1st LUIZA – Glyn Schofield
2nd SHOWTIME – Tommy Berry
3rd LIGHTZ – Koby Jennings (a)

Good battle for the lead between Luiza and China Gale with both going out hard. Favourite Showtime sat third and one wide outside of Lightz and Severence, with Shakhan, Zatar and Goodfella settling back.

They bunched back up into the straight, Schofield looking for the kick on Luiza as Lightz loomed up the inside and Showtime pushed at a tiring China Gale. Lightz switched back outside and Showtime closed late, but Luiza held them out.

Watch: Showtime.


1st NICCOLANCE – Koby Jennings (a)
2nd COMIN’ THROUGH – Jason Collett
3rd REACH FOR HEAVEN – Brenton Avdulla

Favourite Niccolance jumped best with Reach for Heaven moving up the outside and Invincibella sat back in third. A gap then to Pecans inside of Crown Him, then Octavian Augustus and Power Law, with Comin’ Through at the back.

Reach for Heaven loomed up around the bend whilst Invincibella jumped around, blocked for room. Jennings got a real kick from the leader and looked strong down the straight, whilst Comin’ Through hit the line hard down the outside.

Watch: Niccolance, Comin’ Through


1st TOWER OF SONG – Brenton Avdulla
2nd ENCOSTA LINE – Glyn Schofield
3rd VASSAL – Jason Collett

McDougall shoved Signposted out of the gate with Darci’s Affair second up the inside and Balmain Boy outside in third with a positive ride. Bodega Negra was third with Encosta Line caught deep and moving forward, followed by Hipparchus, Tower of Song and Vassal.

Schofield kept pushing Encosta Line all the way to the front and sat just off the leader before switching just off briefly. He led the pursuers out of the turn, Darci’s Affair and Balmain Boy on the outside and Vassal looming up the inside. Encosta Line hit the lead and looked to be going the best, until Tower of Song came slashing down the outside to snatch it on the last stride.

Watch: Tower of Song


1st DISTINCTIVE LOOK – Koby Jennings (a)
2nd VALATIA – Jason Collett
3rd FLITERO – Glyn Schofield

Gambled won the start from Distinctive Look and Destined to Win, with Grand Rouge deep and pushing forward. Mai Gomeroi was next pushing up the fence with Wild Ginger, inside of Me Mongo and Valatia, then Flitero up the inside of Mysticism and Sadhika. Next was Croix De Vie followed by Not For Export deep, then Van Halen, Eurella Flight and Lethal.

Jennings pushed Distinctive Look up to sit right on the leader, whilst Berry remained caught wide and stuck in no man’s land on Grand Rouge. Destined to Win and Valatia cornered wider again, whilst Mysticism and Wind Ginger got a good look up the inside. Gambled stopped dead as Distinctive Look assumed momentum, while Flitero popped out wide. He and Valatia hit the line very well, but both a little late to run down Destined to Win.

Watch: Flitero


1st BROADSIDE – Adam Hyeronimus
2nd OLYMPIC ACADEMY – Tye Angland
3rd MURPHY’S DELIGHT – Rory Hutchings

Zero to Ten was away very well to lead from favourite Broadside and Oh So Splendido, then Low Places caught wide, Olympic Academy, Thunder Down Under, My Guiliano, Cramming and Murphy’s Delight.

Fairly orderly going until the 1000 metres when Reith was first to move on Oh So Splendido, going around and taking the lead. He held it around the bend and stuck to the rail, Broadside sitting just off patiently. Hyeronimus pulled the trigger and pulled away, Angland going with him on Olympic Academy but unable to overcome the favourite.

Watch: Broadside.


1st THUNDER FANTASY – Tye Angland
2nd HIS MAJESTY – Brenton Avdulla
3rd RELIGIFY – Rory Hutchings

Good battle for the lead, Religify taking it up the inside from Burning Passion, then came His Majesty outside of Handfast, and a gap to Thunder Fantasy. A further couple of lengths then Man of Choice and a couple more to God’s In Him and Falkenberg.

Good speed on in the run until about the 600 metres when they bunched a little around the turn. Religify and Burning Passion had Handfast in a pocket behind them, as His Majesty got a clear run outside them, as did Thunder Fantasy wider out. Both hit the run well, Thunder Fantasy taking the win with an impressive last burst.

Watch: Thunder Fantasy, His MAjesty


1st YANKEE ROSE – Dean Yendall
2nd SWEAR – Tommy Berry
3rd PRIZED ICON – Glyn Schofield

Ready Fire Aim up the inside led from the start with Veladero coming across to join, with Honeywine in third and Prized Icon fourth the rails. Swear was next from High Mist and Tumultuous, then favourite Yankee Rose, Hand It In and Khartoum outside of Retaliation.

Decent speed in the run as they strung out along the back in a fairly orderly queue. Bunching up into the turn, Veladero took over the going with Honeywine right there, and Swear, Tumultuous and Yankee Rose next in line. Prized Icon shot up the inside to challenge, but it was Swear and Yankee Rose with the barnstorming finishes down the outside – the favourite too good.

Watch: Yankee Rose

Race 8 – TAB ANGST STAKES (1600m)

1st DIXIE BLOSSUMS – Tim Clark
2nd LADY LE FAY – Tommy Berry
3rd HAPPY HANNAH – Brenton Avdulla

Replique led out of the gates from Tears in Heaven on the inside and Diamond Made. Lady Le Fay and You Are Golden were next, then Zanbagh deep outside of Happy Hannah and Unequivocal, and favourite Extensible and Dixie Blossoms last.

The backmarkers fanned out as they left the turn, Dixie Blossoms finding her way through as Lady Le Fay cut up the inside. Those two had the momentum, as a fast finishing Dixie Blossoms went on to claim it comfortably.

Watch: none.

Race 9 – SENSIS DASH (1200m)

1st DENPURR – Tye Angland
2nd LEAMI ASTRAY – Kathy O’Hara
3rd ROCK FORTHE LADIES – Brenton Avdulla

O’Hara wanted the front on Leami Astray, shooting up the inside to claim it from Suspense coming across from wide. Taillevent sat in third on the fence from Lunar Rise, followed by Brigadoon Rise, Rock Forthe Ladies, Top Me Up, Denpurr, Dixie Chick and Wonderbolt at the back.

The leader stepped out as they hit the straight which gave Denpurr a ride up the inside, Suspense and Lunar Rise just to the leader’s outside. Rock forthe Ladies seized the momentum at finished strong at Leami Astray, but it was Denpurr with the rails runs getting home.

Watch: Rock forthe Ladies

Horses to follow: Tower of Song, Flitero, Broadside, Thunder Fantasy, Yankee Rose

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