruler was next followed by Shalmaneser on the fence, First Bloom and Manouvring, then a gap to Hollywood Bound, Kaypers and Olympic Academy last.

Egyptian Ruler moved up to sit in third in the run, before being caught out wide as they straightened for home. It was Sabkhat at the front running away in the straight, whilst Shalmaneser gave chase hard and Olympic Academy came rattling down the outside. Sabkhat shifted out and blocked Shalmaneser for a run, but Clipperton made a quick adjustment before putting the head back down and getting to the line.

Watch: Shalmaneser, Olympic Academy,


1st BULLRUSH – Koby Jennings (a)
2nd DISGRACEFUL – Brenton Avdulla
3rd INVINZABEEL – Glyn Schofield

Caped Crusader was shoved through to lead from Roguish and Bullrush caught deep, a gap then to Well Hardley Ever inside of Invinzabeel, He’s A Given around the outside and Disgraceful. Zedfast was outside Got Unders, then came Darci’s Affair, Forget Maybe, Kiseki Dane, All But gone and Thurston trailing a long last.

Jennings pushed Bullrush forward to lead into the side of the track, Caped Crusader and Roguish content to relax momentarily, whilst All But Gone moved up in the final turn and Zedfast, Invinzabeel and Disgraceful attacked from the outside. All three put in huge runs but Bullrush refused to be beaten, holding them all out for an extremely tough victory over fast finishing rivals.

Watch: Bullrush, Invinzabeel, Disgraceful.

Horses to follow: Wonderbolt, Elle Lou, Modha, Ecuador, Shalmaneser, Olympic Academy, Bullrush, Disgraceful.